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The French market for senior residences meets the needs of an aging population, with a particular focus on independent people aged 75 to 84, and has seen growing demand due to demographic changes. By 2021, there were 972 residences offering 75,675 units. Major players such as Domitys, Korian and Seniorales dominate the market, with Domitys holding a 31% share of the rapidly expanding second-generation senior residences market. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a contrasting impact on the sector, initially causing a drop in market activity in 2020, but also underlining the need for senior residences and leading to increased demand in 2021.

With 27.1% of the French population aged over 60 in 2022, and projections suggesting that this figure will rise to 28.1% by 2025, the market offers potential for growth and innovation, such as smaller, more personalized communal living units and an increase in digital service offerings. Despite competition from alternatives such as EHPAD and home services, senior residences retain their appeal by offering a range of services and activities, with costs varying according to location and standard of living. Challenges to price transparency and the need for greater differentiation of service offerings have been noted, but the market continues to attract both individual residents and private investors.

Analysis of the French senior housing market: Trends and key figures

The market for senior residences in France is growing in line with the country's ageing population, with a particular focus on people aged mainly between 75 and 84, who are looking for independent living in non-medical environments. This solution lies somewhere between the traditional retirement home and home care, offering comfort and security thanks to furnished residences designed to prevent falls and accidents, and providing a wide range of services, from administrative assistance to canteen facilities. The target elderly population generally enjoys a fairly comfortable retirement, with an average pension close to 2,000 euros per month.

The French market for senior residences is estimated at around 278.7 million euros in 2021, based on the sales of major players such as Domytis, Korian and others, demonstrating the considerable impact of French senior residences on the European market. The sector's rapid growth is being driven by the second generation of senior residences, which offer individualized services to residents and have grown by around 12% in recent years. Unlike their first-generation counterparts, modern senior residences are also competing with emerging alternatives such as senior co-housing and in-home services, although the threat they pose is not yet significant.

From a demographic point of view, a growing number of seniors in France, representing almost three quarters of people aged 65 to 74, remain independent. With an average age of 83 for loss of autonomy, and only 20% of people over 85 in a situation of dependence, the standard of living of senior citizens is comparable to that of working people aged 30 to 49. Despite the large gap between the onset of life's difficulties and death, seniors who opt for residential living generally aim for simpler management of daily life, seeking accommodation that encourages their independence and social involvement.

Geographically, the Île-de-France and Rhône-Alpes regions concentrate the majority of the elderly population, although this proportion is not necessarily high in relation to the overall population. Interestingly, regions such as Nouvelle Aquitaine, where the elderly account for over a third of the population, are becoming attractive locations for senior housing companies.

The structure of the senior housing market is expanding, with the number of residences doubling over the past decade. Most companies now offer rental options for the elderly, often backed by investors who enjoy lucrative returns and benefits such as tax incentives. Rental properties come with basic services included in the rent, with optional à la carte services available for an additional fee. The price of these residences and additional services varies considerably, depending on location and size.

The main players in the French senior residences market

The French market for senior residences, which caters for a population characterized by increasing longevity and a desire for independent living, features several notable players known for their different approaches and services within the sector.

  • Domitys - The market leader with a global approach Domitys is the market leader in senior residences. It is renowned for its diversified, personalized service offerings that meet the needs of the aging population. Its residences are designed to ensure comfort and security, and appeal to seniors who wish to live independently while benefiting from assistance.

  • Korian - A strong presence with a growing influence Korian occupies an important place in the market with its senior residences. By offering environments that promote the well-being and socialization of seniors, Korian residences have continued to attract families looking for reliable accommodation solutions for their aging loved ones.

  • Les Senioriales - A subsidiary with holiday roots Les Senioriales, a subsidiary of the Pierre et Vacances group since 2007, brings a unique vacation flavour to the senior residences market. The emphasis is on creating comfortable living spaces with a mix of services and leisure activities, reminiscent of a vacation retreat.

  • Les Girandières and Les Jardins d'Arcadie - Specialists with a personal touch Les Girandières and Les Jardins d'Arcadie bring a personal touch to the market, focusing on creating communities where seniors can enjoy a rich social life and a range of activities. Both players are firmly committed to improving the quality of life of their residents.

  • Les Villages d'Or and Les Hespérides - Meeting the needs of a diverse senior population Les Villages d'Or and Les Hespérides offer housing options that meet the diverse needs and preferences of seniors. From the promise of a vibrant community to the availability of personalized services, these players recognize and meet diverse expectations.

  • Emera and Cogedim Club - Diversified portfolios focused on seniors Emera and Cogedim Club are exemplary companies that have diversified their portfolios to include the operation of senior residences, as well as other services such as medical facilities and retirement homes. This diversified approach enables them to draw on expertise acquired in different areas of care and accommodation.

  • Domus and Orpea - thriving on innovation Domus and Orpea are renowned for their innovative approach to housing the elderly. Their forward-looking strategies and the integration of modern equipment into their residences represent a progressive step towards meeting the needs of the elderly.
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and study area

The senior residences market encompasses all homes designed to accommodate independent individuals (mainly aged 75 to 84) who wish to live in a non-medicalized residence.

This solution, halfway between a retirement home and home care, continues to be popular with the French, while the aging of the population is mechanically increasing demand.

Furnished in such a way as to prevent falls or accidents, senior residences also offer a wide range of activities and services (administrative, cleaning, canteens, etc.) billed to retirees who enjoy a fairly comfortable retirement, with an average pension of close to 2,000 euros per month.

In a fast-growing sector, senior residences are nonetheless facing competition from other similar offerings: EPHAD, home services, and new practices such as senior sharing. [Le Figaro]

To stand out from the crowd, residences are offering more personalized services to tenants, and are building ever more modern homes adapted to the needs of this age group.

It's also important to remember that senior residences are not social or medical-social establishments, and are not designed to accommodate dependent people.

1.2 A domestic market that is undermining the European market

It is possible to estimate market size using data from the biggest players in the senior residences market. France urbaine informs us that there are *** residences in France, offering **,*** units in ****. Some major players have more residences than others. The biggest players in this market are, in order, Domytis, Korian, Seniorales, ...

1.3 Interview with an expert on the French senior housing market

This interview was conducted by a Businesscoot analyst with an industry expert (***)

Les Pénates was created in March **** and plans to build structures dedicated to seniors in March ****.

The company takes its inspiration from the Nordic countries, where the concept of coliving is highly developed, a model that goes against ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Profile of senior citizens in France

There are more and more senior citizens in France, i.e. people over the age of **. This is primarily due to a gradual increase in life expectancy, from **.* years at birth in ****, to **.* years in **** .

At the same time, healthy life expectancy at birth has followed the same trend, gaining *.* years ...

2.2 Where do seniors live?

In absolute numbers, people over ** are most likely to live in the Île-de-France and Rhône-Alpes regions. These two regions alone account for *.** million people over **. [***]

Breakdown of seniors (***) by region, France, ****

Paradoxically, an analysis relative to the region's total population reveals that Île-de-France is the youngest region in France, with ...

2.3 Profile of seniors living in senior residences

When it comes down to it, seniors who choose to live in senior residences are pretty much the same as other seniors. The aim, however, is to make life easier for themselves, with fully adapted accommodation and residences offering care services and activities.

Source: ****

Senior residences meet the expectations of seniors ...

2.4 Aging of the French population

In ****, France will have a population of around **.* million, according to INSEE analyses. One of the main characteristics of the French population is that it has been aging steadily for several years now. On January *, ****, the proportion of people aged over ** represented **.*% of the total population, compared with **.*% in **** and **.*% in ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Market organization and dynamics

There are currently *** senior residences, of which around *** are managed by the players listed in the chart below. The two biggest players are Domitys and Korian, both of whom currently manage *** senior residences.

Number of senior residences by major players France, **** Source: ****

It should be noted that most of these players ...

3.2 The changing business model for senior residences

The number of residences has risen steadily over the past decade, increasing *-fold in * years, from *** in **** to *** in ****, testifying to the sector's strong momentum.

number of senior residences in France France, **** - **** Source: ****

Most companies in the market offer senior citizens the opportunity to rent their homes. At the same ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Seniors' residences offer a full range of à la carte services and activities

Senior residences differ from senior villages or buildings in that they offer a number of services and activities, in addition to the rental or purchase of housing adapted for seniors.

It is these additional services that generate extra income for the management companies, over and above the fees deducted from the ...

4.2 Prices vary widely from one residence to another

On the whole, prices vary widely between different senior residences, depending on the standard of the units, their size and the location of the residence. Prices can range from a few hundred euros for the least expensive units to several thousand euros per month for the most affluent residents.

Source: ****

While ...

4.3 Relatively little direct competition

Senior residences face competition from a number of players, but their positioning is generally different.

While EHPADs are aimed at dependent seniors, and home help services are aimed at seniors who do not wish to leave their own homes, other offers are similar to those of senior residences.

For example, senior ...

4.4 A reminder of what senior residences are and are not

What senior citizen residences are

In the past, seniors' residences were managed by a syndic who offered limited services to residents, who generally owned their own homes.this was the model for "first-generation residences". Next come "second-generation residences", where residents are usually tenants. In addition, services are provided by independent contractors, ...

5 Regulations

5.1 New features introduced by the ASV laws

It was expected by professionals in the senior assisted living market that the **** ASV law would make a distinction between first- and second-generation senior assisted living. [***]

Two articles have been amended:

Article ** requires a distinction to be made between service providers and co-ownership syndicates. It also creates a distinction between non-individualizable ...

5.2 The shortcomings of some senior residences

Inspections carried out in senior residences have revealed management shortcomings in some of them, including insufficient information on prices. [***]

In fact, in **% of inspections, price information was found to be inadequate (***).

It has also been noted that the purchase of individualized services is not necessarily formalized in a document separate from ...

6 Positioning the players

6.1 Player segmentation

  • Domitys Aegide
  • Les Senioriales
  • Les Villages d’Or
  • Les jardins d’Arcadie
  • DomusVi
  • Colivio
  • 1001 résidences seniors (Holding PR transition)
  • Cap résidence senior
  • Steva
  • Ovélia (Vinci Groupe)
  • Les Girandières Réside Etudes
  • Les Résidentiels
  • Espaces et Vie
  • Cogedim Club (Alrarea Cogedim)
  • Les Essentielles (GDP Vendôme)

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Life expectancy and healthy life expectancy at birth
  • Age-related self-management difficulties
  • Median standard of living by age group
  • Ranking of the 10 regions with the highest proportion of senior citizens
  • Change in the proportion of French people aged over 60
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1001 résidences seniors (Holding PR transition)
Cap résidence senior
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Les Girandières Réside Etudes
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