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The website development market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of study

The web development market encompasses services for creating and enhancing websites. This includes a wide range of professions, from web development proper to graphic identity design, user experience enhancement in general, or database security.

In France, there are two main types of service provider active in the web development market:

  • Web hosts, who offer a variety of options ranging from shared or mutualized hosting (inexpensive) to "turnkey" hosting, enabling a company to retain control over the content of its website;
  • Web agencies, either part of a communications group or independent. They cater to customers in all sectors, offering a variety of services tailored to the size and needs of each company. They focus primarily on their expertise in digital communications and marketing.

Despite the poor figures for the media sector, the growth in the number of websites continues to accelerate. We'll be focusing here on the development of website creation by businesses, which is mainly driven by the success of e-commerce and the development of the Internet on cell phones. The size of the French website development market has in fact been growing steadily since 2012, for a total increase in sales of +175% from 2012 to 2022.

The market does, however, face threats, such as the democratization (or even trivialization) of technological expertise linked to website creation, which is increasingly being observed. Faced with these developments, service providers need to develop their expertise in marketing strategy and digital communications. They must also adapt their content to the advent of the mobile as a web browsing tool.


1.2 A dynamic global market

The number of Internet users continues to grow

The success of the web development market depends directly on the ever-increasing number of Internet users worldwide: in ****, there will be around *.** billion Internet users, or **.*% of the world's population connected to the Web, compared with *.* billion in **** (***). Even more striking: in April ...

1.3 Strong growth in the French market

Website development is partly registered in the Insee nomenclature under NAF code: ****Z - Computer programming. This code includes the design of structure and content, and the writing of computer programs required for the creation and implementation of :

system and network software software applications databases web pages software adaptation, i.e. ...

1.4 The Covid-19 effect

The Covid-** epidemic has had a positive effect on the web development market. Indeed, one of the main reasons is the tenfold increase in the need for companies to develop their digital presence during the confinements. As a result, many websites have been created or enhanced to compensate for the physical ...


2.1 Internet presence has become a must for companies

Online presence considered essential

According to a study conducted by the Association française pour le nommage Internet en coopération (***) in ****-****, companies have understood the necessity of their online presence: the results of the study show that **% of companies surveyed consider their online presence indispensable and **% consider it useful ...

2.2 Equipment rates vary widely by sector

The percentage of companies equipped with a website varies widely by sector: the best-equipped sector includes companies in manufacturing, energy, water, waste management and depollution (***).

Companies equipped with a website, by sector France, ****, number of companies Source: ****

Transport and warehousing Information and communication; repair of computers and communication equipment Retail trade Administrative ...

2.3 Most demand for external service providers

Potential customers of web development companies have several options open to them: they can either use an external web development solution, or an in-house solution.

External web development solution

Calling on a company or freelance web development professional is commonplace. According to Insee figures, in **** over ***,*** companies would have used an ...


3.1 Developer profile

The profile of developers

Web developers are the most in-demand professions on job boards: between Q* and Q* ****, an increase of +**% in additional job offers was recorded. [***]

When it comes to the profile of developers in France, these include a large majority of men: **% of developers are men, and only **% are ...

3.2 A highly fragmented market

It's very difficult to establish the exact number of players in the web development sector, such as the number of web agencies or web service providers in France. This is because there is a multitude of APE (***).

Urssaf provides data on the number of establishments and the number of employees in ...

3.3 Competitive market overview

The aim of this part of the study is to provide a structured listing of the main players in website development. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the main players on the market:

NewQuest: Website: ; Profile : International multi-expertise player; Location: Present in France (***), the USA, Australia and ...


4.1 Comparison of the 4 families of Web development solutions

Overview of web development solutions

Focus on these turnkey web development solutions

Open-source CMS deployment

This solution is aimed at web users with basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and FTP, who want to spend as little as possible on site creation, and are willing to invest their time. It involves using ...

4.2 Examples of Web solutions

Example of the web solution offered by Pages Jaunes

Known for its printed directories, the Pages Jaunes brand seems to have put its paper business on the wane, and is now refocusing on digital services. In this difficult economic climate, the group, renamed "Solocal", can pride itself on having become France's ...

4.3 Website development costs

Due to the fragmentation of the web development market, the absence of industry-level figures and the extreme diversity of web development projects, there are no figures for payroll, services or infrastructure costs. While it's generally accepted (***) that a domain name for a classic site costs an average of around ten euros ...

4.4 New products competing with the web

The rise of e-commerce

The growth of the web development market also lies in the new services offered by websites. First and foremost, the e-commerce market is taking off. After gaining ground in the United States, e-commerce has seen very strong growth in France in recent years. The e-commerce market generated ...


5.1 NAF codes

The sector's players are registered in the Insee nomenclature under several different NAF codes, the main ones being as follows.

**.**Z - Computer programming [***]

This subclass includes:

Designing the structure and content and writing the computer programs needed to create and implement: systems and network software, software applications, databases, web ...

5.2 Current regulations and compliance with the RGPD

Current regulations

When developing and creating a website, there are several legal obligations:

Legal notices, i.e. the information that must appear on the site, such as the identity of the legal representative, if the company is a commercial site, the important information about it (***). Cookie prevention: as privacy protection is ...


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Reviews (5)

Reviews (5)

The website development market - France

Publicado en 21/10/2022 by Arnaud de Dinechin

L'étude est bien. Par contre, les données sont parfois anciennes car certaines informations/sources remontent entre 2017 et 2019.

The website development market - France

Publicado en 06/09/2022 by Omer Akko

Les ressources citées pour alimenter différentes idées proviennent parfois de sources qui ne citent malheureusement pas la source initiale de recherche. Cela nous emmène à nous retrouver avec des données injustifiées ou partiellement justifiées. En résumé, certaines kpi et assertions ne semble pas détenir la réponse à " Quel est le source de votre recherche " ?

Businesscoot Response:

Merci Omer pour votre retour ! Nous sommes ravis que l'étude vous ait été utile. En ce qui concerne le problème de source initiale, nous allons faire des vérifications et revenir vers vous d'ici peu.

The website development market - France

Publicado en 06/08/2022 by Fred Zieg

Very good study that helped me a lot in the elaboration of my business plan. I don't put 5 stars because nothing is ever perfect and even if it's not necessarily the author's fault, some of the data that were used are starting to be a bit dated. It remains an excellent basis for work that I recommend. Thank you

The website development market - France

Publicado en 30/12/2021 by Malick Ly - LYS Enterprise Solutions

Very precise and well documented market study, especially on the analysis of the supply and demand of this very rich market, very well informed tables, I highly recommend it to those who want to go fast and far. This study brought me a lot, that's why I don't hesitate to give it a five star rating. Malick LY CEO of LYs Enterprise SolutionS

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Malick, Thank you for your feedback and we are delighted that this study has given you a good overview of the market.

The website development market - France

Publicado en 20/02/2021 by Claude Alvarez - Avem group

Good approach to the market. Allows to have an up to date vision.

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Claude, Thank you for your feedback which helps us to improve the quality of our studies. We hope you will give us a 5/5 for the next one ;)

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