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The market for electric scooters - UK

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1.1 Definition and presentation *

An electric scooter is considered a gait throttle (not an actual means of transportation) and consists of a platform on which to rest one's feet, two wheels with suspension, a T-shaped handlebar with a throttle and possibly a hand brake.

This market can be segmented according to the type of scooter user, there are:

-Users who own a scooter;

-Users who use self-service rental solutions.

The global electric scooter market was valued at $19.6 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach a value of $29.9 billion by 2028.

The Department for Transport (DfT) is coordinating regulated trials that allow people in certain areas of England to rent an e-scooter. There are around 18,000 electric scooters available for short-term hire in the UK – 12 companies are operating in 51 towns and cities, all in England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland did not join the trial programme.The UK’s shared e-scooter market has nearly doubled in size since December 2020. 


1.2 Global Market

The global electric scooter market was valued at USD **.* billion in **** and is expected to reach a value of USD **.* billion by ****. The global market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (***) of *.*% during the forecast period.

Asia Pacific held the largest market share in ****, with a share ...

1.3 UK Market

The Department for Transport (***) is coordinating regulated trials that allow people in certain areas of England to rent an e-scooter. The first trial started in July **** and a total of ** trials across ** areas have been implemented. By the end of December ****, ** trials remained in operation across ** areas, delivered by a total ...

1.4 Covid Impact

Thanks to the report of the evaluation of e-scooter rental trials in England, commissioned by the Department for Transport (***), we analyzed how the pandemic changed the user perceptions of the e-scooter It includes data collected between July **** and the end of December ****

At Wave * of the user survey, more than ...


2.1 Knowledge and awareness of e-scooters in UK

In ****, the Department for Transport (***) commissioned Kantar’s Public Division to carry out a nationally representative survey of public attitudes and behaviours in relation to e-scooters.

There was a moderate level of knowledge of e-scooters: half of respondents (***) claimed to have some degree of knowledge. Within this, **% knew a lot or ...

2.2 E-scooter riders: who uses e-scooters and why

One in ten residents reported having rented an e-scooter in their local trial area. Of those who had not rented an e-scooter, nearly two thirds expressed a lack of motivation or interest (***)

E-scooters users were predominantly male and under the age of **. In the demographic survey, **% of users identifiedas male, compared to **% of the adult population of England. ...

2.3 Advantages and disadvantages of e-scooters

Seven in ten respondents (***) said there were no advantages and **% answered ‘don’t know’.

The most commonly mentioned advantage was reduced pollution/better for the environment (***). Thirteen per-cent thought e-scooters were fun to ride; **% mentioned they were easy/convenient for short journeys; **% thought that e-scooters were easy to use; and **% thought ...

2.4 Likelihood of buying or hiring an e-scooter

Overall only a minority of respondents (***). v Certain demographic groups were more likely to hire or buy an e-scooter in the future:

Men (***) Those living in urban areas (***) There was a pattern of decreasing likelihood to buy or rent by age (***) 

Likelihood of hiring an e-scooter UK, ****, in % Source: ****

Likelihood of ...

2.5 Key Figures

Key insights about the demand:

**.* million rental e-scooter trips were made up to the end of December **** since the start of the trials. October **** was the busiest month, with *.* million trips made (***). By December ****, an average of **,*** rental e-scooters were available per day acrossEngland, a figure which had levelled during autumn ****. The number of ...

2.6 Geographical distribution of demand

The largest trial by demand for the month of December **** was WECA, with over ***,*** trips made. Around ***,*** trips were made during October **** (***). This was almost three times the number of trips made in the second-placed trial, North Northamptonshire.

Local stakeholders in WECA suggested that this was because the scheme remained broadly ...


3.1 Main players in the market

There are around **,*** electric scooters available for short-term hire in the UK – ** companies are operating in ** towns and cities, all in England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland did not join the trial programme. Just two trials have closed so far. 

Voi is the second biggest operator in Europe, but dominates the ...

3.2 Geographical distribution of e-scooters

There are currently just over **,*** scooters for hire, in *** square miles across ** trial areas. This is just *.* per cent of the UK’s land area but now includes ** per cent of its residential adult population – over five million people – as the sharing trials are overwhelmingly focused on urban areas (***).

London is ...

3.3 Most wished e-scooters brands

It is also interesting to analyse the most desired e-scooter models although the market for private e-scooters is small since you can buy e-scooters but you cannot drive them in public places in UK. 

Below you will find the ranking of the most desired models on  Amazon at the **/**/****


4.1 Characteristics and prices of private e-scooters

Below is an analysis of the features and prices of private e-scooters

Xiaomi Pro * :  ***£

Key specs -  Range: ** miles; Top speed: **.*mph; E-scooter weight: **.*kg; Maximum rider weight: ***kg; Charge time: *hrs **mins; Motor power: ***W

Pure Air: ***£

Key specs – Range: **.* miles; Top speed: **.*mph; E-scooter weight: **kg; Maximum rider weight: ***kg; Charge ...

4.2 Prices of shared e-scooter


Transport for London (***), Richmond upon Thames, Southwark, Tower Hamlets and Westminster.

For Lime, it costs £* to start each e-scooter journey, with a **p/min fee thereafter. If you opt for an e-bike, there’s a £* start cost and the journey costs **p/min.

TIER : there’s a similar £* start fee, ...

4.3 Trends and possible future improvements

Operators reported that tailoring the scheme to the needs of local people had helped to attract users. In Newcastle, the operating zone was designed to include hospitals and universities, with free passes offered to key workers during the severe COVID-** restrictions of the winter of ****, when the trial started. The operator ...


5.1 Regulations

Whilst it is legal to buy and sell e-scooters, there are limitations on where they can be used. Retailers are obliged to ensure that consumers are given sufficient information when purchasing an e-scooter and are not misled. It is lawful to use e-scooters on private land with the landowner’s ...


6.1 Segmentation

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Reviews (3)

Reviews (3)

The subscription box market - France

Publicado en 25/08/2022 by Karine Dano

Very interesting study on a market that has been evolving for 10 years.

Businesscoot Response:

Thank you Karine for your opinion!

The subscription box market - France

Publicado en 07/01/2022 by Claire Doin

This market, a sub-segment of e-commerce, is a real new adventure. The estimates of its size and its extremely strong growth prospects are surprising The interview with the founder of Grenadia is truly amazing

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Claire, Thank you very much for this very positive review! We are delighted to see that you appreciate our studies and we thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

The subscription box market - France

Publicado en 26/07/2021 by Elodie Perez Sanchez

A simple and understandable study that sheds light on an area where little information is available.

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Elodie, Thank you for your feedback on our study, we are delighted that it gave you a good overview of the market. :)

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