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1.1 Definition and scope of study

An advertising agency, or communications consultancy (a broader term encompassing a wider field of action and gradually replacing the previous one), is a company responsible for advising its client ...named announcer, on its commercial communication strategy . This mission can include a wide range of activities, from the creation of an advertising campaign to the implementation of a non-media marketing plan

The activity of advertising agencies is included in INSEE classifications under code 73.11Z, including "the provision of a range of services, directly or by subcontracting, including consultancy, advertising creation, production of communication material" . This NAF code will therefore mainly be considered; on the other hand, the code 73.12Z "régies médias" is not included in the study (except for a few mentions).

Upset by the irruption of digital and new technologies the communication and advertising sector is undergoing a major transformation, as are its main players, who are rethinking their organization to face competition from new digital entrants and meet the emerging needs of their customers The border between the different types of agencies is thus becoming increasingly porous : advertising, communication, marketing, digital, data consulting..


1.2 The booming global advertising market

Global advertising spending was more than $*** billion in **** s estimates of Zenith Forecasts in the **% since the global downturn in **** caused by the crisis, which has had a strong impact on business confidence and available capital. The global advertising market has thus believed in a CAGR of *% over the period **** ...

1.3 The recovery of the French market

According to figures published by the INSEE the turnover associated with activity code **.**Z "Activity of advertising agencies" amounted to **.** billion euros in ****, down -*.*% from **** after a strong increase of **% between **** and ****

Source: ****

To assess the market potential of advertising and communication agencies in France, data can also be observed ...


2.1 Who are the main French advertisers?

The French advertising market was largely driven by the top *** advertisers under advertising pressure: indeed, investments by these top *** advertisers increased by *% vs. **** while the average market growth was *.*%. These *** best advertisers were therefore four times more dynamic in terms of advertising than all the advertisers combined. [***]

Distribution and the automobile ...

2.2 Demand is shifting to digital

In ****, the main communication channel remained non-media, with more than **% of the total communication expenses of advertisers . The five historical media (***) accounted for **.*% of communication demand, and digital media accounted for **% of advertisers' spending. [***]

Source: ****

Among media advertising expenditure (***), **.*% is invested in digital media, **.*% in TV and **% in press Cinema accounts ...

2.3 Advertisers' digital expectations

As seen above, digital media is the type of media that recorded the highest growth in advertiser spending (***).

Among the various digital marketing solutions, the Content Marketing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence/machine learning are recognized as the most effective . Conversely, Paid search or display campaigns are the least popular among ...

2.4 Demand is increasingly demanding and autonomous

The arrival of digital at the heart of advertisers' concerns and strategies has resulted in demand becoming both more demanding and more autonomous

Indeed, today, advertising agencies can no longer rely on the promise of notoriety or advertising success (***) to seduce major advertisers, who increasingly want to put data and profitability ...


3.1 The contraction of the sector in terms of number of establishments and workforce

In ****, France had *,*** branches listed under the **.**Z business code "Advertising agency activity", employing a total of **,*** people. The average size of an advertising agency in France in **** was of approximately ** employees . [***]

Nevertheless, in ****, the sector had **** branches and more than ** *** employees, and it lost **% of its branches and **% of its ...

3.2 Geographic location of the activity in France

Ile-De-France accounts for the bulk of advertising agency activity, with **.*% of registered establishments at the national level, and **.*% of the workforce This means that the agencies present in the Paris region are also larger in terms of staff numbers than the national average

The Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region is the second region ...

3.3 The different types of advertising and communication agencies

The major integrated players

French groups such as Publicis and Havas, or international groups such as the English WPP or the American Omnicom Group are actors who could be described as "complete".. This means that they integrate a diversity of brands and agencies, enabling them to meet all customer needs.

The ...


4.1 Prices for advertising agency services under pressure

Under pressure from multiple new market entrants The prices of advertising agency services have been falling since ****. Thus, in base *** at * er quarter of ****, the price index hovered around ** in ****, i.e. a drop of around *% . [***]

Source: ****

Another factor putting pressure on the rates charged by advertising agencies : the practice of ...

4.2 The transformation of supply under the influence of digital technology

The growing importance of digital and new types of media in companies' communication and advertising strategies has had several consequences on the supply side of the advertising agency market.


Finally, a new type of competition from consulting firms which are increasingly encroaching on the flowerbeds of communication and advertising agencies. ...

4.3 Lions Canes

Faced with the acceleration of digital and the transformation of the advertising business mentioned above, the Cannes Lions Festival remains a major event for the global industry as it continues to promote creativity

In the **** edition, the French agencies won ** awards. The most awarded and recognized French agencies were McCann (***), TBWA, ...


5.1 Protection of advertising

Advertising is protected by copyright, trademark law and unfair competition law  

The Book I of the Intellectual Property Code concerns copyright

By the mere fact of creation, the intellectual property on a work The author of a work of the mind enjoys, by the mere fact of its creation, an exclusive ...

5.2 Regulation of advertising

Protection of the French language - Toubon Act

The Toubon Law, or law n°**-*** relating to the use of the French language, is intended to protect the use of the French language in advertising communication The use of French is thus mandatory on the offer, presentation and designation of goods, ...

5.3 Self-discipline in the advertising industry

 Several actors are involved in self-regulation in the advertising and communication sector.

The International Chamber of Commerce

Since ****, the International Chamber of Commerce has published and regularly revises a Code of Conduct on advertising and communication practices. [***]

This code establishes the following principles

Basic Principles All communications and advertising must be ...


6. Segmentation

  • Publicis Groupe
  • Havas Groupe (Groupe Vivendi)
  • WPP
  • Omnicom
  • Kwanko

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The advertising agency market - France

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