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1.1 Definition and scope of study

A two-wheeler is defined as a vehicle with two wheels that can carry one or two people at a time. The driver can control the steering with the handlebars while sitting on a seat. In the rear, a passenger can also benefit from a seat. 

Regarding two-wheelers, it is important to distinguish between two categories

·      Cycles: non-motorized two-wheeled vehicles such as mountain bikes or those equipped with an auxiliary electric motor;

·      Motorcycles: motorized two-wheeled vehicles equipped with an internal combustion engine or an electric motor, such as motorcycles, mopeds, etc. 

Services for two-wheelers include maintenance and repair activities performed in auto repair shops by industry professionals. Maintenance can range from simple cleaning to a complete overhaul of the vehicle. Repairs are carried out in case of vehicle problems - particularly road accidents, which are common among motorcyclists. 

Globally, the market for scooter and motorcycle services is considered to be growing given the increasing demand for scooters and motorcycles. 

In Italy, the scooter and motorcycle services market can be said to be growing mainly due to the increase in total sales of two-wheelers, which reached 31,638 units in April 2021. Total sales growth was 10.4%. 

Given this increase in sales, as a result, buyer requests for maintenance and repair services have also increased.

The main trends in this market are definitely sustainability and customers' increasing search for safety. 

As far as sustainability is concerned, it is important to mention e-mobility, i.e. the search for solutions with less environmental impact such as electric mobility and therefore the introduction of electric motors. It is necessary for maintenance and repair personnel to adapt to this type of change and develop new skills to work with these new motors. 

When it comes to motorcycle safety systems, on the other hand, it is necessary that maintenance staff always puts the safety of motorcyclists first. For this reason, there are processes of change underway that have the ultimate goal of reducing road accidents and more.






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