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As of 2017, the global sporting goods market was valued at $388 billion, with a noteworthy proportion of a third being governed by the top 50 sports brands, including prominent players like Intersport, Decathlon, and Dick's Sporting Goods. While exact figures for the period starting from 2020 are not provided in the text, there was an anticipated growth projection of 5% annually until 2022 as estimated by the consulting firm Capitalmind. Europe stands out with its particularities, being a significant net importer of sporting goods, with over 50% of imports coming from Asian markets mainly China and Vietnam. The nature of European trade showcases a distinction between the import of low value-added goods, like footwear, and the export of high value-added products such as boats and related equipment..### Emerging Trends in the Sportswear and Equipment Market The sportswear and equipment industry has been experiencing considerable growth and transformation in recent years. In 2017, the global market for sporting goods was valued at nearly $388 billion, showcasing the vast size of this sector. Significant growth of around 4.5% was recorded, and future projections suggest an ongoing annual increase of approximately 5% leading up to 2022. Within this rapidly evolving market, a few trends are particularly noticeable. The overarching dominance of major sports brands has led to about a third of the global market being controlled by just 50 companies, among which Intersport, Decathlon, and Dick's Sporting Goods are predominant. This indicates a market that, while still expanding, is also becoming increasingly concentrated. Geographically, Europe presents some unique characteristics. It is a substantial importer of sports goods, primarily sourcing over half of these from countries like China and Vietnam. This reliance on imports, especially for lower-value items such as footwear, emphasizes the global interconnectivity and the pivotal role of international trade in the sports item market. Meanwhile, Europe distinguishes itself as an exporter of high-value-added products, such as boating equipment. The sports item market has seen a shift from small family businesses to a sphere where large corporations with global reach have a significant impact, both in terms of manufacturing and distribution. The rise of technological innovations and the influence of globalization have significantly altered production processes. Additionally, sportswear has evolved beyond pure sporting utility into a fashion trend, largely influenced by the American style, further blurring the lines between active sportswear and casual fashion. This trend perhaps also feeds into the growing market size and its potential, which startups are keen to exploit, trying to tap into this high-potential sector. All these changes and trends suggest that the market for sporting goods is not static but rather dynamic, with various forces shaping it from different angles..### Chapter: Titans of the Global Sports Market The global sports market has witnessed a dynamic shift with the surge of innovative technologies, a globalized manufacturing landscape, and powerful corporations steering the distribution of sports equipment. In this landscape, certain companies stand tall as remarkable influencers and key players, transforming the industry and setting benchmarks for others to follow. #### Intersport: The Sporting Goods Maestro Intersport is a name synonymous with sporting goods retail. Established initially as a cooperative of small businesses, it has grown to become an international force. Their stores, often large-scale establishments, offer a wide variety of sporting items stretching across numerous sports disciplines. Intersport is renowned for its customer-focused approach, providing not just equipment but also expert advice and guidance to patrons, ensuring an informed and satisfying purchase. #### Decathlon: The Innovation Incubator French giant Decathlon has not just made its mark—it has set new standards. Known for its innovative spirit, Decathlon consistently brings revolutionary products to the market, enhancing the sports experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Their commitment to making sports accessible to everyone is evident in their broad array of affordable yet high-quality sports items. With a robust presence worldwide, Decathlon is often the go-to destination for shoppers seeking diversity and innovation. #### Dick's Sporting Goods: The American Trailblazer Dick's Sporting Goods commands significant respect and presence in the United States as one of the leading sporting goods retailers. Their extensive selection, encompassing both traditional sports equipment and the latest gear, caters to a wide demographic of sports lovers. Dick's has successfully stayed ahead in the American market with its strategic expansions and constant engagement with local communities, facilitating grassroots sports developments and fostering a culture of active living. These companies play a crucial role in shaping the sports items market, each carving their unique trajectory. They stand testament to the growth, potential, and dynamism inherent in the sporting goods industry, capturing the essence of an ever-expanding global market.
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1.1 What is a sports item?

A sports item can be defined as equipment used to practice a sport . It can be clothing (shoes, jerseys...), equipment (tennis rackets, soccer balls, handballs...) or even machines, especially those used for weight training (rowers or mats for example) To talk about the market implies to mention two aspects, manufacturing and distribution .


Care must be taken to distinguish the sporting article from the sporting equipment, the latter designating an arrangement or structure that allows the practice of one or more sports


Nevertheless, it sportswear clothes whose style has been designed in the United States, can be considered as a sports item although this is more of a clothing trend than real articles developed for sports practice


In a market once made up of small family businesses, the last few decades have definitively changed the established order. Production is no longer the same, transformed by technological innovations, globalization and large companies, such as Sports Direct and JD Sport, which control the distribution of sports equipment. In addition, more and more startups are trying to make the most of a high-potential market

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