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The refrigerating room market in Europe, which includes temperature-controlled storage for fresh and frozen food products, as well as pharmaceuticals, is expected to experience sluggish growth in the near future. Despite the fact that 60% of food necessitates cold storage, the demand faces headwinds due to shifts in consumer eating habits towards fresher products and responsible consumption. Additionally, the industry is grappling with high energy costs and is actively seeking more sustainable alternatives to traditional cold storage solutions. However, Italian exports to developing economies provide a glimmer of hope, as they have shown an increase in demand. No numerical data specific to the time period starting from 2020 is provided in the text, hence, it cannot be included in this summary.

Trends and Dynamics in the Refrigerating Room Market

The refrigerating room market is a crucial component of the supply chain, particularly for the preservation of food and pharmaceutical products. A deeper examination reveals that foodstuffs such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, and fruits and vegetables, along with pharmaceuticals, depend heavily on refrigerating rooms to maintain their freshness and integrity. These refrigerated environments can vary, offering either positive cold storage, maintained between 0°C and 15°C, or negative cold storage, operating below 0°C, and in some cases, they provide multi-temperature storage solutions. Despite the foundational role played by refrigerated storage in preserving a significant portion of food products—estimated at around 60%—the European market is not showing vigorous growth. It's anticipated that this sector will see a modest expansion over the next few years.

This sluggish growth trajectory reflects a combination of factors, including shifting generational eating habits towards fresher food consumption and a heightened emphasis on responsible procurement of perishable goods. In Italy, for example, the consumption of frozen food has witnessed a slight decline, with a reduction in volume by between 0.2% and 0.4%. Energy consumption remains a pressing concern for stakeholders in the refrigerating room market. The industry is actively pursuing innovative solutions that promise higher energy efficiency to potentially augment or eventually supplant existing refrigeration methods.

Despite these challenges, there is a beacon of hope for the market stemming from a burgeoning interest from developing economies. Italian exports, in particular, have seen an uptick in demand, hinting at a potential market expansion in these regions. This emerging interest from overseas buyers may present new opportunities that could invigorate the Italian and, by extension, the European refrigerating room market, despite facing headwinds on the domestic front.

Key Industry Players in the European Refrigerating Room Market

In the context of the European refrigerating room market, several notable companies are leading the industry by providing innovative and energy-efficient solutions for cold storage. These key players are pivotal in shaping the market dynamics and are responsive to the evolving demands of both food and pharmaceutical sectors.

  • Thermo King - A significant contributor to the refrigerating room market, Thermo King specializes in temperature control systems for a variety of mobile applications, including refrigerated trucks and shipping containers. Their technological advancements support the industry in maintaining the integrity of cold chains during transportation.
  • Carrier Refrigeration - As a provider of a comprehensive range of refrigeration solutions, Carrier Refrigeration operates within the market to offer both positive and negative cold storage options. They have an established reputation for creating versatile and robust systems suitable for a multitude of storage needs.
  • Daikin Industries - Known for their innovations in air conditioning, Daikin also holds a substantial share of the refrigerating room market through their refrigeration units. Their products are designed to be energy-efficient and reliable, catering to the precise requirements of perishable goods storage.
  • Danfoss - Danfoss Group is a global leader in providing energy-efficient refrigeration solutions. Their focus on sustainability drives their research and development, resulting in cutting-edge refrigeration technologies that are both high-performing and environmentally friendly.
  • Frigoscandia - A pioneering name in the industry, Frigoscandia offers a range of quick-freezing and cold storage solutions. Their expertise in freezing technology is instrumental for industries dependent on maintaining the highest quality of frozen food products.
  • Viessmann - Engaging in the refrigerating room market with a variety of refrigeration systems, Viessmann excels at delivering high-quality, tailor-made solutions for food retailers, large scale kitchens, and the industry. Their products are known for their efficiency and compliance with rigorous safety standards.

These companies represent the forefront of the refrigerating room market in Europe, not only because of their ability to deliver effective storage solutions but also due to their commitment to innovation and sustainability. As market influencers, they continue to develop technologies and services that address both the ecological concerns and the operational needs of a market that is essential to global food and pharmaceutical industries.

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1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of study

The refrigerating room is a temperature-controlled environment, which acts as an intermediate storage for certain products between the moment they exit from the factory and the moment they enter into the logistic chain, to avoid interrupting the cold chain. The refrigerating room market is a sub-segment of the wider industrial refrigeration market. The products in question are divided into two categories:

  • Food products (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and fruit and vegetables);
  • Pharmaceutical products.

Cold storage can be: positive cold storage (between 0°C and 15°C); negative cold storage (less than 0°C); multi-temperature storage (positive or negative cold and storage of dry products).

The European market shows signs of weakness and is expected to grow at a slow pace in the coming years, but it is based on a solid assumption: 60% of food must be kept cold. The international situation is also reflecting in Italy, with figures showing that the market is experiencing difficulties in growing rapidly. Several factors seem to play a role in weakening demand, including changes in the eating habits of the new generations and a greater focus on responsible purchasing of fresh products - the volume consumption of frozen food dropped by 0.3% in 2018. The market also has to cope with the considerable energy consumption of equipment, and is in fact committed to finding alternative solutions that are expected to either complement or replace today's cold stores. The driving factor for a positive evolution would seem to be Italian exports to developing economies, whose demand has recently prospered.

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