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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of study

Metal packaging includes packaging made of steel and at aluminium such as cans, which preserve food, hygiene products, beverages, etc.

The market for metal packaging is divided between several players: the producers of minerals and petrochemicals (bauxite, soda, carbon), the suppliers (steel, aluminum), packaging producers and end-users (industry, trade, transport-storage). In this study, we cover the last three categories.

The global metal packaging industry is expanding in terms of size and sales thanks to the attractive features of durability, format, preservation and metal recycling. Nevertheless, metal packaging accounts for a relatively small share of total packaging (12.2%), which implies that this material has great potential for development . [all4pack]. This development will most likely come from developing countries and Asia, where India, for example, is seeking to increase the use of aluminum cans from 5% to 25% by 2030.

In Italy, the market has been growing at a slow pace, and it even experienced a 2% decrease in 2019. Aluminium packaging represents 65% of the turnover, while steel packaging represents the remaining share.

Regarding the market structure, the number of companies in the sector has decreased significantly, with a reduction of 18.8% since 2013. The number of salaried employees, on the other hand has decreased by less than 1%. This means that the sector is concentrating, with more and more employees per companies. 

The main industries which drive the demand for metal packaging are the food, beverage and cosmetic-pharmaceutical industries. However, in these industries, metal packaging represents only a minority share of total packaging, where the market is dominated by plastic and cardboard. However, its development potential is significant, and its high recycling rate could be a major asset in the coming years.

As a matter of fact, consumers have become increasingly aware about the role of packaging in environmental pollution, and they are starting to choose their products also according to their packaging. Indeed, 29% of customers declared that they avoid or limit the purchase of products with too much packaging. Metal packaging can, however, become a sustainable choice due to its high recycling rate. Indeed, in 2017, 75.3% of steel packaging and 63.4% of aluminium packaging placed on the Italian market was recycled.

1.2 The metal packaging industry is in full bloom

The metal packaging industry is in full bloom; between **** and ****, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of *.*% to reach US$ *** billion by ****.  

Global market size for metal packaging World, ****-****, in US$ billion Source: ****

Several factors are driving this demand. First, the intrinsic traits of metal packaging, including ...

1.3 The European market is also growing

The European market for rigid metal packaging grew by an average of *.*% per year between **** and ****. Indeed, it has grown from a turnover of **.* to **.* billion euros. After stagnating between **** and ****, the market seems to be regaining its dynamism with a growth of *.*% between **** and ****

European sales of metal packaging Europe, ...

1.4 The Italian market has been growing steadily

The Italian metal packaging market has been increasing steadily for many years, reaching a value of *.*** billion euros in ****. However, the market has grown at a slow pace since ****, and it even experienced a *% drop in ****.

Valore della produzione di imballaggi leggeri in metallo Italia, ****-****, in miliardi di euro Fonte: ...

1.5 A drop in production during the Covid-19 crisis

The market for metal packaging experienced a drop in production during the lockdown caused by the Covid-** pandemic. Indeed, the industrial production index for the manufacture of "imballaggi leggeri in metallo" (***) experienced a marked drop.

The industrial production index (***) is a short-term indicator that measures the monthly evolution of productive activity, ...

2 Demand Analysis

2.1 Metal ranks third among packaging materials

Metal packaging represents **.*% of total packaging sales in **** in Italy (***).

With the total packaging market estimated at **.* billion in ****, the opportunities to gain market share are significant. [***] However, recyclable plastics are not included in the ban and they represent an increasingly important part of plastic packaging with the development of ...

2.2 The food, beverage and cosmetic industry: drivers of the demand for metal packaging

As we've seen in section *.*, the main sectors which drive the demand for metal packaging are the food, beverage and cosmetic & pharmaceutical industry. Analysing each industry independently, we can get a better sense about the importance of metal packaging compared to packaging made out of other materials. 

The most used material ...

2.3 The increase in demand for sustainable packaging

As we've seen before, the packaging industry is tightly linked to the consumer products industry. The latter consistently monitors the opinion of consumers about numerous matters and often changes its production processes or offer to meet their needs. 

According to a survey carried out by Osservatorio Nomisma, the material that Italians ...

3 Market structure

3.1 The supply chain of metal packaging

Source: ****

Raw material suppliers: Steel is made from iron. It is produced either through the Blast Furnace, made from iron ore and coal (***) which is made from recovered steel. Aluminium is made through two processes: either through the Bayer process of refining the bauxite ore to obtain aluminum oxide, or the ...

3.2 The production of steel and aluminium are following opposing trends

The production index of the code Ateco **.** gives un the trends in the production of metal packaging. The production of metal packaging is highly variable, with peaks in production in July and lows in December.

Indice della produzione industriale di imballaggi leggeri in metallo Italia, ****, in base ****=*** Fonte: Istat

The production ...

3.3 The metal packaging sector is becoming more concentrated

The number of companies in the sector has decreased significantly, with a reduction of **.*% since ****. The number of salaried employees, on the other hand has decreased by less than *%. This means that the sector is concentrating, with more and more employees per companies. As a matter of fact, the number of ...

4 Analysis of the offer

4.1 Offer overview

The offer overview can be described as follows according to the classification of metalpackagingeurope:

Aerosols : complete UV protection and excellent storage characteristics, which help prevent the penetration of moisture and oxygen. The product remains airtight thanks to a sealed lid, and is highly functional and durable. Cans and bottles can be ...

4.2 A significant drop in the price of steel and aluminum that is not reflected in metal packaging prices

The prices for raw materials used to produce metal packaging, mainly steel and aluminium, have been falling steadily since August ****.

The price of steel has decreased by approximately **% between August **** and January ****.

Indice dei prezzi alla produzione di acciaio Italia, ****-****, base ****=*** Fonte: Istat

The price of aluminium has decreased by ...

4.4 High levels of recycling are achieved in Italy

When metal packaging reaches the end of its use, steel and aluminum are collected and recycled, for infinite times, without loss of their intrinsic properties.

In ****, **.*% of steel packaging and **.*% of aluminium packaging placed on the Italian market was recycled. Metal packaging is the most recycled packaging in Europe. [***]

The largest ...

5 Regulation

5.1 Regulations

Italy is subject to European Community law. Within this legal framework, Directive **/**/EC on packaging and packaging waste is a central element. This directive was created in **** and has been in force since ****. Some of the points included in this scope and which are related to metal packaging in general ...

6 Positioning of the players

6.1 Segmentation

Source: ****

  • Silfa
  • Limea-Fisma
  • Eurospray
  • Crown Imballaggi Italia
  • Tecnocap
  • Trivium Packaging Italy
  • Carcano Antonio
  • Ball Beverage Packaging Italia
  • Guala Closures

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Répartition des conteneurs légers en fer blanc, par type
  • Répartition des fûts en tôle fine, par utilisation
  • Répartition des emballages en aluminium, par type
  • Taille du marché mondial de l'emballage métallique
  • Marché mondial des emballages, par matériau
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