the furniture storage market

Update 07/11/2019


1.1 Introduction and definition of the furniture storage market

A storage facility is a specialized room in which furniture and movable objects can be temporarily stored according to the larousse dictionary

This definition suggests the intervention of an intermediary who provides the client with a "specialized room"

The furniture storage market therefore concerns, on the supply side, the following specialists in the rental of spaces dedicated to the storage of furniture or movable objects for a duration which varies greatly, from a few days to several months. These spaces also vary widely in size, from simple lockers to small warehouses

A distinction is generally made between the traditional furniture storage offer, which does not allow access to goods during the storage period, and solutions of self-storage which give the possibility to add or remove goods in the storage space made available

The service formulas Finally, they are more and more diverse: beyond traditional storage without access to furniture, self-storage is developing more and more, providing more flexibility in storage thanks to a guarantee of access to self-service furniture (source Interprofessional chamber of self-storage ).


On the demand side, it historically concerns individuals who do not have the space to store all their furniture at home or who are moving.

The demand therefore concerns increasingly diverse audiences and objects that are sometimes very different from furniture. Thus, we will also discuss in this study solutions for storing other types of objects than furniture in accordance with current market developments.

In France, the market represented more than 250 million euros in 2016, with strong growth potential in the coming years



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