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The global metal packaging market has been flourishing, expected to grow at a rate of 3.3% annually and reach a value of $153 billion by 2022. The market, while constituting a moderate share of 12.2% in comparison to other materials, is driven by its durability, recyclability, and contribution to food preservation. Asia, particularly India, is experiencing the highest growth due to escalating urbanization and initiatives like the ABCAI, aiming to increase aluminum can usage from 5% to 25% by 2030. Europe's market is also expanding with an average growth of 3.4%, mainly led by the food industry's demand for cans and tins. Spain represents the fourth largest market in Europe with a turnover growth of 25%. However, production was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with a marked decline in production indices for "other metal products". Despite this, metal packaging holds growth opportunities, especially with the impending EU ban on single-use plastics and the high recycling rates in countries like Spain.

Thriving Demand for Metal Packaging in the Spanish Market Amid Global Growth

The Spanish metal packaging market is witnessing a period of considerable dynamism, reflecting a broader global trend that sees the sector booming on an international scale. Between 2015 and 2022, the global market for metal packaging is projected to enjoy a robust growth rate. This upward trajectory is propelled by several key demand drivers, underpinning the convenience and sustainability of metal packaging. Its ability to ensure extended shelf life, taste preservation, and nutritional integrity of products makes it an attractive choice for manufacturers and consumers alike. Sustainability is central to the growth story of metal packaging, with metals like steel and aluminum leading in terms of recycling rates. In fact, the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association reveals that a staggering 80% of all steel ever produced remains in use today, highlighting its enduring life cycle. Such sustainability credentials resonate with the rising consumer and societal demands for eco-friendlier products.

The market data reveals that, in the global context, metal packaging still occupies a relatively modest segment. However, in comparison to other materials, such as cardboard and plastic, metal packaging is gaining ground, particularly with its strong presence in the food and beverage sector. Turning the spotlight on Europe, with revenues climbing from approximately €16.8 to €19.2 billion. Within this European context, Spain emerges as a leader, ranking as the fourth-largest producer, and showcasing significant market activity. The Spanish metal packaging industry alone saw a remarkable 25% growth in company turnover over a span of five years, with the value leaping from around €2 billion to roughly €2.495 billion. Food manufacturing, a primary consumer of metal packaging, backs much of this demand surge. The industry's commitment to reducing the carbon footprint and shift towards recyclable materials are expected to continue bolstering the sector's expansion.

Despite these positives, the Spanish metal packaging market was not immune to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis. Production indexes fell notably during the pandemic but showed signs of recovery as the initial shock waned. Sectors like the beverage industry, which is intricately linked to metal packaging, demonstrated volatility but continued to hint at an overall growth pattern.

Key Players in the Global and Spanish Metal Packaging Market

The metal packaging market is characterized by a mix of major international giants and significant domestic players, each contributing to the industry's growth.

International Metal Packaging Titans

  • Crown Holdings stands out as a key global player in the metal packaging market. With a diverse product range that caters to various sectors such as food, beverage, and industrial products, Crown Holdings commands a robust presence across multiple continents. The company's innovation in packaging solutions is evident through its numerous manufacturing facilities, which are strategically located to serve a broad international clientele.
  • Ball Corporation is another major force in the metal packaging industry. Best known for its production of aluminum beverage cans, Ball Corporation has carved out a significant share in the market with its sustainable packaging solutions and a commitment to innovation. Their global footprint ensures that they reach customers in all key markets, delivering high-quality, recyclable packaging solutions that meet modern-day consumer demands.
  • Ardagh Group is a powerhouse in metal and glass packaging, serving the food, beverage, and consumer care markets with innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. Ardagh's extensive network of production facilities emphasizes their pledge to environmental responsibility and their ability to adapt to customer needs across various sectors.

Prominent Spanish Manufacturers

In the context of Spain, prominent domestic players also play a pivotal role in the dynamic metal packaging market.

  • Auxiliar Conservera is a notable Spanish name in metal packaging, specializing in the production of tinplate containers that serve mostly the food industry. Their commitment to quality and customer-oriented approach has established them as a trusted supplier in the Spanish market and beyond.
  • Domiberia is another prominent player, offering a comprehensive array of metal packaging options tailored to the needs of food, beverage, and industrial applications. Their focus on innovation and quality has enabled them to capture a sizable portion of the domestic market while also exporting to international customers.
  • Ramondin Capsulas is recognized for its specialized production of caps and closures in metal packaging. Their products, which primarily find applications in the wine and spirits industry, represent a blend of tradition and modernity, ensuring both the preservation of contents and the aesthetic appeal of the packaging.

Together, these companies form the backbone of the metal packaging industry, highlighting the dynamic interplay between globally recognized players and strong local manufacturers. Their collective contributions drive the market forward, setting trends, and upholding the values of quality, innovation, and sustainability that are central to the sector's growth.

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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of study

Metal packaging includes packaging made of steel and at aluminium such as cans, which preserve food, hygiene products, beverages, etc.

The market for metal packaging is divided between several players: the producers of minerals and petrochemicals (bauxite, soda, carbon), the suppliers (steel, aluminum), packaging producers and end-users (industry, trade, transport-storage). In this study, we cover the last three categories.

The global metal packaging industry is burgeoning in terms of size and sales thanks to the attractive features of durability, format, preservation and metal recycling. Nevertheless, metal packaging accounts for a relatively small share of total packaging (12.2%), which implies that this material has great potential for development . [ all4pack This development will most likely come from developing countries and Asia, where the I nde The aim of this project, for example, is to increase the use of aluminium cans from 5% to 25% in 2030 .

In Spain, the market is dynamic and the turnover of light metal packaging manufacturers has increased by 25% since 2013 . Although this packaging represents only a minority share of total packaging, it has significant development potential, and their high recycling rate could be a major asset in the years to come

However, the market is facing some major issues with the uncertainty surrounding the price of raw materials and the increasing concentration of players with groups such as Crown Holdings or Ball Corporation, which capture a significant portion of the sector's revenues.

1.2 The global market is booming

The metal packaging industry is booming; between **** and ****, the market is expected to grow at an average annual growth rate of *.*% to reach US$*** billion in ****.

Size of the global metal packaging market World, ****-****, in millions of US dollars Source: ****

There are several factors behind this demand. Firstly, the intrinsic ...

1.3 The European market is also growing

The European market for rigid metal packaging grew by an average of *.*% per year between **** and ****. Indeed, it has grown from a turnover of **.* to **.* billion euros. After stagnating between **** and ****, the market seems to be regaining its dynamism with a growth of *.*% between **** and ****

European sales of metal packaging Europe, ...

1.4 A dynamic Spanish market

As we have seen, the Spanish market is Europe's *ᵉ as far as production is concerned. It is also marked by a certain dynamism

The CNAE **** code for the manufacture of light metal packaging (***) allows us to analyse the turnover of companies in the sector

Turnover of light metal packaging production Spain, ...

1.5 A drop in production during the covid-19 crisis

The market for metal packaging experienced a decline in production during the pandemic and containment. Indeed, the industrial production indices for the manufacture of "other metal products" (***), which includes light metal packaging, experienced a marked drop. For information, light metal packaging accounted for **.*% of the turnover of code ***

The industrial production ...

2 Demand Analysis

2.1 Metal packaging is in the minority but is gaining market share

Metal packaging represents **.*% of total packaging turnover in **** in Spain (***). They are, however, growing, since they represented only **.*% of the market in **** and *.*% in ****. [***]

Packaging market sales by segment Spain, ****, in % of sales Source: ****

This represents a real growth opportunity for the sector. Indeed, with a total market estimated at **.* billion ...

2.2 The food and beverage industry, the main customer sectors for metal packaging

The food industry is the main customer sector for the manufacture of metal packaging. Indeed, cans and beverage cans are the main outlets for this sector. Their growth is therefore closely linked.

As an indication, in Europe, cans represented **% of the market, tins **%, lids and caps **%, general line **%, aerosols *% and specialities ...

2.3 Recycling, an opportunity for the demand for metal packaging?

** million Spaniards claim to recycle their waste on a daily basis in ****, * million more than in ****. This increase and citizens' awareness is a major opportunity for metal packaging, which has the highest recycling rate. [***]

Indeed, according to El Pais **.*% of plastic packaging was recycled in ****, compared with **.*% in ****. For cardboard and ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Metal packaging value chain

Source: ****

Raw material suppliers: steel and aluminium are the two main raw materials for the manufacture of metal packaging Steel is made from iron. It is produced either from iron ore and coal (***). Aluminum is made by two processes: either the Bayer process of refining bauxite ore to obtain aluminum oxide, ...

3.2 Production of metal packaging

The value of metal packaging production in Spain has been increasing since ****. Data is only available for the years **** and ****, but this gives us a good idea of the trends. Thus, in three years, production has increased by *% in the country

The value of production differs from sales because it only ...

3.3 The market for metal packaging remains concentrated

Despite a number of important players, some companies capture a large part of the revenues in this sector

El Economista publishes a ranking of companies according to their CNAE code and their revenues. Adding up all the companies that have registered under code **** in ****, it arrives at a turnover of *.* billion ...

3.4 Les incertitudes sur le plan du commerce international menacent le secteur

À partir de début juin ****, les États-Unis ont introduit des mesures tarifaires sur l'acier (***) sur les exportations européennes. L'Europe qui était exemptée de ces taxes jusqu'alors doit donc s'y soumettre mais a prévu des mesures de rétorsions [***] Ces mesures, décidées par l'administration Trump, visaient à relocaliser ...

4 Analysis of the offer

4.1 Product presentation

Below you will find an overview of the product range based on the descriptions of metalpackagingeurope :

Aerosols : complete UV protection and excellent storage characteristics, which help prevent the penetration of moisture and oxygen. The product remains airtight thanks to a sealed lid, and is highly functional and durable. Cans and bottles ...

4.2 A decrease in the cost of raw materials that is not reflected in packaging prices

Prices for metal packaging raw materials, mainly aluminium and steel, have been falling since January ****. Aluminium prices have been falling in Spain since August **** despite occasional variations. It fell by *.*% between August **** and June ****

Aluminum Price Index Spain, ****-****, index base *** **** Source: ****

Steel prices have been falling more steadily since October ...

4.4 Recycling is not always the most cost-effective option

Metals are permanent materials, which means that they can be recycled endlessly without losing their properties. This makes them preferred materials for eco-responsible packaging

However, the process and execution of metal recycling is much more complicated than industry players claim. While consumers are willing to sort their waste and recycle it, ...

5 Regulation

5.1 Regulations

Spain is subject to European Community law. Within this legal framework we find Directive **/**/EC on packaging and packaging waste as a central element. This directive was created in **** and has been in force since ****. Some of the points included in its scope and which relate to metal packaging in general ...

6 Positioning of the players

6.1 Segmentation

  • Crown Holdings, Inc
  • Ball corporation
  • Ardagh Group
  • Auxiliar Conservera
  • Domiberia SLU
  • Ramondin Capsulas

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Taille du marché mondial des emballages métalliques
  • Marché mondial des emballages, par matériau
  • Chiffre d'affaires européen des emballages métalliques
  • Répartition de la production d'emballages métalliques
  • Chiffres d'affaires de la production d'emballages métalliques légers
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