The hearing aid market

Update 12/11/2019


1.1 The hearing aid market

A hearing aid is a medical device for people with a hearing impairment and allowing to amplify certain sounds according to the needs encountered

Historically, the first modern hearing aids appeared at the beginning of the 20th century with Sonotone's invention of the first earpiece in 1929. Hearing aids then became portable and increasingly discreet, particularly with the use since the late 1990s of smaller and more efficient microprocessors .

The hearing aid market can be divided into three product categories, namely:

  • The in-ear prostheses ;
  • The contour" prostheses that fit around the user's ear;
  • The remote headphones A thinner BTE where the microphone is placed in the ear canal to reduce the size of the outer housing.

The global market for hearing aids is experiencing a sustained growth , the number of devices sold is increasing . The market for the manufacture of these prostheses is also the same oncentrated around a few international players


The the French market has been growing steadily for several years partly driven by v ageing population and the increasingly efficient technologies which make it possible to convince more and more consumers, even if the price can still represent a barrier to purchase . Moreover, the issue of price on the market is key. As proof of this, the RAC Zero ("remains at zero charge") desired by the government.

The market is organized around many specialized points of sale sometimes independent, throughout the national territory, competing with the diversification of the activity of optical players and by some pharmacies



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