the home computer assistance market

Update 07/11/2019


1.1 Presentation and definition of the home IT support market

The home IT assistance market concerns both individuals and companies. It is divided between:

  • Services for professionals (companies, liberal professions, self-employed workers, self-employed entrepreneurs).
  • Services for private individuals which have grown significantly with the ever-increasing use of computers and the Internet

For services to private individuals there are 3 main types of services

  • Accompaniment at start-up (which concerns more than 50% of cases);
  • Assistance in case of operational problems;
  • Training in computer skills.

For services to companies these are above all network maintenance and to repairs .

Assistance companies also offer training for companies . At the same time, new forms of assistance are increasingly being developed, such as the iT and cybersecurity consulting ("IT") .

In France, the iT development segment weighed p more than €2 billion in 2017 , on the rise by about 7% compared to 2016

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