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1.1 Definition and presentation of the data center market

Data centres include a large network of interconnected servers and computer components used by organizations for storage and servicing of data. Data centres are located in large warehouse facilities in geographies where connectivity and technology infrastructure is advanced. Components of a data center include mainframes, servers, storage bays, network and telecommunications equipment, etc. In this study a distinction is made between two broader forms of data centres: 

  • traditional ("on-prem") data centres;
  • cloud service data centres.

Although the ultimate function and goal is the same, the two methods of storing data vary. In section 3.4 we elaborate on this difference. 

The global data center market is booming and is expected to show sustained growth in the coming years due to several reasons including higher digital and technological integration, exchange of information linked to the use of an increasingly powerful Internet network, the need to outsource data for security and cost reasons, and the rise of connected devices. The global market is dominated by North America and Asia.

In France, the market is also expanding, albeit at lower pace than some of its' European counterparts. In particular, 5G and edge computing are driving the expansion. Paris is the dominant location for data centres in France. 

The French market is saturated with a mix between local and foreign players.

1.2 A growing world market dominated by the United States and Asia

Several factors contribute to the market growth; first, there is a growing need of data centres as the world we are living in is becoming more and more digitalized, and technologies such as edge computing and *G are on the rise. Secondly, smaller firms still need to reduce IT expenditure which ...

1.3 The French market is expanding

There are no exact figures on the value size of the French data centre market. Thus, we resort to estimates to obtain a figure. 

To obtain the market scope, we calculate the French market share based on number of data centres. From Cloudscene we find that France has *** data centres and ...

1.4 Le rôle crucial des centre de données à l'époque de la pandémie mondiale et de l'essor du télétravail

Lors de l'année ****, lorsque le confinement a rendu obligatoire le télétravail, tout le secteur des communications a connu un véritable chamboulement de son organisation dû à une augmentation exceptionnelle du trafic Internet.

Crucial dans le maintien de stabilité du réseau, les centre de données ont obtenu ...


2.1 Data intensive sectors and services dominate demand

The figures below represent data for the cloud computing segment of data centres. However, since many times the need for companies to store or outsource the handling for data is the same, the only thing which differs is whether one chooses cloud computing or traditional hosts. Hence, it is possible to ...

2.2 Edge computing and 5G are driving demand for data centers

According to Les Echos, several key aspects will be key drivers for demand for data centres going forward:

*G The fifth-generation wireless network standard will accompany mobile Internet to the Internet of Things (***), home automation and smart cities. Moreover, effectiveness is expected to increase: throughput is expected to be improved ...

2.3 Private data centres prevail

How organisations meet their demand for edge computing capacity World, ****, in % Source: ****

The chart above depicts the different types of data centres which are in highest demand. We find that in **% of cases companies resort to their own data (***) centres. This could be explained by the fact that this rules out ...

2.4 SMB's drive demand

The graph below depicts a distribution of clients of data centres for the world and not in France in particular; however, since companies are motivated by the same apsects (***) we can extrapolate this data onto the French market as well. 

Distribution of companies using data centers to deploy applications World, ****, in ...


3.1 An increasingly concentrated sector

Today there are around *** data centres in France. The market represents a mix of foreign as well as local players. 

Globally, the industry is impacted by high M&A activity, and in particular American and Asian companies look to expand to Europe in this way. In particular, consoldiation through mergers and ...

3.2 France's investment in digitalisation will drive production

Going forward, there are certain points to look at when estimating in which direction the French data centre market is heading in terms of capacity, investment, and expansion. 

First, France is already an attractive target market; it is the third largest ICT market in Europe. Moreover, the labour force is skilled ...

3.3 France's data centres are located around Paris

In France data centres are predominantly located in Paris; in **** *** of the around *** centres (***) were located in the capital. This can be explained by the fact that Paris is a connected city with a developed technological infrastructure on which data centres can leverage. Distribution of data centres in France France, ****, in ...

3.4 Cloud computing & data storage - disruption?

It is necessary to make a distinction between traditional (***) data centres, and cloud services which also use data centres but in a different manner. For instance, on-prem data centres require large upfront investments in hardware. Cloud services on the other hand requires an organization to pay for the portion of hardware ...


4.1 Services offered by data centers

In this study we broke the defintion of a data centre down to two segments: host (***) service providers and cloud providers. The breakdown can occur further through the following components: [***]

Cloud; SaaS; PaaS; Hybrid Cloud; Data Centres.

Moreover, data center models differ by the type of services hosted and the elements ...

4.2 Prices vary depending on location

Prices in data centres vary greatly between €** per month for a basic dedicated server at OVH, up to thousands of euros per month. They differ from company to company, and from country to country.

Moreover, pricing depends on the technical characteristics of the offer delivered to the final customer, which ...

4.3 Factors deciding on location of data centres

Real Estate and Physical Considerations

Development pipeline the development of potential data center depends on several factors including sufficient utility power, accessibility to land, good financing possibilities, credible tenants, etc. In general, Singapore, London, Silicon Valley, Dublin and Northern Virginia are the best locations within this scope.  Environmental aspects data centres ...

4.4 Cost analysis

According to a report by the U.S. Chamber Technology Engagement Center (***) especially because of the computer equipment. In the typical data center considered in the report, the initial investment is around $*** million for a **,*** m² data center. Around **% of the investment pertains yo hardware. The construction phase of such a ...

4.5 The energy challenge

There is no denying in the fact that the digital sector is one of the largest consumers of electricity in the country. In **** the data centers consumed an average of * Twh per year in France, which is more than just the city of Lyon, for example [***]

According to a report by ...


5.1 French and European regulatory framework

Certain European and national legislation may influence the direction of the expansion of the data center market in France. There are three major regulations to be respected:

Data protection laws (***); Energy efficiency and emission limits (***); Data center compliance with third-party standards (***)

a) Law n°**-** of **** on data processing, data files ...


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