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The electric scooter market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

An electric scooter (or e-scooter) is a classic scooter equipped with an electric motor that allows the user to move effortlessly. It is part of what is commonly called NIEV, or New Individual Electric Vehicles, like the electric bike, the electric single wheel or the hoverboard.

The electric scooter is a mobility solution that is well suited to the new challenges of urban mobility because it can be sustainable, intermodal, light, or shared. There are two types of users of electric scooters:

  • users that have their own electric scooter: a growing number.
  • users of self-service scooter rental solutions: the practice has so far developed massively via this solution.

The study focuses on the first segment; but another study is available on self-service electric scooters (Businesscoot).

The sale of electric scooters worldwide is growing rapidly despite competition from free-floating scooter operators and is expected to continue to grow at a CAGR of 9.9% by 2030. The growth in the use of electric scooters is explained by the importance of environmental concern and the search for new, more sustainable means of transport.

In France, the market is also growing strongly (+42% of sales in volume between 2020 and 2021) and relies on a high level of competition between the various manufacturers and distributors. While the French market remains highly dependent on foreign raw materials, some players are trying to establish themselves and offer a "made in France" e-scooter, more ecological and more efficient. While the users are more and more numerous, the dangers of the use of this type of vehicles persist and must therefore be subjected to increasingly strict regulations.

1.2 The global market for electric scooters

The global market for electric scooters is growing rapidly. In ****, it reached approximately US$**.* billion. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of *.*% through **** [***].

Global Electric Scooter Market World, **** - ****, US$ billion Source: ****

The growth of this sector is driven by an important concern for the environment and the search ...

1.3 The French market for electric scooters is growing rapidly

The Federation of Micro-Mobility Professionals (***) market - motorized or not. These modes of travel in urban or peri-urban areas - designed for short trips - offer an alternative to thermal vehicles.

The FPMM aims at promoting micro-mobility and has made the electric scooter "the flagship product of soft and sustainable mobility". ...

1.4 The impact of the health crisis

On the demand side:

In a context of health crisis, the use of individual means of transport is favored, which stimulates the use of electric scooters. The implementation of "coronapistes" (***) has thus favored the practice:

**% think those bike paths should be maintained. **% think that they encourage the use of electric ...


2.1 E-scooters are becoming more and more popular

In ****, the FPMM estimated that *.* million French people were regular users of electric scooters [***]. Among these users, we can estimate the number of users who own a scooter. Indeed, in ****, ****** new units were sold. Knowing that the life span of an electric scooter is between * and * years, we can estimate the ...

2.2 A demand divided between personal and shared scooters

A survey conducted between February and September **** by Smart Mobility Lab analyzes the use of electric scooters and MPMD in France. If the number of users has increased, the practices remain globally the same.

Preferred hours of use:

We can see that :

the preferred hours of use for MPMD owners are ...

2.3 A predominantly urban demand

The importance of demand in the city

Electric scooters are subject to regulations that encourage their growth in the city. Indeed, they are prohibited outside built-up areas except on greenways and cycle paths. In built-up areas, e-scooters must be used on cycle paths and lanes (***). If these lanes do not exist, ...


3.1 Value chain and key players

A globalized value chain

Many players are involved in the value chain of electric scooters: producers of spare parts (***), manufacturers who are responsible for assembly and distributors. This creates a fragmented value chain, linking different geographical areas.

Source: ****

During the pandemic, manufacturers had difficulty obtaining the spare parts needed to manufacture ...

3.2 Battery production and import, a key element of the market

A global network

The most important part of an electric scooter is undoubtedly its battery, which represents nearly **% of the total price of the scooter [***]. For this type of vehicle, there are mainly * types of batteries:

Lithium-ion batteries. Lead batteries. Nickel batteries.

Today, the most successful batteries are the lithium ones, ...

3.3 The distribution of electric scooters

Preferred distribution channels

For the purchase of e-scooters, consumers mainly buy in hypermarkets and large specialized distributors.

Distribution of sales by distribution channel France, ****, as a % Source: ****

The major traditional distributors of electric scooters are sports retailers (***).

Finally, new players are entering the market: those of the second-hand and refurbished market. ...


4.1 The different types of electric scooters

The offer of electric scooters is very diversified because of the many specificities that can be found. The models vary according to their autonomy, their speed, their weight, the charging time, the maximum authorized speed, the type of engine and wheels, the type of targeted consumer... Here is a non-exhaustive table ...

4.2 The ranges of scooters for sale

The evolution of sales price:

Taking the data from the FPMM Barometer, there has been a downward trend in the selling price of electric scooters since ****, with a CAGR of -**% through ****. The average price decline is explained by the diversification and multiplication of offers on the market. Today it seems ...

4.3 Is it profitable to own your e-scooter?

In order to compare prices pertinently, we are only interested in :

Local users (***), i.e. **% of users. Regular users (***) who are more likely to buy their own scooter, i.e. **% of local users. That is **% of self-service scooter users who are a potential target for vendors of electronic scooters to individuals ...

4.4 Electric scooters, an ecological solution?

The transport sector, a major polluter

One of the challenges in the fight against global warming is undoubtedly the transition from a thermal society to a renewable and sustainable society. In this sense, transport is the first to be affected by the transition. Indeed, transport is the first responsible for air ...


5.1 Risks and accidents

EPDM owners are much more safety conscious than self-service users and are much more likely to have the appropriate safety equipment.

Safety equipment used France, ****, in percent Source: ****

Nevertheless, despite precautions, accidents are still very common. In ****, **% of owners of electric scooters and gyroroues said they had been involved in an ...

5.2 National regulation

In ****, the MPMD entered the Highway Code, with a framework of uses. The Road Safety website sets out the various rules relating to the use of electric scooters, relatively close to those applied to cyclists:

"General rules: - Users of motorized EDPs must behave carefully, both for their own safety ...


6.1 Segmentation

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Reviews (3)

Reviews (3)

The subscription box market - France

Publicado en 25/08/2022 by Karine Dano

Very interesting study on a market that has been evolving for 10 years.

Businesscoot Response:

Thank you Karine for your opinion!

The subscription box market - France

Publicado en 07/01/2022 by Claire Doin

This market, a sub-segment of e-commerce, is a real new adventure. The estimates of its size and its extremely strong growth prospects are surprising The interview with the founder of Grenadia is truly amazing

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Claire, Thank you very much for this very positive review! We are delighted to see that you appreciate our studies and we thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

The subscription box market - France

Publicado en 26/07/2021 by Elodie Perez Sanchez

A simple and understandable study that sheds light on an area where little information is available.

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Elodie, Thank you for your feedback on our study, we are delighted that it gave you a good overview of the market. :)

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