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The freeze-dried food market - France

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1.1 Presentation

Freeze-drying is a process used for preserving a substance and in particular food and pharmaceutical products, consisting of rapid freezing and almost complete dehydration of the product concerned, which is then kept under vacuum at ambient temperature and regains its original qualities and properties by the simple addition of water.

It is a food preservation technology that reduces the moisture load of the product while maintaining the original structure and maximum nutrients. Freeze-dried foods are the best dehydrated foods available due to their superior texture compared to other drying technologies and their nutritional quality retained after rehydration.

The markets, both global and French, have been dynamic and growing in recent years. The dynamics of demand and its sustainability over time can be explained by the continued presence of certain groups of individuals on the market, such as outdoor sportsmen and women (trekking, hiking...), the space sector or the emergence of survivalists, who make up a large group of individuals in search of food autonomy.

1.2 The global market

The world market for freeze-dried foods was estimated at more than ** billion euros in **** by Market Research. It is a promising and growing market, which is expected to grow at a rate of about *% annually until ****. [***] The chart below illustrates this current and future growth in the freeze-dried food market.

Evolution ...

1.3 The French market

In order to obtain an estimate of the size of the national market for freeze-dried foods, we used the following figures [***]:

value of the world market in ****, i.e. $** billion; europe's **% share of the world market; the value of European GDP in ****, i.e. USD **,*** billion ; the value of French GDP ...


2.1 Determinants of demand

The main factor impacting the freeze-dried food market is the superior quality of the food compared to other drying technologies. The final product has an excellent life span (***) with no added preservatives. In addition, the products retain their original form after rehydration while becoming convenient for transportation.

In Europe, its use ...

2.2 Demand is driven up by people requiring food autonomy

Freeze-dried food is used by all those who need food autonomy (***).

Hiking is one of the * favourite sports of the French (***) as shown in the two graphs below [***].

  Number of people practising the top * outdoor activities France, ****, in millions of individuals Source: ****

  Breakdown of outdoor activities France, ****, in % Source: Ministère ...

2.3 Survivors and freeze-dried foods

Survivors are individuals whose philosophy of life is to protect themselves against all potential risks, including natural disasters, that could affect the satisfaction of their primary needs, including food. Their main objective is thus to free themselves from dependence on the outside world and to ensure complete autonomy. As far as ...

2.4 Freeze-dried products are also in high demand in the space environment

During their missions in space, which are often long, astronauts need to eat. However, the very particular conditions of this environment does not allow them to eat the same way we do on Earth, since some food can contaminate the air, for example. The conditions for storing food are also very ...


3.1 Competitive market structure

Worldwide, in the freeze-dried food market, there are a few very big players and a larger amount of small players. Indeed, the main producers of these products represent **% of the market and are as follows:

Heating Freeze Dried ; OFD Foods; Dohler; Nestlé; Unilever.

Some players are giants in the food industry ...

3.2 Product distribution

There are different marketing channels for freeze-dried foods:

Mass distribution; Outdoor sports stores; The online sale in own ; Online sale via a reseller.

Depending on the type of producer, the preferred distribution channels are not the same:

The giants of the agri-food industry such as Nestlé or Unilever use their traditional ...


4.1 Product segmentation

The freeze-dried food market is segmented according to the type of product that includes :

freeze-dried fruit; vegetables; the drinks; the meat; seafood; dairy products ; ready meals.

Freeze-dried fruit is the most important segment by type, representing nearly **% of the global market freeze-dried food . Most of the processing of freeze-dried foods is ...

4.2 Production process of freeze-dried foods

The basic principle of freeze-drying is the removal of water from a product, whether solid or liquid, through the use of solidification or freezing of water, which is then evaporated under vacuum. Indeed, water in solid state heated at low pressure allows it to sublimate. The product is then freeze-dried, but ...

4.3 Substitutes and limitations for lyophilized products

The major constraint for this market is the high energy requirement of such processes, which increases product costs. The availability of other drying techniques, such as spray drying, has an impact on the market because their costs are relatively lower than those of freeze-drying.

Indeed, taking the example of dehydration, the ...

4.4 Prices for the different categories of freeze-dried foods

The table below summarizes the prices in France of different freeze-dried foods according to their type. These prices are drwan from a comparison between the products of different producers and resellers of such products. There is a certain homogeneity and the prices are logically higher than those of non-lyophilized products.

Source: ...


5.1 Title of current regulatory subpart

The objective of Regulation (***) No ***/**** on the hygiene of foodstuffs is to establish general hygiene rules applicable to all foods, by all food businesses and at all stages of the human food chain.

Decree No. ****-**** of ** September ****, implementing Article L. ***-* of the Consumer Code with regard to the hygiene ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • Unilever
  • Nestlé
  • Dohler
  • OFD Foods (Monde)
  • Chaucer Freeze Dried (Groupe Nagatanien Japon)
  • European Freeze-Dry (Europe)
  • Créaline (France)
  • Aptonia (Decathlon)
  • Simpert Reiter (Travellunch)
  • Adventure Food
  • Lyophilise & Co, Saveurs & Logistique (France)
  • Trek’n eat, Katadyn Group (filiale France)
  • Falières Nutrition (France)

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