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1.1 Scope and definition of the market

The Syndicat National des Transports Légers (SNTL) defines the courier market as "any public road transport operation of goods for hire or reward, generally urgent, carried out with a vehicle with a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of 2 or 4 wheels, weighing less than 3.5 tons. foodstuffs are not included in the scope of this study. A study on this market can be consulted here.

The global courier market is growing rapidly, primarily due to the increase in remote shopping. Globally, the largest courier companies include (in descending order of market capitalization) United Parcel, Deutsche Post and Fedex. []

The French market is also growing, although at a slower rate than the global market. This growth is mainly due to e-commerce. In addition, the market is very fragmented, if one considers the number of players; nevertheless, Le Poste is by far the largest if one considers the turnover.

Bicycles are increasingly used for delivery services. Features such as low cost, environmental efficiency and flexibility all contribute to this growth.

Finally, the effect of the COVID-19 crisis on the sector is examined in section 2.3.

1.2 Global market growth

Revenue from courier delivery activities - World World, ****-****, $ billion Source: Ti-insight CAGR +*.**%

In ****, the global courier market was valued at $***.* billion, up from $***.* billion in ****, which equates to a CAGR of *.**% per year over the period. This growth is driven by an increase in fast-moving consumer goods (***), primarily in emerging ...

1.3 The domestic market

Revenues from delivery and courier activities - France France, ****-****, in billion euros Source: ****

In France, the courier market is growing rapidly. In ****, this market was worth €*.** billion, and was estimated to reach €*.** billion in ****, which equates to a CAGR of **.**% over the period. Globally, France accounted for approximately *.*% of the ...


2.1 Analysis of the French consumer

Preference for parcel deliveries France, ****, in percent Source: ****

In ****, French consumers were asked about their preferences for package delivery. It can be seen that **% of those surveyed said they prefer home delivery. The second most common category was pickup at a collection point (***).

This is relevant to the delivery services and ...

2.2 Demand trends

Do you think the drone is a good option in the following cases? France, ****, in % Source: ****

Drones could revolutionize the courier and delivery industry. In ****, **% of respondents said they saw potential in this sector.

Drones can perform many functions in this sector. For example, they can transport goods from ports to ...

2.3 The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the sector

Delays in delivery of products purchased online during Covid-** containment France, ****, in % Source: ****

In general, mail and packages continue to be delivered, albeit with some delay as we can see above. The global pandemic is disrupting supply chains, and the courier and delivery market is no exception.

From the chart above, ...


3.1 Market structure

In France, La Poste, a state-owned enterprise, dominates mail services, measured by sales (***), but also geographically. For example, the latest postal law specifies that at least ** percent of the national population must be within * km, or less than ** minutes by car, of a La Poste point of contact. In other words, ...

3.2 Analysis of sector revenues

The figures below are based on NAF code **.** "other postal and courier activities. Although this NAF code encompasses activities outside the scope of this study, it is still worth considering this data as it provides an overview of trends in the sector.

Revenue Index France, February **** - December ****, base *** in **** Source: ...

3.3 Distribution

Breakdown of the means of transport used by the Services-Courier-Colis branch of the French La Poste Group World, ****, number of units Source: ****

The fleet of vehicles used by La Poste in **** is shown above. While not entirely representative of the entire sector, it is a good indicator of distribution in general ...

3.4 Market share

Market share of major players in value France, ****-****, in millions of euros Source: ****

Due to differences in reporting, the revenue for some of the companies above has changed today. However, the turnover is the last reported and the ranking remains unchanged.

At the top, and by far the most dominant ...


4.1 Analysis of the offer

As mentioned in point *.*, the courier and delivery market is part of a larger market, namely that of light transport, which, according to the Syndicat National des Transports Légers (***) of less than *.* tons". More precisely, light transport is structured around four segments:

Urban mail: this covers all operations from the ...

4.2 Price analysis

Source: ****

The companies are paid by commissions taken from the partners (***). On average, the commission varies between ** and **%. This percentage is variable and depends on the number of orders placed. The price often depends on the size of the items to be delivered and the distance to be covered by the ...

4.3 Cost analysis

Repair costs and expenses associated with NAF code **.* France, ****, in % Source: ****

The largest costs associated with "other postal and courier activities" are related to lease payments for real estate, which account for nearly **% of the value. Fuel purchases account for just over a third of the costs (***), and finally electricity expenses ...

4.4 Supply trends

The courier and delivery market is being renewed by technology companies such as Uber and Glovo, which are expanding their services beyond their original business model. This phenomenon is called "uberization" and covers a new technological reality, namely the implementation of algorithms to automate shipments by taking advantage of new features ...


5.1 Regulatory framework

Reflecting the constant debate about the working conditions of couriers, French regulations are constantly evolving. [***]

According to transport for hire or reward is a commercial activity regulated by general or specific texts of the Civil Code, the Commercial Code and the Labor Code.

The LOTI, law of orientation of ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • La Poste
  • Presstalis
  • Couriier

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