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The market for motorcycle helmets is estimated at 180 million euros a year.

The global motorcycle helmet market has been growing slowly. It is expected to reach $5.54 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 1% over the period 2019-2025.

The French market is dynamic, with potential for expansion due to factors such as women's growing interest in two-wheelers, a growing number of registrations, and advances in helmet innovation (safety, convenience, design features). It is supported by a high helmet replacement rate, approximately every five years.

Over 800,000 helmets are sold every year in France, representing a market estimated at 180 million euros a year.

Manufacturers design their products in France, but often outsource production abroad.

French and European regulations play a central role, insisting that helmets must meet specific safety standards, and that new helmets must undergo a series of safety tests.

European and international players, such as Dainese, Shark Helmets, Arai, Shoei and Bell helmets, indicate a structured competitive market with major players in different regions.

Trends in the French motorcycle helmet market

Particularly noteworthy is the growing interest of women in two-wheelers, which broadens the consumer base and could potentially boost market growth. added to this is an overall increase in motorcycle registrations, indicating an upward trend in the number of potential helmet consumers.

The high-end segment of motorcycle helmets accounts for a significant share of the sector's value. Consumers appreciate the latest in helmet technology and styling. Motorcycle helmets have a structurally high renewal rate.

It is generally recommended that helmets be replaced every five years to maintain their protective effectiveness. The emphasis on renewal is reinforced by Road Safety figures. Head impacts predominate in accidents involving two-wheelers.

Over 10 million items of motorcycle equipment, including helmets, are sold every year, generating sales of between 270 and 300 million euros.

The specific segment of motorcycle helmets records sales of over 800,000 units a year, contributing between 170 and 190 million euros to the economy annually.

Overall, sales of motorcycle helmets in Europe reach around 5 million units a year

Key players

European pioneers in safety and style

  • Dainese: Originating in Italy, Dainese is widely recognized for integrating innovation with protection. The company has consistently pushed the boundaries of motorcycle equipment, including helmets, focusing on ergonomic designs that don't compromise safety.
  • Alpinestars: Another Italian mainstay, Alpinestars has made a name for itself as a supplier of high-end motorcycle helmets and a variety of safety apparel for motorsports.
  • Shark Helmets: Hailing from France, Shark is proud to produce helmets that combine safety and elegance. Their products are the result of extensive aerodynamic research and feature innovative designs for both professional racers and everyday commuters
  • Nolan Group: This Italian manufacturer is known for creating helmets that combine sleek design with practical functionality.
  • AGV: AGV is an Italian brand that has made a significant contribution to motorcyclist safety. Famous for equipping legendary racer Valentino Ross
  • Suomy: Specializing in racing helmets, Italian brand Suomy is a benchmark for professional riders.
  • Momo Helmets: Italian brand Momo Helmets combines sophistication and contemporary design, targeting urban cyclists who value style without sacrificing safety.
  • GPA: A French brand characterized by its lightweight, comfortable helmets, GPA is dedicated to providing optimum protection with a modern aesthetic.
  • ROOF: Also from France, ROOF is famous for its innovative modular helmets that offer flexibility and protection.
  • - Lazer Helmets: Belgian, Lazer Helmets stands out for its willingness to integrate new technologies into its classic models.
  • Arai Helmet: Based in Japan, Arai is renowned for its handcrafted helmets that meet the strictest safety standards.
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1 Market summary

1.1 Definition

Motorcycle helmets represent a specific category of protective helmets. To be sold as a "helmet for the use of motorized two-wheelers" in France, a helmet must complete specific French and/or European specifications. For example, helmets sold for cycling, skiing or any other activity will not be certified for the use of a motorized two-wheeler. The motorcycle helmet market in France has developed since 1973 when the wearing of this accessory was made mandatory for all drivers of motorized two-wheelers.

The global market for motorcycle helmets is in low growth. The French market is relatively dynamic and several growth drivers should enable it to grow in the coming years.

First, the number of potential consumers is expected to continue to grow due to the growing interest of women in two-wheelers. And, more generally, the motorcycle helmet market can count on the growth in the number of registrations.  

It is also important to note the importance of the motorcycle helmet market's high-end segment, which represents a large part (by value) of the sector. The increase in prices on the market is also observed with the overall renewal of the various ranges, at the rate of innovations (safety, convenience, design features).

Motorcycle helmets have structurally high renewal rates since it is normally required to replace them approximately every five years to ensure their effectiveness. This feature promotes market dynamism. In addition, the figures from the Road Safety encourage greater caution for two-wheelers compared to car drivers, especially since head impacts account for the majority of accidents. Finally, as mentioned earlier, the legal context which oversees the market is crucial to understanding the challenges facing the sector.

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Ekoï, a French cycling equipment supplier on the Tour - 04/07/2023
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  • The Tour de France is watched by over 40 million television viewers in France and 150 million in Europe
  • Ekoï supplies around 500 helmets and 400 goggles per team per season, as well as large quantities of textile parts.
  • Ekoï is based in Fréjus
  • 66 employees
  • 65% of sales generated outside France
  • The company is aiming for sales of 45 million euros in 2023, with a medium-term target of close to 100 million euros
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  • Helmets are made in Asia and textiles in the European Union, specifically Italy.
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  • Objective: to expand the company's own reference portfolio, drawing on the buyer's own products
  • Over the past twelve years, sales have risen from 40 to 220 million euros
  • Bihr, 900 to 1,200 employees depending on the season
  • 200,000 products from 350 different brands
  • network of 15,000 dealers and repairers

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Shark Helmets (2R Holdong)
Nolan Group
D3T Distribution Motoblouz
Racer 1927
Cambox Helmet Camera

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