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1.1 Definition and presentation

Pallets, or loading pallets (also colloquially referred to as platform, pallet or pallet) are equipment used to support various types of materials. They are intended to be stored in industries, moved with specific equipment such as forklifts and pallet trucks, and transported by various means of transportation. They are horizontal platforms that support goods and help hold them in place while being transported from one place to another using a front loader or forklift. The primary purpose is to speed up the handling of both bulk and individual goods; the secondary purpose is for utility and ease in warehouse management. Depending on the application, they can be made of various materials such as wood, plastic, metal, and so on. In Europe, the most popular dimensions are 1200x1500. The height from the ground and the structure of the base, which has 9 feet connected at the bottom in groups of three, are similar in these two types. The European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL), established in 1991 as an organization for manufacturers and repairers of EPAL-branded pallets, is responsible for the quality of EPAL pallets placed on the market worldwide through an independent third-party inspection system For non-EU, the pallets used are called Fitok pallets.

In 2020, the global pallet market was worth about $83 billion. In the projection period of 2021-2026, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 5.4 percent. By 2026, the market is expected to be worth about $115.17 billion.

In Italy, EPAL pallet production remained solid during 2020. Compared to the same half of the previous year, the change recorded was slightly negative with only a few tens of thousands fewer pallets placed on the market, compared to several million in Italian production. Pallet production is something of a benchmark for Italy to gauge the country's economic recovery, as the more production, the more pallet supply is needed. In Italy, one of the largest pallet manufacturers is Casadei Pallets. The lockdown has resulted in a significant reduction in the volume of FITOK-branded wood packaging going to non-EU countries.

Italy, like other European countries, is very active in terms of reusing and reconditioning used pallets. Used pallets do not necessarily have to be discarded, there are several techniques for reconditioning or disassembly and complete reuse of wood that save tons of C02 from wood processing.

1.2 World market : a favorable market development

Market size and key figures

According to the latest research, pallet sales are expected to grow through ****. In terms of value, the global pallet market, which was valued at $**.** billion in ****, is expected to reach $**.* billion by ****, growing at a CAGR of * percent during ****-****. In terms of volume, the global ...

1.3 Domestic market

The data in the graph below refer to the"Manufacture of wooden packaging" sector, which includes:

Manufacture of wooden crates, boxes, cages, cylinders and similar packaging manufacture of pallets, crate pallets and other wooden loading plans manufacture of barrels, vats, tubs and other wooden products and parts for cooper work manufacture ...

1.4 External trade

The data in the graphs below refer to"loading pallets, plain, pallet-cases and other loading platforms, of wood; pallet espaliers, of wood." [***]

Despite the Italian dynamism of the sector, we can see that the Boot imports much more than it exports, while both exports and imports remain stable through the years. ...

1.5 Impact of recent events on the market

During the year ****, the global construction wood market experienced many major problems, including shortages and drastic price increases, problems that are directly related to raw material trends. The pallet market has suffered greatly from these effects worldwide.

In March ****, the price of construction wood rose ** percent in just three weeks in ...


2.1 A market dependent on freight traffic

The main driver of pallet manufacturers' business in Italy is freight traffic, especially road traffic. Changes in the volume of goods transported by truck in the country can have a significant effect on demand and thus on the turnover generated in the pallet industry in Italy.

The data in the present ...

2.2 A slow evolution of demand

The pallet has long been seen as a practical item because of its many uses, lower cost, and ease of replacement. However, there has been an evolution in the demand for pallets from Italian users and transporters. Out of ecological consciousness, customers are increasingly demanding guarantees on the origin of the ...


3.1 Italian enterprises

The following data always refer to the"manufacture of wood packaging" sector (***).

The number of Italian companies in the sector continues to testify to the dynamism of the market. We note an evolution of +**.* percent in this number in ten years, from **** to **** : the number of enterprises in the Italian territory ...

3.2 Structure of the wood-furniture supply chain

Source: ****


4.1 Product overview

The different categories of pallets

Source: ****

The different categories of wooden pallets

Over time, some sizes have become standardized. The following table summarizes the main sizes:

Source: ****

4.2 Prices charged in the market

Wooden pallets are sold in Italy between ** and **€ each, depending on quality, brand and size. The price of cardboard pallets ranges from *€ to **€. The price of plastic pallets is much more variable as they are sold between **€ and ***€. Metal pallets are more sophisticated and are sold between ***€ and ***€. The table below ...

4.3 Raw material prices, production and operating costs

Production cost of wooden pallets

The production cost of wooden pallets depends on the same indicators as the production cost of other wooden packaging. The price of wood, the main material of pallets, accounts for ** percent of the cost of manufacturing a pallet. A study by CEEB (***) is estimated at ***€ per ...

4.4 The rental of pallets

Pallet rental can be a convenient choice for many companies. Starting at the manufacturer or distribution center, rented pallets move in one direction along the supply chain. Palletized loads are delivered to the end user, and pallets are picked up by the rental companies when they are no longer needed. it ...


5.1 Regulations on the transportation of pallets

Pallets are subject to strict sanitary constraints because they are in contact with products that may be intended for food consumption. Therefore, the treatment of wooden pallets is regulated to ensure zero risk of contamination of the goods.

ISPM** treatment, a chemical-free heat treatment, meets national and EU phytosanitary requirements. ISPM** ...

5.2 Other regulations

The treatment of pallets is adjusted according to the techniques used:

Conventional heating. This type of treatment consists of heating the wood to a minimum temperature of **ºC for ** minutes. These pallets are marked with the code "HT" which stands for Heat Treated in English. Dielectric heating. This involves heating wood ...


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