The Pallet Market

Update 11/11/2019


1.1. Presentation of the pallet market

Pallets are horizontal platforms that support goods and help to keep them in place transport with a front loader or forklift truck (used in handling and warehouse management) from one place to another. They are one of the most commonly used bases for goods stacking . They can be manufactured with different materials depending on the application, such as wood, plastic, metal, etc

The global pallet market is growing s, in particular with respect to plastic pallets with many advantages (recyclability, reusability) in relation to wooden pallets even though the latter represent the dominant segment of the market. The global market is composed of q a few powerful players who collaborate with smaller players to secure local markets

The French market is one of the most dynamic markets in Europe since France is one of the leading producers. The market is certainly first of all boosted by the pallet manufacturing to which are added in particular the activities of refurbishing and of manufacturing of packaging industrial

One of the particularities of the market is its close link with a healthy transport market since in France, the majority of volumes transported by road are transported on wooden pallets

While the volume and price strategies were predominant on the market, players are gradually turning to the research and development to propose innovative solutions such as digital solutions and the use of RFID chips to improve the quality of the information optimize transport on pallets



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