The futsal market, estimated at $323.17 million in 2021, is growing rapidly, with a forecast CAGR of 13.99% to 2027. Historically popular in South America, then introduced in European countries, futsal saw sales increase by 900% in France between 2012 and 2022. The French market is undergoing consolidation, dominated by two major players, UrbanSoccer and Le Five, who offer extensive services and digitization to maintain their competitiveness.

Growth in the global market is fuelled by increasing popularity, particularly among young players, with futsal becoming the leading school sport in France. Despite this growth, challenges include the sustainability of complex operations, with some consolidations leading to liquidations. There is strong potential for expansion in the US market, and substantial investment in infrastructure is required for new complexes. The sector is also exploring yield management to optimize occupancy rates. Female participation remains low, and efforts to develop this demographic, as well as the establishment of public partnerships, could strengthen market dynamics.

Futsal market dynamics and demand trends in France

In France, the futsal market has enjoyed a remarkable trajectory of growth and demand over the years. Since the early 2000s, it has attracted a growing number of participants, with regular players now estimated at around 3 million, and a total including occasional participants amounting to almost 5 million. Notably, against a backdrop of declining FFF membership, the futsal sector contrasts sharply, showing continued expansion. The increase in the number of futsal licensees is one of the main factors behind the rise in demand, with the number of licensees rising from 15,000 to around 27,388, representing an average annual growth rate of around 11%. Projections point to continued growth, with the number of licensees expected to approach 30,000 in 2021 and increase further to around 38,328 in 2023.

This growing interest is further reinforced by the sport's popularity in schools, with around 200,000 UNSS members, underlining the sport's growing appeal to young people. The demographic profile of futsal participants is also changing. Initially, men between the ages of 20 and 35 formed the core of the clientele, but there has been a noticeable diversification. Although women constitute a minority, with less than 10% of licensees, this segment is gaining in visibility and more inclusive offerings are being developed to meet the needs of this emerging audience and young people in particular. For example, initiatives such as the Zidane Five Club illustrate efforts to involve young players through soccer academies.

The market has responded to this increased demand by offering a more personalized and diversified customer experience. Futsal complexes have expanded their services, integrating offerings such as bars and restaurants, sports equipment stores and other leisure activities, which today account for around 20% of an indoor complex's revenue. Partnerships between private complexes and institutions such as the FFF are also in play, which has pledged a major investment of around 18.4 million euros between 2022 and 2025 to support the development of futsal.

Although the French market is dense, with around 250 five-a-side centers - twice as many as in England - the FFF foresees potential for further growth. The number of 5-a-side players is expected to double to 4 million by 2025, suggesting fertile ground ahead.

Key players shaping the French futsal landscape

In France's dynamic and fast-growing futsal market, a handful of pioneering companies have carved out significant niches for themselves, leveraging early entry, strategic mergers and diversification of their offerings to position themselves at the forefront of the industry.

  • UrbanSoccer: UrbanSoccer, whose beginnings date back to 2005, has established itself as a market leader, particularly after the strategic acquisition of Soccer 5 in 2014. This transaction not only broadened its reach, but also enriched its futsal expertise. UrbanSoccer operates an extensive network of centers across the country, with a strong presence in the densely populated Île-de-France region. A focus on innovation has enhanced the player experience, both on and off the pitch.
  • Le Five: Direct competitor and other leading chain of futsal complexes, Le Five strengthened its presence in the market by acquiring Le Temple du Foot and Soccer Park. With a mix of wholly-owned and franchised centers, Le Five maintains a significant footprint throughout France. Its strategy relies on the recognition of personalities from the world of soccer to attract a loyal following and offer customers an experience different from that of its competitors.
  • Z5: Entering the market with the backing of renowned soccer icons, Z5 uses the notoriety of its founders to attract customers. Beyond traditional futsal services, Z5 has integrated unique offerings such as access to an osteopath and tailor-made inter-company competition formats, setting itself apart from larger competitors such as UrbanSoccer and Le Five.
  • MonClub 0: As an emerging challenger brand, MonClub 0 combines futsal with multi-faceted approaches aimed at a diverse customer base. Although it doesn't have the extensive networks of UrbanSoccer or Le Five, MonClub 0's local appeal and personalized touch have helped it win over customers.
  • Convi'Foot: Although not as high-profile as the other brands, Convi'Foot operates on a franchise model that has contributed to the expansion of futsal infrastructures throughout France. Its emphasis on community-level access to the sport is testament to the brand's commitment to grassroots development.
  • Independents: Making up around 25% of the French market, independent futsal centers are the dark horses of the industry. They cater to a local, budget-conscious clientele, and can offer less service than the big players.
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Market overview and definition

Futsal, as a discipline, is a sport derived from soccer, traditionally played on a small indoor pitch, mostly on a hard surface, between two teams of five its entirety, futsal refers to the practice of soccer in a paying complex, and therefore includes all the economic activities and revenues generated by its practice in these different complexes. Although there may be a nuance between the discipline and the activity "futsal", the term "futsal" refers to indoor soccer complexes.

Created in South America in the 1930s, futsal first developed on that continent before reaching other countries across the Atlantic. In 2021, the global market was estimated at $323.17 million, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.99% to 2027. Its introduction on the European continent was late in coming. In France, the concept of five-a-side soccer was imported in 2005 with the creation of the first Urban Football complex in Puteaux.following exponential growth between 2005 and 2014, a phase of consolidation took place between the main complexes in 2014, leading to the creation of a nationwide market where UrbanSoccer - the result of the merger between Urban Football and Soccer 5 - and its challenger Le Five - the result of Le Five's acquisition of Soccer Park, account for more than half of all complexes and exercise their supremacy, particularly in the Paris region.

In recent years, the French futsal and five-a-side market has seen strong growth, with sales set to increase by 900% between 2012 and 2022. Today's five-a-side complexes have largely adopted international rules, and the game is now played on synthetic turf on pitches of varying sizes, from 3 vs. 3 to 6 vs. 6. In this respect, although largely inspired by South American sport, the format of futsal as it is played today by complexes was invented in the United States. In regional complexes, outdoor futsal pitches are being developed. On average, among the examples targeted by the study, complexes generally offer one outdoor pitch for every 4 to 5 indoor pitches - UrbanSoccer and Five excluded.

Resorts are also tending to diversify their activities. This diversification is twofold: firstly, in the services offered to players. Resorts have adapted their offerings to their two preferred clienteles, young people and businesses, by offering to organize special events or seminars at their complex. More recently, this has led to the introduction of new activities such as basketball, badminton and Bubble 5. In addition, digitalization seems to be becoming an important differentiating factor, bringing real added value to players and franchises alike.

1.2 A two-speed global market

The global futsal market was estimated at $***.** million in **** and is expected to grow at a CAGR of **.**% to ****.

Global futsal sales growth projections World, **** - ****, in $ millions Source: ****

Futsal gained in popularity as a sporting practice, first in South America, helped by national federations which were the first to structure ...

1.3 Consolidation in the French market

Introduced in France in the early ****s, *-a-side soccer currently has around * million regular players in France and * million practising players, a number that is constantly rising, in contrast to the number of FFF licensees, which has been falling since **** [***]. Union Sport & Cycle reports that the current market will be worth ...

1.4 A sector hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic

The alternating periods of confinement and deconfinement weighed heavily on the finances of futsal and five companies. Their complexes were closed between March and June, then again at the end of October.

The reopening between these two periods (***) will have enabled the sector to generate some revenue, but probably not enough ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Growing demand and institutionalization

The growth experienced by the futsal market in France since the late ****s appears to be continuing to the present day, both in terms of the number of licensees and the number of complexes made available to enthusiasts. In the ****-**** season, the number of futsal licensees reached **,***, while in the ...

2.2 Most French people are interested in sport

Sport occupies a special place in the lives of the French. **% of French people say they are at least somewhat interested in sport.

are you interested in sport in general? France, ****, in Source: ****

This share is increasing slightly, since it was **% in **** and **% in ****. **% of French people claim to have taken ...

2.3 The profile of our athletes

On average,men have a higher sports participation rate than women, with **% for men versus **% for women.

Sports participation rates by gender France, ****, in Source: ****

Young people have a higher sports participation rate than older generations. The **-** age group even achieves a sports participation rate of **%. The other generations follow ...

2.4 The French are satisfied with the sports facilities in their community, but are waiting for new facilities

Generally speaking, the French recognize the efforts made by their local authorities to develop sports facilities.

How do you rate your local authority's policy/ efforts to develop and encourage the practice of sport? France, ****, in Source: ****

**% of French people said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their local authority's ...

3 Market structure

3.1 One market, two leaders, multiple independents

In France, the futsal market is divided into three types of player:

the market's historical players, organized into chains of futsal complexes: UrbanSoccer and Le Five. These players were the first to expand their activities from ****, and were the first to undertake mergers from ****. Now in an internationalization phase, they offer ...

3.2 Expensive infrastructure

Building a futsal complex requires a substantial investment in infrastructure. Indeed, according to Joseph Viéville, one of the co-founders of Le Five,a project costs between ***,*** and one million euros[***]. There are two possible solutions:

building a new complex: the minimum cost is estimated at one million euros[***] ; leasing and ...

3.3 A denser, more extensive network

Initially set up in the Paris region (***), the opening of futsal complexes followed * phases:

opening in major cities and metropolises from ****-**** (***); opening in medium-sized towns and active, populated industrial zones from **** (***); internationalization from ****-**** with the opening of complexes in Belgium and Spain for UrbanSoccer, for example.

We also note ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Variable-geometry pricing

Three main criteria influence the price of an hour of futsal:

the location of the complex, with prices higher in urban areas, particularly in large cities and especially in Paris (***); number of players, as the hourly price per player for * vs. * pitches is generally lower; ancillary services (***), with hourly rates tending ...

4.2 A growing range of services

The vast majority of complexes offer their customers at least four types of service:

pitch rental including futsal, but also potentially other activities (***); activities specially designed for companies, a cross-disciplinary offer that adds to pitch rental the possibility of organizing seminars over one or more days, personalized shirts and related services; activities ...

4.3 Diversifying activities, services and partnerships

Three clear trends have emerged since the consolidation phase that affected the market in ****. They refer to three main criteria: the number of activities, the services on offer, the full/recreational time slots and its variants (***):

internationalization is a trend in French resorts, which after consolidating are able to resiliently implement ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Regulatory framework set by the FFF

In ****, the term "futsal" was registered at the initiative of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (***):

The playing surface, which must be between ** and ** meters long and between ** and ** meters wide; The ball must be between ** and ** centimetres in circumference and weigh between *** and *** grams; Number of players: * field ...

5.2 Statutory framework

Futsal or Five practice centers welcome private individuals and provide them with sports facilities. They therefore fall into the category of multi-sports halls.

According to the French Ministry of Sport, these centers must comply with a number of laws and standards, including

Health regulations set up department by department(***) Fire safety ...

List of charts

  • Projected growth in global futsal sales
  • Number of centers and sites in France
  • Trends in the size of the French futsal market
  • Members by gender
  • Number of futsal members
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Latest news

UrbanSoccer takes to padel in Dijon - 13/12/2023
  • The UrbanSoccer center in Saint-Apollinaire, near Dijon, opened 4 padel courts at the end of November.
  • There are around 1,800 padel courts in France, enabling some 500,000 French people to get a taste of the sport by 2023, according to the Union Sport & Cycle.
  • The UrbanSoccer center in Dijon welcomes an average of 200 to 300 people every day.
  • Since 2015, UrbanSoccer has been testing padel and has since accelerated its UrbanPadel brand to 49 padel courts in France to date.
  • UrbanSoccer has almost 300 5-a-side soccer pitches. UrbanSoccer is one of the leaders in 5-a-side soccer in France, with 32 centers, including 1 in Lisbon.
  • The company claims sales of around forty million euros.

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