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The market for electric charging stations - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

A vehicle charging station is an infrastructure equipped with one or more charging points for recharging electric vehicles. It comprises the space needed to park a vehicle and other components, such as a charge management cabinet.

As sales of hybrid vehicles continue to rise in Europe, the provision of electric charging infrastructure is becoming an increasingly important issue for public authorities and automotive and energy companies. All the more so, given that competition with privately-owned charging stations is fierce: according to a 2021 report by EY-Parthenon, around 90% of electric charging stations were privately owned. Supplied with the purchase of a car, they enable the vehicle to be recharged at home or in a parking space.

Worldwide, the countries with the most charging stations are China, the United States and Norway. However, when we look at the density of the charging station network, we see that the Netherlands and Norway are ahead of the other countries. In Europe, the number of charging stations is rising steadily, thanks to strong public policy incentives and the prospect of electric car sales far outstripping those of conventional vehicles in the medium term.

The players' business models remain fragile, with profitability affected by increased competition. Players in the sector need to reach a significant critical mass to generate profits, as margins are still very low. While many players are now positioning themselves on this promising market, we can imagine that there will be a concentration phenomenon.

1.2 The global market

As electric charging stations are closely linked to electric cars, we need to look first at the market for electric and hybrid vehicles to estimate the market for charging stations.

The electric vehicle market has been extremely dynamic over the last ten years, and growth has accelerated particularly since the health ...

1.3 The French market

The European market for the construction of electric charging stations was estimated at *** million euros in ****, and should reach * billion euros by ****. [***]

EY gives the following breakdown of the European charging station installed base.

European network of public charging stations Europe, ****, in percent Source: ****

If we assume that the proportion of ...


2.1 Terminal demand and its determinants

Demand for private and public charging stations depends on several factors:

growth in the number of electric or plug-in hybrid cars: every purchase of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle leads to the installation of a private home charging point, thus stimulating the market for private charging stations and, less directly, ...

2.2 Growth in the number of electric cars in France

This strong demand for charging stations can be explained in part by strong growth in French demand for electric vehicles. Indeed, the number of electric car registrations in France has been growing steadily since ****, with an impressive acceleration to ***% growth from **** to ****, confirmed by strong growth in ****.

This demand is partly ...

2.3 French public pay stations

The national barometer of charging infrastructures open to the public published by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition provides an overview of the French installed base.

The following graph shows that charging stations are mainly located in parking lots, on roads or in shops.

Distribution of charging points by location France, ...

2.4 Service to be improved

Customer journey description

Customer satisfaction

Level of user satisfaction with various aspects of recharging France, ****-****, in Source: ****

Problems encountered when charging vehicles

Regarding the quality of service linked to the act of recharging itself (***). Compared to the previous edition, this indicator is down * points, with a decrease in the number ...


3.1 Intervenants sur le marché des bornes de recharge

Le premier type d’acteur intervenant dans la chaîne de valeur des bornes de recharge électriques est le fabricant. Le marché des bornes de recharge fait également intervenir d'autres types d'acteurs. Le tableau suivant donne un aperçu des différentes catégories d’entreprises et de leur activité sur ...

3.2 Government assistance plans

Advenir program

Created in ****, the Advenir program is steered by Avere-France and aims to install charging stations using the concept of energy certificates, and in particular to finance ***,*** new charging points by **** with a budget of *** million euros.

The scheme offers a range of incentives for the installation of charging points. ...

3.3 Un paysage entrepreneurial français dynamique

Le segment de l’exploitation des bornes a vu apparaître un nombre important de startups avec un grand nombre de levées de fonds pour effectués par des entreprises proposant une grande variété de services. Le tableau suivant en donne un aperçu.

Zoom sur les fabricants de ...


4.1 Typology of terminals available in France

The European Commission has designated the following two standards for plugs used to recharge electric and hybrid vehicles:

Type * for alternating current (***) charging at slow and accelerated charging stations Combo CCS (***) charging at fast and ultra-fast charging stations

The following graph shows the distribution of public charging stations by power category. ...

4.2 Price overview

First of all, charging an electric vehicle at an outdoor charging station can be done using the following access methods:

Access badge, which may be specific to a network of charging stations or managed by a third-party service (***) SMS or interactive voice server Bank card Application or QR code (***) Directly from ...


5.1 Current regulations on charging stations

The French Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity (***) includes the following provisions concerning charging stations:

The government has introduced a series of measures to promote the deployment of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. These measures focus on three main areas:

support for infrastructure installation, regulation, promotion of electric vehicles.

According to ...


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Reviews (1)

Reviews (1)

The market for electric charging stations - France

Publicado en 24/08/2022 by Sebastien Martineau - Antadis Group

Merci pour cette étude à laquelle j'ai pu accéder immédiatement. J'apprécie la fraicheur des sources toutes justifiées, même si on en attend toujours plus :) L'organisation du document est bien fait, bon mapping des informations, pas de bullshit. Il manque peut être un peu plus de profondeur sur certains volets, mais c'est directement lié à mes attentes spécifiques. Concernant la carte des acteurs, c'est peut être un peu imprécis et la présentation de chacun d'eux est peut être partiellement inutile car pas forcément en lien avec le thème.

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