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1.1 Definition and scope of study

Public address refers to the service of equipping a venue with installations and equipment designed to capture, amplify and broadcast sound using electroacoustic systems. The fields of application of public address are varied. It is mainly used for live shows, concerts or theaters, or for background music and announcements (in public places such as train stations or supermarkets, for example).

Sound reinforcement involves a multitude of players, from the manufacture of sound equipment to its actual installation in the spaces concerned. System operation is the final phase of the process. In this study, we'll be concentrating on the provision of public address services, and thus on the installation of equipment. We'll also look at the hardware side of the equation, and in particular the different products used, as well as the players who produce this equipment.

Sound technology varies greatly from one requirement to another. There are several broad categories of need, depending on the venue. The main ones are the main ones we'll be talking about areevent sound (concerts, festivals, sporting events, etc.), point-of-sale sound, cafés, bars and restaurants, theaters and cinemas, stations and airports, and places of worship. We will not, however, mention public address systems for public institutions (schools, town halls, etc.), even though many of these are equipped with loudspeakers and other public address systems.

The global market is dynamic, with estimated sales of $7.3 billion in 2022. It is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 3.2% until 2032.

In France, growth is also on the cards. Both the equipment market and the market for related PA services are growing in size, thanks to strong demand for shows and festivals, as well as other applications such as in-store PA. The latter helps to create a real identity for the sales space, and is increasingly popular. although the Covid-19 crisis has had a direct impact on the main customer sectors for sound systems (events, theaters and cinemas, retail, etc.), a strong recovery began in 2021 and has been confirmed in 2022.

1.2 A global market returning to growth

Global market size:

The sound reinforcement market is expected to register a CAGR of *.*% over the ****-**** forecast period, rising from $*.* billion in **** to $*.* billion in ****[***].

Global PA market size based on *.*% CAGR World, ****-****, billions of dollars, (***) for forecast Source: ****

The industrialization of developing countries should encourage the use of ...

1.3 A dynamic national market

In the case of venue sound services, sales can be obtained from support activities for live entertainment(***). These activities includeall technical services for sound, lighting, scenery, etc., which represent a major segment of the sound services market and are directly linked to it.

sales trends in support activities for live entertainment France, ...


2.1 The events industry, the number one customer for PA systems

One of the main fields of application for PA systems is event management. Trade fairs, conventions, sporting events, music festivals and fashion shows are just some of the occasions when event and PA professionals are mobilized.

Festivals and concerts :

A SoFest study by France festivals estimates that there are *,*** live entertainment ...

2.2 Sound systems in sales outlets

Retailers also represent an important segment of the demand for sound systems. More and more of them are using music to personalize sales areas and enhance the customer experience.

According to LSA Conso, **% of retailers in France reported playing music in ****. a report by Sacem indicates that **% of French people could ...

2.3 Sound systems in catering establishments

Catering establishments are increasingly equipping themselves with equipment to create a sound ambience that will make customers want to stay, by making them more comfortable or entertaining them. To study the proliferation of these establishments, we will consider the following NAF codes relating to commercial or collective catering activity:

**.**A: ...

2.4 Sound systems for cinemas and theaters

Audio equipment is central to the business of cinemas and theaters. They are equipping themselves with ever more high-performance equipment to enhance the audience's immersive experience. Dolby Atmos sound systems, for example, are adding a vertical dimension to traditional surround sound.

Cinemas therefore represent a major demand for sound systems. Althoughthe ...

2.5 Sound systems for places of worship and transit areas, focusing on public address

Sound systems for places of worship differ from those for the other venues mentioned above, due to their specific architectural and functional features[***].A major market in the United States, it remains very secondary in Europe, where places of worship are fewer in number and, above all, less frequented.

According to ...

2.6 Demand hit hard by Covid-19

The sound industry was hit hard by Covid-**, as its customer sectors were those for whom the crisis was most severe. Indeed, during the entire containment period, theaters and cinemas were closed, and events cancelled. Local businesses also had to close their doors to limit the spread of the virus. Even ...


3.1 PA speaker market

Source: ****

The first step in creating a sound system for a venue is for the service provider to purchase equipment such as loudspeakers, either directly from manufacturers or from specialized wholesalers. The manufacturers of this equipment are therefore the first players in the value chain.

Next, the service provider installs the ...

3.2 Manufacturers of sound equipment

Sound equipment is an important component of the public address market:

The manufacture of public address equipment includes products such as loudspeakers, speakers, microphones, public information systems, etc. French companies producing this equipment are grouped under NAF code **.**Z (***), which includes audio recording and reproduction systems, sound amplification systems, amplification equipment ...

3.3 Public address service providers

Venue PA refers to the services provided by PA companies to end-users. These companies buy from producers or wholesalers and install the equipment on the customer's premises. It is more difficult to assess the activity of PA services, as they are segmented by activity. Some specialize in entertainment, others in public ...


4.1 The main sound-related products

The main products involved in sound reinforcement, especially for events, are generally the microphone, the mixer, the amplifier, the loudspeaker and the speaker (***). Together, they form the electroacoustic chain.

The microphone is a sensor that transforms acoustic energy (***). There are different types of microphone, such as the moving-coil electrodynamic microphone, the ...

4.2 Sound systems for every venue

Each venue is unique in terms of size, architecture and use. Sound systems must therefore be adapted to these characteristics. Below, you'll find a number of sound configurations to suit your venue. The prices quoted for each system represent the average cost of the equipment. For the cost of the entire ...

4.3 Sound equipment price comparison

Here is a price comparison of the different products needed for sound systems found on the Levenly website:

A variety of fixed and mobile equipment can be used to create a sound environment. Here are a few examples:

active and passive loudspeakers (***) ; mixing consoles (***); microphones (***); audio sources (***); conference systems (***); amplifiers (***).


5. Controlling and limiting public address systems

Controlling noise levels is an important issue for these establishments. Decree **-**** of December **, **** requires a study of the impact of noise pollution "in establishments or premises open to the public and regularly playing amplified music". of amplified music", which can lead to recommendations for work or the purchase of specific ...


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