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The value of the French masquerade costume market is estimated at around 150 million euros.

By 2020, the global masquerade costume market will be highly seasonal, heavily dependent on key events such as Halloween and carnivals.

In the USA, Halloween generates between $3 and $3.5 billion in costume spending.

The French market is characterized by a demand influenced by films and cultural events, reflected in the popularity of characters from franchises such as Star Wars and Disney, among both children and adults.

The product offering, comprising a wide range to suit different preferences and occasions, from adult costumes to themed accessories, with different price ranges online and in physical stores.

Key trends in the French masquerade costume market

The value of the French masquerade costume market is estimated at around 150 million euros.

In the French masquerade costume market, consumer preferences, seasonal peaks, holidays and cultural traditions fuel demand for both traditional costumes and original, innovative ones.

End-of-year festivities account for a significant share of market demand. The carnival season in February and March remains a key sales period, boosting sales of cultural and regional costumes.

The Halloween holiday, although not as strong as in countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom, contributes to a concentrated peak in activity.

The appeal of Halloween is closely linked to activity on social media.

The French market has also seen an increase in themed events such as stag parties and baby showers. These occasions diversify demand throughout the year, and tend towards a preference for high-quality, personalized accessories.

For adult costumes, there is a strong demand for pop culture characters from blockbuster movies such as Star Wars and Batman.

The children's segment is more dynamic, renewing its offerings in line with Disney and Marvel film releases, which underline the influence of fictional characters and superheroes on sales.

Online sales are flourishing and growing faster than the overall market. They are contributing to the rapid expansion of the market, with players such as Dé, which achieved sales of 10 million euros, and, which reached 20 million euros.

Two specialized chains, Zoe Confetti and Fête Sensation, are the most present on the market.

A considerable part of the market depends on imports, mainly from China.

Main players in the masquerade costume market

  • A pioneer in the European online disguise market, the brand is expanding rapidly across Europe, particularly in the UK, Germany and Southern Europe.
  • (Global Costume Connoisseur):, which began its adventure in Spain and rapidly expanded to become present in 32 countries.
  • Ruedelafê Since 2006, Ruedelafê has been selling party supplies online.
  • Jour de Fête (Powerhouse franchise): With the largest network of franchises in France, Jour de Fête occupies an important position in the physical distribution sector.
  • Zoe Confetti (Franchise Festivités): The second largest franchise network in France
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of study

The disguise market refers to all the clothing and accessories that can transform the appearance of an individual or make them look like someone else.

In France, the carnival period continues to account for a substantial part of the turnover of market players, while the halloween party represents a high but more concentrated peak of activity.

For adults, disguises have a certain stability and the influence of films (Star Wars, Batman...) remains very marked. On the children's level, it is the characters of the books (Harry Potter) but especially of the cartoons and superheroes that carry the sales. The children's outfits are thus renewed in line with the latest releases of Disney and Marvel feature films.

The disguise market is particularly benefiting from the increase in theme nights, bachelor parties and babyshowers that are gaining popularity . The demand for this type of event is less seasonal and is more oriented towards quality accessories, or even custom-made accessories to enhance the evening. Finally, the demand for this type of event is less seasonal, online sales are growing faster than the market and allow greater geographic coverage to the stores.

1.2 Two celebrations structure the world panorama

The popularity of festive accessories and fancy dress around the world is based on two types of emblematic events of global scale, which alone carry almost the entire market:

Halloween; Carnivals.

The interest rate for each of these events varies from country to country, but they are the main source of ...

1.3 The French market

The disguise market in France is difficult to estimate. Several websites published articles during ****, where the figure of *** million euros was reported. The latter seems consistent with other information we were able to find during the writing of this study. [***]

The main problem in the market is that imports and exports ...

2 Demand Analysis

2.1 Seasonal demand

The Google Trend site allows us to evaluate the periods of the year when a keyword is most searched for. The graph below was made from the keyword "disguise"

Evolution of interest in the word disguise France, ****-****, index *** (***) Source: ****

The results reflect the proportion of searches for a given keyword ...

2.2 Halloween in France

A very real and vital demand for the market

Halloween in France is not as popular as in our English neighbours, but it is still extremely important for the market. Whether it's for children ringing the doorbell for candy or for adults getting together for costume parties, Halloween costume is a ...

2.3 Carnivals: an institution in France

Carnival has been linked to French culture since the Middle Ages. From primary schools to town halls there are a large number of carnivals in France, all with their own particularities and traditions. Thus the carnival of Annecy takes up the Venetian codes, that of Dunkirk is distinguished by its herring ...

2.4 Film releases influence demand

Disguise is extremely influenced by the film and video game industry. If demand follows the expected big releases, as with Star Wars movies for example, it can also be caught short if a new movie is a big hit. Supply must therefore make a special effort to follow the desires of ...

2.5 Les déguisements les plus vendus sur Amazon

Une autre façon de jauger l'intérêt des Français est d'analyser les meilleures ventes sur Amazon. Amazon recense les déguisements complets comme les articles seuls

Déguisements pour adultes Lot de *** bracelets fluo Costume Mario Bros Eventail grenade en tissu Robe années **** avec accessoires Déguisement ...

3 Market structure

3.1 A classic value chain

The diagram below provides a more general view of the value chain that structures the disguise market. This diagram does not capture all the subtleties of the market but represents a faithful overall view. Indeed, the market is rather similar to the ready-to-wear market in its structure.

The actors of the ...

3.2 Specialist retail chains quickly saturated the market

Distribution over the territory

The coverage of the French territory in costume and party shops is homogeneous and very complete. Among these stores, there are chains of specialty stores that have established themselves throughout the territory with an aggressive expansion strategy (***). For example, since ****, close to ** stores of the franchisor Zoe ...

3.3 Specialised websites: key players in the distribution sector

The online distribution segment is doing well in the competitive environment and continues to strengthen its positions. Fast delivery (***), offered after a certain amount of purchase, loyalty club, satisfied or reimbursed, these sites are gaining in popularity by meeting the expectations of demand and are becoming a lasting part of the ...

3.4 Supermarkets: kings of distribution on Halloween

The LSA Conso survey mentioned in *.* also reveals the points of sale preferred by customers at the party

Details of preferred distribution channels for Halloween France, **** as a % of Source LSA conso Thus hypermarkets/supermarkets are the outlets favoured by consumers. Nevertheless, LSA conso confirms the rise of the online sales ...

4 Analysis of the offer

4.1 Price typology of specialized market players

Cette partie a pour but de délivrer un aperçu non exhaustif des différents prix disponibles sur le marché, et pour les acteurs spécialisés (***). Ainsi cette partie ne constitue en rien une vérité générale sur le marché, mais doit être prise comme une vision ...

4.2 Structure of the offer: products for all tastes and for the whole family

The offer of (***) is very structured. It is declined in several categories and each category contains sub-categories:

Disguises adults ;

Genre (***).

Disguises children ;

Genre (***).

Disguises couples ;

Genre (***).

Hats ;

Types (***)

Wigs ;

Gender (***)

Accessories ;

Gender (***).

Make-up ;

Types (***).

Masks ;

Types (***).

Decorations ;

Types (***)

5 Regulation

5.1 General regulations

The regulations for the disguise market are those that apply more generally to the marketing of ready-to-wear clothing. Thus all products available for sale must first comply with the labelling (***).

Labelling standards :

According to the ministry of Economic Development the textile and clothing sector is governed by European Regulation No ****/****, which ...

5.2 Accessory regulations

Accessories must comply with certain regulations, especially when it comes to targeting a children's audience

The standard NF EN **-* : **** A* : **** The "Necklace and Jewelry Test", sets the results to be achieved by a necklace or jewelry for a child to a resistance test;

For example, the thread must withstand a ...

6 Positioning of the players

6.1 Segmentation

  • Jour de fête (TBMD)
  • Zoe Confetti
  • Deguisetoi (Jadeo France)
  • Festi
  • Cesar
  • Rubie’s Costume company
  • Ledé
  • Bel Emballages Loisirs (leroidelafê
  • Tuttifiesta
  • Fête Sensation

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Dépenses totales prévues pour Halloween en déguisements
  • Dépenses totales en produit d'Halloween
  • Évolution de la balance commerciale d'articles de fêtes et de carnaval
  • Principaux pays d'importation d'article de fête et de carnaval
  • Évolution de l'intérêt pour le mot déguisement
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Latest news

Sale of Rubie's Costume Company approved by bankruptcy court. - 25/09/2020
  • Proposed sale of Rubie's Costume Company for $133 million
  • Number of jobs saved: around 400
  • Workforce reduction due to COVID-19: over 200 employees
  • Loss of sales during the covid period: 50%
  • Nations covered: 15 countries
  • Annual sales: over $100 million.
  • Percentage of international trade: 40%
  • Share of Halloween sales in the USA: approx. 85%
Sale of Rubie's Costume Company approved by the Insolvency Court. - 25/09/2020
  • The proposed sale of Rubie's Costume Company is approved for $133 million.
  • The sale is intended to pay off around $96 million in debt to creditors and safeguard around 400 jobs.
  • Rubie's has moved most of its manufacturing to other states such as South Carolina, Arizona and other countries in Asia and Central America.
  • Rubie's bought the huge 470,000 sq. ft. warehouse of BuySeasons, a rival suit distributor, for $18.5 million.
  • Rubie's laid off over 200 employees and lost at least 50% of its sales revenue in recent months due to covid-19.
  • Rubie's has operations in 15 countries, covering North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
  • Rubie's sales are well over $100 million a year.
  • Around 40% of Rubie's business is generated outside the United States.
  • Halloween accounts for almost 85% of Rubie's sales in the United States and almost two-thirds of its worldwide business.

Companies quoted in this study

This study contains a complete overview of the companies in the market, with the latest figures and news for each company. :

Jour de fête (TBMD)
Zoe Confetti
Deguisetoi (Jadeo France)
Rubie’s Costume company
Bel Emballages Loisirs (leroidelafê
Fête Sensation

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