The global electric scooter market has experienced significant growth since 2020, with a notable 12.5% increase in electric scooter registrations in Europe between 2020 and 2021. In France, the market for electric scooters also surged, reflected by a 78% rise in sales from 2020 to 2021, with 14,449 units sold in 2021.

Consumer demand is influenced by environmental consciousness, with electric scooters seen as a more sustainable transport option, capable of reducing ecological footprint to nearly zero CO2 emissions per km. While the French market has a preference for electric over petrol scooters, global trends also indicate a shift towards electric mobility. The electric scooter market was valued at $33 billion USD in 2022 and is projected to grow at a 9.9% annual rate through 2030. Asia-Pacific is expected to dominate this market, driven by economical and environmental factors, with China, India, and Japan leading the charge, reflected by China's significant investment of 2.4 billion in 2020 on recharging infrastructure.

The French market trends align with global movements, with younger consumers showing a higher inclination towards electric vehicles and regulatory changes in Paris, such as charging for internal combustion scooter parking while exempting electric models, anticipated to further boost the electric scooter market.

Electric Scooter Market in France: A Detailed Demand Analysis

The French market for electric scooters has seen a burgeoning pattern of growth that mirrors the global commitment to sustainable transport. With considerations for eco-friendliness and city adaptability, electric scooters have filled a niche that caters to modern consumers' desires. The market for electric scooters in France, albeit smaller than the petrol scooter market, has displayed impressive growth.

In the period between 2020 and 2021, electric scooter sales saw an increase of approximately 9%, while sales for petrol scooters showed a slight decrease of around 1%. Consumer expectations are pivoting towards vehicles that offer ease of use in traffic, minimal noise pollution, and cost-effectiveness with regards to fuel consumption.

The troubling carbon footprint of conventional transport has led roughly a third of the surveyed population to prioritize reducing environmental impact through the usage of electric scooters which produce zero CO2 emissions. The demand for electric scooters, while seasonal and peaking during warmer months, has shown consistent year-on-year growth. Regions like Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, and Ile-de-France exhibit the highest interest in electric scooters, likely due to urban settings where these vehicles offer distinct advantages in maneuverability and parking convenience.

A pivotal factor affecting potential growth within the market appears to stem from the age dynamics of consumers. Younger riders under 25 show the highest inclination towards electric scooters at more than half, whereas older segments over 65 show much less interest at a little over 30%.

New regulations in cities like Paris, which have introduced parking fees for thermal 2-wheelers while exempting electric ones, are set to reinforce the market strength for electric scooters. The change in legislation coupled with the emergence of several sharing services aligns well with the growing public interest, potentially leading to a surge in electric scooter adoption.

In summary, the electric scooter market in France is on a trajectory of substantial growth. While it might currently hold a modest share in comparison to conventional scooters, the escalating numbers, favorable consumer trends, and beneficial regulatory environment predict a thriving future for this eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Key Competitors Driving the Electric Scooter Market Forward

The electric scooter market is bustling with innovative companies that are shaping the future of urban mobility. Among the key players who stand out for their contributions and vibrant product offerings, several companies have taken the lead in capturing consumers' attention and market share.

  • BMW Motorrad with its Best-Selling Electric Excellence

At the zenith of the market sits BMW Motorrad with its game-changing BMW CE 04. The company has redefined electric scooter high-end luxury with a model that speaks volumes about its commitment to sustainable, yet thrilling, transportation. The CE 04 boasts a striking design, excellent maneuverability, and a remarkable feature set, including fast charging capabilities and connected services. BMW Motorrad has distinguished itself not only as a top seller but as a harbinger of advancing electric solutions in the two-wheeled segment.

  • Silence: The Spanish Maven of Modularity

Silence has carved a robust niche in the market with its multifaceted electric scooter model, the S01, which is available in three variants - Basic, Connected, and Plus. Each variant presents an attractive mix of features such as a removable battery, high-wheel design, and significant cargo space. They exhibit versatility with variable ranges and performance metrics, catering to a diverse consumer base with specific preferences and budgets.

  • Super Soco: Bridging Australian Innovation with Chinese Production

The Super Soco brand comes forth as a true contender for the electric scooter crown, with its TC MAX and CPX models gaining popularity due to their lightweight build and commendable range. As a subsidiary of Vmoto, this company breaks the mold by delivering a fusion of Australian innovation and strategic production in China, enabling the brand to roll out efficient models that light up the urban streets and narratives.

  • EFun Pulse: Making Electric Mobility More Accessible

EFun brings to the table an affordable solution without compromising on the essentials of an electric scooter. The EFun Pulse is notably budget-friendly while still ensuring a decent range and practicality for urban commuters. This Chinese offering evidences that the adoption of electric scooters need not be a steep financial leap.

  • Niu Technologies: China's Domineering Electric Vision

Niu, hailing from China, portrays itself as a dominant force, with a significant proportion of its sales firmly rooted in its home country. Nonetheless, its MGT Pro model has managed to make a mark in France as a viable option for the younger demographic or those who require basic mobility with the added benefits of electric powertrain without demanding

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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of study

An electric scooter is a type of personal transport vehicle that uses a battery to power an electric motor. Unlike gas-powered scooters, electric scooters produce no exhaust fumes and are therefore considered a cleaner, quieter alternative to traditional scooters. They are often used in cities because of their low noise and environmental footprint.

Electric scooters are divided into 2 categories according to their power: an electric scooter with a top speed of 45km/h and a power rating of less than 4kW is equivalent to a 50cc petrol scooter. An electric scooter with a top speed of over 45km/h and a power rating of over 4kw is assimilated to the category above, equivalent to 125cc.

The first electric scooters appeared on the market in 2008 , and the electric scooter market has experienced significant growth in recent years, particularly in Europe, where the number of electric scooter registrations has risen by 12.5% between 2020 and 2021. This growth is linked to the desire of many people to switch to more sustainable, less polluting means of electric transport.

The French market for electric scooters is growing significantly, even if it is still smaller than the market for petrol scooters (14,500 electric scooters sold in 2021 compared with 62,000 petrol scooters). However, it is important to note that, between 2020 and 2021, sales of electric scooters have increased (+9%), while sales of petrol scooters have decreased (-1%). The most popular electric scooter brands in France include Super Soco, Silence and Niu, but there is strong competition in this market and new players are appearing regularly.

The electric scooter market is expected to grow significantly over the coming years, both in France and worldwide. This growth is due to several factors, such as the expansion ofcar-sharing and government efforts to promote the adoption of electric vehicles.

1.2 Global market trends

Governments are mobilizing to accelerate the energy transition in the transport sector. Transport as a whole accounts for **% of global greenhouse gas emissions according to the IPCC, and around **% of CO* emissions from fossil fuel combustion.

Share of transport in GHG emissions France, ****, in Source: ****

To meet these environmental challenges, more ...

1.3 French market trends

According to data fromACEM (***), **,*** new electric scooters were registered in Europe in ****, compared with **,*** in ****, an increase of **.*%. France appears to be a major player in this energy transition.

To assess the size of the French market, we can base ourselves on the number of electric scooter sales in France, as ...

1.4 International trade

If we look at the trade flows for electrically-powered motorcycles on the Foreign Trade Figures **** website, we can see a great diversity among France's customer countries: Italy and Spain lead the way in terms of value of exports in ****, with **% and **% respectively, closely followed by Switzerland with **%.

Main customer countries for ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Consumer expectations

Electric scooters offer many advantages in the field of transport: the scooter itself is easy to handle, and can weave in and out of traffic to reduce congestion. It's also a small, lightweight vehicle that makes parking easier, especially in big cities where there's less and less space available. What's more, ...

2.2 Demand trends

We can study Google search trends to see how the appeal of electric scooters has grown in recent years. The results reflect the proportion of searches for the word "electric scooter" in France from **** to ****, in relation to the region with the highest rate of use of this keyword (***).

Evolution of ...

2.3 Age of consumers

There is a strong correlation between motorcyclists' interest in the transition to electric scooters and motorcycles and their age. Younger motorcyclists are more inclined to go electric than older ones. In fact, among those under **, **% were inclined to switch to an electric motorcycle or scooter. Among **-** year-olds, this figure drops ...

2.4 New regulations in Paris should boost the electric scooter market

New regulations for internal combustion *-wheelers should boost sales of electric scooters. From September *, ****, parking for internal combustion-powered *-wheelers will be subject to a fee. Parking spaces have become chargeable both on spaces already dedicated to *-wheeler parking, and on the paid parking strip shared with cars. However, electric *-wheelers remain ...

2.5 The trend towards shared mobility

Shared mobility refers to the public availability of what are traditionally individual means of transport: cars, scooters, bicycles and, more recently, in dense urban areas.

The new regulations mentioned in the paragraph above should also boost the option of self-service electric scooters for car-sharing purposes, described in the graphs below as ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Production and assembly of an electric scooter

Each company has its own policy regarding the production and delivery of components, and the assembly of electric scooters. Companies may decide to have their own motor and battery production sites: in this case, they have the expertise on their components and can manage flows more easily. Where quantities do not ...

3.2 Self-service electric scooters

More and more self-service electric scooter stations are springing up in major cities. Self-service electric scooters have all the same advantages as electric scooters: they allow you to get around traffic, avoid traffic jams, are maneuverable and easy to use, and can be used to carry small errands and bags. As ...

3.3 Distribution of electric scooters

Electric scooters are sold via * main distribution channels. Electric scooters are typically available from the manufacturer's own stores, or via their online site, with home delivery available for a fee or free of charge. All electric scooter manufacturers' websites feature a map of available dealers, so you can find scooters for ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Best sellers 2022 in France

Le Repaire des Motards calculates the number of electric scooter sales in **** for the various models available. At the top of the ranking is automotive giant BMW and its subsidiary BMW Motorrad, which has developed the BMW CE **, which boasts a number of advantages: modern design, extreme maneuverability, driving pleasure and ...

4.2 Self-service electric scooter rates

Self-service electric scooter rental operators offer a range of different rental packages, which allow you to reduce the price per minute when you buy lots of minutes. In particular, self-service electric scooter rental means you don't have to pay for insurance, as the rental companies include partnerships with insurance companies: for ...

4.3 Battery exchange stations

Finally, another formula is emerging to solve the problem of relatively long recharging times for electric scooters. Since ****, the operator Zeway has been offeringscooter rentals with removable rechargers, which can be exchanged at Zeway stations with already-charged electric batteries. This offer works as a monthly subscription, with prices varying according to ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Permit for electric scooters

The license required to drive an electric scooter depends on the power of the machine and its internal combustion equivalent: **cc or ***cc. A **cc equivalent can be driven from the age of ** with an AM license (***), which is a European license to drive a light moped or quadricycle.

A ***cc ...

5.2 Ecological bonus

The "bonus écologique" (***), which reduces the total cost.

To qualify, you must

-be a natural person of legal age and domiciled in France, or a legal entity with an establishment in France

-purchase the vehicle or lease it for two years or more.

For electric scooters, the amount of the ecological ...

6 Positioning the players

6.1 Player segmentation

As seen earlier in the study, we can distinguish * types of player: international leaders who produce electric scooters and will account for the majority of sales in France in ****, self-service electric scooter rental operators who are on the rise, and French electric scooter manufacturers who strive to display "made in France" ...

List of charts

  • Transportation's share of GHG emissions
  • Growth in the size of the electric scooter market
  • Revenue split between scooters and electric motorcycles
  • Comparison of the number of electric and internal combustion scooters sold
  • Scooter registrations from January to March 2022
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Latest news

The Bolloré Group in a time of industrial doldrums - 11/10/2023
  • 2022: sale of Bolloré Africa Logistics to shipowner MSC (for 5.7 billion euros)
  • May 2023 CMA-CGM announced it was taking over the group's logistics activities, for 4.65 billion euros
  • Bolloré Logistics represents a third of the Group's activities (7.1 billion euros)
  • This leaves communications and media (9.6 billion euros)
  • Bolloré Energy (3.6 billion euros), a specialist in oil and biofuel logistics and distribution in France, Germany and Switzerland.
  • Industry division (€369 million, EBITA) -€125 million,
  • the Industry division covers Blue's electric mobility activities (energy storage, LMP batteries and Bluebus), with four plants in Ergué-Gabéric and Canada, three ultra-thin shrink-film and dielectric-film capacitor plants in Brittany and the United States, and the systems division (Automatic Systems, Easier, IER, Bluecar, etc.)

Bolloré and Foxconn join forces to supply Indonesia with electric scooters - 04/10/2023
  • For the Bolloré Group, the future of solid-state batteries lies in two-wheeled vehicles.
  • Its subsidiary Blue Solutions has announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Foxconn, the world's largest electronics manufacturing group, to jointly develop an all-solid battery ecosystem.
  • Objective: development and production of batteries for two-wheeled vehicles (motorcycles, scooters, etc.)
  • Target markets: Indonesia, which has a production target of 2 million two-wheelers by 2024
  • According to McKinsey, the global two-wheeler market is expected to reach around $218 billion by 2029, with average annual growth of 8.7%.
  • Blue Solutions is the only company to produce cells, modules and all-solid-state battery packs in France and Canada.
  • The Bolloré group has already invested 3 billion euros in Blue Solutions, and has distributed over a million cells on the market.
Bolloré benefits from soaring freight and energy costs - 15/03/2023

Key figures

  • -Net income: 2.7 billion euros
  • -Sales: 20.7 billion euros -Ebitda: 1.5 billion
  • -Transport & Logistics sales: 7.11 billion euros -Ebitda 437 million euros
  • -Oil branch sales: +45%
  • -Battery sales in decline
  • -In 2021Capital gain on sale of Universal Music: 19.9 billion euros

-Sale of Bolloré Africa Logistics, its port and logistics activities on the African continent (sales: 2.6 billion euros)

Prior to this sale, Bolloré Logistics had 600 agencies in 111 countries and 13,500 employees.

Piaggio: 2 billion in revenue and growth in profits and sales - 02/03/2023
  • Net income 2022: 41% increase, 84.9 million euros versus 60.1 million euros in 2021
  • Revenues 2022: 25% increase, 2.09 billion euros versus 1.67 billion euros in 2021
  • Vehicles sold in 2022: 625,000, up 17% from 536,000 in 2021
  • Scooter market share in Europe: 22.9% in 2022 vs. 22.7% in 2021
  • Scooter market share in North America: 35.4% in 2022 versus 35% in 2021.
Piaggio: 2 billion euros in revenues and counting. - 02/03/2023
  • Net income in 2022: 84.9 million euros (41% increase over 2021)
  • Net income in 2021: 60.1 million euros
  • Revenues in 2022: 2.09 billion euros (25% increase over 2021)
  • Revenues in 2021: 1.67 billion euros
  • Vehicles sold in 2022: 625,000 (17% increase on 2021)
  • Vehicles sold in 2021: 536,000
  • Sales growth by region in 2022 : - Asia-Pacific: +57% - Americas: +43% - EMEA: +10% - India: -5.3
  • Scooter market share in 2022 : - Europe: 22.9% - North America: 35.4
  • Increase in scooter sales in 2022: +14% (thanks to Vespa, Piaggio Liberty, Piaggio 1, and Aprilia brands)
  • Motorcycle sales volumes in 2022: up 20%.
Bolloré closes its African port venture and sells its African activities to MSC - 02/01/2023
  • A turning point for Bolloré, which has built the largest transport and logistics network in Africa
  • Bolloré Africa Logistics' activities include over forty port concessions (Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Gabon, Togo...), sixteen container terminals, three rail lines (Benin, Cameroon, Niger...) and a vast network of warehouses in over forty countries.
  • It generates sales of just over 2 billion euros and employs 21,000 people.
  • MSC increasingly aims to manage the international transport of goods from A to Z, from factory to store
  • Headquartered in Geneva, MSC boasts a fleet of 560 ships and manages several major terminals, including Singapore, Long Beach in California and Rotterdam.

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