the Accounting Software Market

Update 03/10/2019


1.1 Presentation and definition of the accounting software market

The accounting system is an integral part of any organization whether a company, government or non-profit organization, as soon as the latter's activity involves financial and cash flows. If the SME choose specific software to carry out a specific mission (human resources, sales, accounting, finance, etc.) large companies are equipped with eRP software (Entreprise Ressource Planning) which make it possible to manage all operational tasks, including accounting.

The global market for accounting software is in strong increase largely dominated by the United States

The French market is composed of major national and international publishers competed by the growth of the fintech and of the legaltech . New entrants offer, in addition to management software, solutions for cloud computing . They also take advantage of the new practices and expectations of SMEs and start-ups to develop new solutions that are increasingly adapted and avant-garde. However, the market remains relatively concentrated This is evidenced by the many acquisitions in recent years

Market growth is driven by the innovation . For example, there is a growing potential for increasing automation of reporting and accounting processes These software programs also allow easy access and updating of accounting information as well as hosting of the same processed data. This is referred to as" software as a service "(Saas), or software transferred to services .

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