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1.1 Definition and scope of study

The electric scooter is a conventional scooter with an electric motor which allows the user to move around effortlessly. It is part of what is commonly referred to as the PMDs, or Personal Mobility Devices, as well as electric bicycles, electric monowheels or hoverboards.

The electric scooter is a mobility solution that is fairly well adapted to the new challenges of the urban transit because it can be sustainable, intermodal, light, or even shared . Appearing in major American cities in 2017 in its free-floating form - then in France in the summer of 2018 - this mode of transport has rapidly become a real phenomenon, and is now establishing itself as  the essential vehicle for micro-mobility.

There are two types of electric scooter users:

  • Users with their own electric scooter, a minority that is growing;
  • Users of self-service scooter rental solutions: the practice has so far developed massively via this solution.

The special feature of the study is that self-service scooters may compete directly with retail scooters, but we will deal with both market segments at the same time by comparing them.

Unlike self-service bicycles, self-service electric scooters are not station-based (free-floating) and arranged more or less randomly on the street - normally in reserved parking areas. All the driver has to do is order a scooter via an application downloaded on his smartphone so he can use it.

On a global level, in 2019 there were about twenty operators offering their shared electric scooter services. The market is expected to reach a size of between 40 and 50 billion US$ in 2025. The competition between the players - the main ones being Lime, Bird or Bolt - is extremely strong. That is why concentration appears inevitable, considering how difficult becoming profitable is. This movement has already begun. In the scooters for sale market, we can mention the following Xiaomi and Segway-Ninebot which are global players and sell their products to both individuals and free-floating start-ups

In June 2019, France had 12 operators offering their scooter services on a free-floating basis, all of which are global players. The growth of this mode of transport raises questions concerning the framework of the practice: issues of security and occupation of public space in particular. In France, the use of electric scooters has been regulated by law in 2019 and the use of electric scooters was included in the highway code. In 2019, the city of Paris also launched a call for projects to regulate the number of operators and scooters authorised, limiting the Paris market to 3 operators starting 2020. Other cities followed that path.

Therefore, considering the breakthrough - both media and economic - of self-service scooters, what room is left for private scooters for sale? The latter are also benefiting from strong growth, as sales volume increased by 105% between 2018 and 2019. And the Covid-19 crisis could well benefit the sector as a whole.

1.2 The global market for electric scooters

The world market for self-service electric scooters:

According to BCG, the global market for self-service electric scooters is expected to range from ** and ** billion US$ in ****.

Breakdown of the market for self-service electric scooters by world region World, ****, in % of market value Source: ****

The graph below highlights the distribution between the ...

1.3 Strong growth in the French market for electric scooters

The Federation of Micro-Mobility Professionals (***) market - motorised or not. These modes of transport in urban or peri-urban areas - designed for short journeys - offer an alternative to internal combustion vehicles.

The FPMM, or FP*M, thus aspires to promote micro-mobility, and makes the electric scooter "the flagship product of ...

1.4 The French market for self-service electric scooters

In the year ****, Fluctuo-Mobilty Intelligence carried out a review of shared mobility in France and highlights the important role of electric scooters in this area.

The table below summarizes the place of the electric scooter in this shared mobility market/

With revenues estimated at €**.* million in ****, self-service electric scooters weigh *.* times ...

1.5 The Covid-19 crisis could benefit the electric scooter market

On the demand side

In the context of the health crisis, the use of individual modes of transport is favoured, which could encourage the use of electric scooters. The introduction of "coronapists" (***) has thus encouraged the practice:

**% think they should be maintained; **% think that they encourage the use of electric ...


2.1 Electric scooter compared to other modes of transport

The graph below shows that *% of the French are regular users (***).

**% of French people say they use electric scooters.

Do you ever use the electronic scooter and how often? France, ****, in % of respondents (***) Source: ****

In comparison:

*% said they use other motorized ETDs, including *% regularly. **% say they use bicycles (***), **% of ...

2.2 Profile and Habits of Self-Service Electric Scooter Users

The research firm *t carried out a survey in April **** in Marseille, Paris and Lyon among more than *,*** users to determine the profile of users and their habits regarding the use of electric scooters.

As profile data on electric scooter users is more readily available for users of free-floating solutions, it ...

2.3 Comparison of Electric Scooters Owners and Self-Service Users

A survey conducted between February and September **** by Smart Mobility Lab enables us to analyse the use of electric scooters and motorized PMDs in France.

The graphs below compare the usage of free-floating scooter users to motorized PMDs owners (***).

Preferred hours of use

You can see that

The schedules favoured by ...

2.4 French cities are particularly well suited to the boom in electric scooters

How do you explain the boom in electric scooters in French cities, particularly in Paris?

Major players such as Lime have withdrawn from certain regions of the world (***) during **** to focus on Europe, which according to the Start-up is the "best market" for micro-mobility where she performs the half of its ...

2.5 Own your own electric scooter or use free-floating solutions?

Advantages and disadvantages of free-floating scooter services

Owning your own scooter offers more or less the same advantages and disadvantages, except probably for the question of price.

So, financially, at what point is it more profitable to buy your own scooter rather than using self-service offers?

In order to compare prices ...


3.1 Segmentation and stakeholder dynamics

The self-service electric scooter market

The initial strategy of the operators was to grow very quickly in order to have a large user base and to raise funds in order to create barriers to entry for competitors. This is the strategy the players had until ****. In **** the time came to rationalise ...

3.2 Analysis and distribution of free-floating scooter offers in France

In ****, there were ** companies offering free-floating services in France, all present in Paris and some in * other French cities: Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux and Angers. Some attempts failed, such as Lime in Toulouse or Bordeaux, or Wind in Nantes. [***]

Since then, the bidding logic has totally changed the situation because the number ...

3.3 Analysis of the distribution of electric scooters for sale to individuals

Classic scooter retailers, mostly for classic scooters

Traditional large retailers of electric scooters are sport brands (***). Fnac and Darty are also positioned in this market.

Decathlon offers both its own scooters under its Oxelo brand (***), but can also offer other brands.

Of course, the e-commerce (***) is present.

Shops specializing in micro-mobility ...


4.1 The changing business model of self-service scooter rental services

A business model that was initially unprofitable and focused on increasing the user base

In ****, the BCG pointed to certain uncertainties regarding the business model of self-service scooter offers and in particular the uncertain profitability of start-ups in the sector.

Operators were then more focused on broadening their user base than ...

4.2 The range of scooters for sale to individuals

Evolution of the selling prices of electric scooters:

Based on data from the FP*M Barometer, there has been a downward trend in the selling price of electric scooters since ****, with a TCAM of -**%. The average selling price in **** was thus €*** (***).

Change in the average selling price of electric scooters ...

4.3 Analysis of the prices offered by free-floating rental services

In ****, the price of using self-service scooters will be almost identical depending on the operator: * € of unlocking and ** cents per minute.

Since then, the price model has become a little more diversified and has increased overall. According to CNEWS in ****, the operators present in Paris have the following pricing models:

In ...

4.4 Electric scooters, an ecological solution?

Often regarded as an environmentally friendly mode of transport because they rely on electrical energy, electric scooters are not actually that "green". Although they do not directly emit greenhouse gases, lithium-ion batteries are polluting to manufacture and use rare metals that are non-recyclable, exhaustible and whose extraction is polluting. Moreover, in ...


5.1 National regulations

In ****, personal transporters became part of the French Highway Code (***) sets out the different rules for the use of electric scooters. The results are relatively similar to those applied to cyclists:

General rules  - Motorized PMDs users should behave with caution, both for their own safety and that of others. - ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • Xiaomi
  • Ninebot
  • Lime
  • Bird Rides
  • Bolt
  • Tier Mobility
  • Hive
  • Voi
  • Dott
  • Decathlon
  • E-Road
  • Altermove (Mobivia Holding)

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