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1.1 Market definition and scope

Accounting is an integral part of any organization (whether a business, a government or a not-for-profit organization) as soon as its activity involves cash flows. Increasingly, organizations (public, private, businesses, associations, etc.) and accounting professionals are using accounting software to capture and track financial activity.

Recent innovations in the field of accounting management softwares have led to the increasing automation of reporting and accounting processes. For example, they avoid the need to consolidate manual data entries, while at the same time significantly reducing costs and human error. They also allow easy access to and updating of accounting information as well as hosting of the same processed data. This is known as "software as a service (Saas)", i.e., software that has been turned into services.

These new forms of software also allow the entry of new players in the form of specialized start-ups that will profoundly change the structure of the market.

1.2 The fast-growing global market

In ****, the global market for accounting software was worth $*.** billion, up nearly *% from ****. Forecasts predict very strong growth over the coming years, with a CAGR of *.*% over the period ****-****, to reach a market of $**.** billion by ****. This strong growth will be driven mainly by the digital transformation undertaken by many ...

1.3 The national market for accounting software driven by the growth of French software publishers

In ****, the software publishing market in France, which the accounting software market is a part of, amounted to *.* billion euros, up *.*% compared to ****, and almost ***% since ****. [***]

Software publishing turnover France, ****-****, in billions of euros and % Source: ****

By analogy with the structure of the global software publishing market, in which accounting ...


2.1 The main areas of demand

The data provided by INSEE allows for a comparison of the penetration rate of accounting software among companies using Cloud Computing.

The sectors with the highest demand for accounting software in **** were accommodation/restaurants and transportation (***). The average is **%, up * points between **** and ****, which means that **% of companies using cloud computing ...

2.2 Advances in business digitization and cloud computing are driving the market for accounting software

In general, the underlying trend is towards increased corporate spending on IT, which inevitably favours the expansion of the software sector, and thus accounting software.

Between **** and ****, the French IT software and services market grew by *%, strongly driven by the growth of the cloud computing market, which grew by **% over the ...

2.3 Average spending on accounting software by company size

Business spending on accounting software depends largely on the size of the business, as the size influences the type of business needs. Indeed, the larger the company is, the more it may, for example, need a system covering all aspects of its accounting, potentially with customised elements; conversely, a very small ...


3.1 Software publishing

We consider here the data provided by INSEE under the NAF **.**C code "Edition of application software", which includes the edition of software for professional or domestic use such as office automation applications, project management, etc. This scope is broader than that of accounting software. [***]

We can see that the software ...

3.2 The main software publishers

The software publisher sector is largely dominated by Dassault Systèmes with revenue of around €* billion, followed by Sopra Steria and Murex at €*** million and €*** million respectively. Dassault Systèmes thus accounts for nearly **% of the revenue of the ** largest software publishers in France. [***]

  Software publishing turnover France, ****, in millions ...


4.1 The different offers on the accounting software market

An accounting software is a program for monitoring the accounts of an organization or a company and recording the financial and accounting transactions carried out (***). [***]

The main applications of an accounting software are the following:

Maintain general accounting. Manage financial and accounting flows Manage fixed assets Editing accounting or financial ...

4.2 A very wide price range to reflect the diversity of supply

The price of an accounting software package varies enormously from one company to another based on a large number of criteria, such as

Type of tool required: simple accounting software or ERP software for global management The scope of the tool: general accounting only, cash management, asset management, etc The client ...

4.3 Supply trends

New entrants

More and more start-ups specialising in sub-segments of accounting are appearing on the market.

For example, Spendesk, which specializes in business expense management, completed a $** million fundraising campaign in September ****. The company offers solutions that make it easier for companies to manage their employees' professional expenses (***), allowing them to ...


5.1 The obligation of accounting software

In order to combat VAT fraud, the use of certified accounting software was to become compulsory from the *st of January **** according to the **** Finance Act. This was to enable the tax authorities to access company data in a reliable, secure manner, but also to be able to store and archive ...

5.2 Accounting standards

Accounting standards are recording standards that define the accounting management of a company in a standardized way. They can be set at several levels: either at the French level, to encourage exchanges between various companies in France, or at the international level. Accounting software must thus offer the possibility of keeping ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • SAP
  • Sage
  • Intuit
  • Sopra Steria
  • EBP
  • Divalto

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