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The tattoo market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

A tattoo is a permanent drawing made on the skin, by means of pointed objects or needles that introduce indelible dyes under the skin. It has always been practiced in many parts of the world and can have symbolic, religious or decorative functions.

We can distinguish two kinds of tattoos:

  • the temporary tattoo: the inks belong to the category of cosmetic products
  • the permanent tattoo: realized by professional tattooers, the inks used come under a particular regulation

The present study will focus on the permanent tattoos.

Tattoos are more and more adopted by French people: between 2010 and 2018, the proportion of French people declaring to have experienced a tattoo has increased from 10 to 18%. At the same time, the number of tattoo artists has also increased. The market is becoming more and more competitive and tattoo artists are vying with each other to distinguish themselves by communicating massively on social networks. France remains "late" on the issue of tattooing compared to other countries where it is more practiced (French people are use to get tattooed during travels most of the time).

The profession of tattooer-perceiver does not require any particular diploma but the person must nevertheless declare himself to the ARS and follow a training relating to the conditions of hygiene and salubrity, this one lasts at least 21 hours distributed on 3 consecutive days.

The sector was largely affected by the crisis of the Covid-19, the studios of tattooing underwent of full force the closings bound to the confinement. Taking the example of the tattoo parlour of Auxerre "Frappe Chirurgicale", the latter lost 80% of its turnover during the first confinement in 2020, and received only a small aid of 1 500 €. The aid from the second containment, however, made it possible to compensate for the losses. 

1.2 The world tattoo market

The market and its evolution can be estimated from the global tattoo inks segment. According to The Cowboy Channel, the global tattoo market is estimated to reach ***.* million US$ in **** and is expected to grow at a CAGR of over *%.

Tattoo Inks Market Size World, **** - ****, in million US$ Source: ****

1.3 The French tattoo market

Not having an official market size of the tattoo in France, we can propose below from several hypotheses an estimation in order to have an "idea" of the turnover of the tattoo parlors (***).

According to Les Echos, there will be between *,*** and *,*** tattoo studios in operation in ****, with a turnover ranging ...


2.1 A practice that has been booming for a few years ...

Tattooing, a practice still not very widespread in France compared to other countries ...

In ****, an IFOP survey compared the rate of French people tattooed in France, Great Britain and the United States. 

Are you or have you ever been tattooed? France, UK, USA, August ****, in % Source: ****

... but in full expansion ...

2.2 ... which differs according to certain generational and social criteria

If tattooing is now a norm in France, it affects various categories of the population according to various criteria.

The age: a determining factor:

The most tattooed age category are the ** - ** years old and more globally the ** - ** years old who are tattooed in France. 

Share of French people tattooed ...

2.3 Rather a basic trend than an ephemeral fashion ...

**% of french people have a great image of tattooing, **% don't.

This image varies strongly according to the age: ** % of the ** - ** years old have a good image against * % of the more than ** years old. According to the estimation and with the renewal of generations, the tattoo will be more and more ...

2.4 ... whose development is still hindered by a few obstacles

The main obstacles to the development of the tattoo inspired by the Harris-interactive report on the permanent body modifications are

high prices the irreversible character of the operation (***) which can generate regrets a few years later the sanitary risks linked to the practice (***)

What are the main reasons why you have ...

2.5 Most Tattooed Body Parts

We notice that discreet locations are preferred by the French, which allows them to hide or show the tattoo when they want (***).

However, visible areas such as the face, neck, hand or wrist are also widespread (***)

Intimate areas never exposed in public remain a large minority (***)

On which parts of the ...

2.6 The "retatouage" and "détatouage" among the French

The fact of having already been tattooed strongly influences the propensity to want to get a new tattoo, as highlighted in the graph below. We note that in ****, **% of French people surveyed (***) wanted to get a tattoo, but had not yet done so, which highlights the growth potential of the tattoo ...


3.1 "Other personal services" in France

The NAF **.**Z code, which groups together "other personal services" and includes tattoo and piercing salons, allows us to analyze the location preferences of studios and similar personal service stores.

The tattoo parlors are often implanted in the city centers to address a more important clientele and we find an important ...

3.2 Tattoo studios in France

According to the Syndicat National des Artistes Tatoueurs, the number of declared tattoo artists (***) can be estimated at **,***.

There are currently between *,*** and *,*** tattoo parlors (***) in France in ****. Their number varies according to the sources, and remains difficult to estimate because nearly half would be illegal/clandestine according to the national ...

3.3 Strategy and dynamism of the actors (through some examples)

Most of the tattoo studios are independent and many of them are also piercing salons.

These independents are small structures of * - * people, sometimes family owned.

On the side of the independent studios we find Tribal Act which realized *** *** € of turnover in ****[***]

in Lyon, the salon My Body Art is the ...

3.4 Some events play in favor of the promotion of tattooing

The Mondial du tatouage brings together about ** *** people per year since ****.[***]

In ****, for its *ᵉ edition, the Mondial du Tatouage, located at La Villette, brought together *** tattoo artists from ** countries. [***]

Other events in recent years play in favor of the development and promotion of the tattoo industry. This is the case of ...


4.1 The different types of tattoo

We can distinguish ephemeral tattoos(***).

Types of motifs: in the years **** / ****, the fashion was the tribal style in particular, as well as the flames, Chinese letters or stars. Today, the demand is more demanding and is oriented towards a more creative and artistic style.

For women in particular, we note the ...

4.2 A wide range of prices

Prices in tattoo parlors: prices vary greatly depending on the reputation of the tattoo artists.

Prices vary according to the tattoo parlors France, ****, in € / hour Source : Capital NB: prices for fashionable tattoo artists can go up to more than *** €.

The second important variable that determines the final price of a tattoo ...

4.3 Supply trends

Social networks: For tattoo artists, Instagram has become a very powerful showcase to highlight their work. ELLE, for example, lists ** Instagram pages to follow among the most creative and well-known tattoo artists.

Increased attention paid to the quality of inks:

According to UFC Que Choisir, **% of tattoo inks contain dangerous or ...


5.1 Regulations

For the consumer: Without parental agreement (***), it is forbidden for a minor to be tattooed.

Hygiene and sanitation training for tattoo artists:

A training in hygiene and salubrity is compulsory since **** to exercise the tattoo by cutaneous effraction or the piercing. This one must last at least ** hours and its contents ...


6.1 Segmentation

6.2 Study of the companies' websites

Web traffic of the main tattoo parlors France, ****-****, in thousands of visitors Source: ****

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Reviews (1)

Reviews (1)

The tattoo market - France

Publicado en 21/07/2022 by Jeremy Ibanez

Good compilation of statistics, maybe a bit too much focused on tattooed people when I was expecting more of a thorough study of tattoo studios. Very interesting though, I don't regret my purchase

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