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Cloud computing is, according to the definition given by INSEE, a term referring to the remote operation of the storage and/or computing power of computer servers . Cloud computing is characterized by its flexibility of use allowing both the most competent users to manage the server themselves, or to focus exclusively on the development and operation of applications based on this server. These services can be provided either by shared servers (public domain) either by servers strictly dedicated to a customer (private cloud)

The main cloud computing services can be categorized as follows:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service),

  • PaaS (Platform as a Service - Platform as a Service)

  • IaaaS (Infrastructure as a Service - Infrastructure as a Service).

The rise of cloud computing is part of a movement of concentration and gathering of computer services and data to facilitate and improve the functioning of a company or organization


The global cloud computing market is burgeoning largely dominated by the American market and is expected to remain so for years to come. The company data will continue to increase and the use of increasingly efficient storage systems will become necessary. The market is driven in particular by the dynamism of Paas and IaaS services

The the French market is growing less strongly than these European neighbours, but remains extremely dynamic. The SaaS offer dominates the French market, although growth in the PaaS and IaaS segments should quickly reach similar levels of usage and revenue generated

The request concerns mainly information and communication companies more than companies with scientific and technical core businesses. The penetration rate of cloud usage shows that adoption is on track, but the growth potential is still present.

One of the challenges for market players is to improve confidence in these services, still too shy. Especially since the market, already well developed at the global level, and its main players are trying to make their more attractive prices to gain new market share, demonstrating the relative maturity of the market



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