The Gluten Free Food Market

Update 09/12/2019


1.1 Market definition

Gluten is a substance derived from the processing of certain cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oats), present in almost 70% of food products. It can be harmful for people diagnosed with intolerance or allergy. Some of the best-selling gluten-free products are: Beer; Biscuits for aperitifs; Pasta; Bread; Confectionery; Salty; Ready meals.

The global market for gluten-free foods is expanding rapidly, as is the French market. Driven by a diversification of gluten-free products from the supply side, the market also benefits from consumer sympathy, as gluten-free products are often associated with a healthier diet. The progressive interest in health and food balance is partly responsible for the boom in consumption even by those who are not celiac.

The "gluten-free" craze has convinced the major food groups to position themselves in this segment, alongside the small players: pioneers in the segment or specialists in "organic" food. In addition, catering also leads sales, with more than half of all restaurants in Italy offering gluten-free solutions.



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