the bakery and pastry market

Update 15/11/2019


1.1 Presentation and market definition

Pastry is a characteristic feature of all sweetened dough-based culinary preparations as defined in Larousse These are cakes, pies, or more specific pastries such as lightning, cabbage and yarrow for example

The market of the pastry shop refers to all of the sales generated by pastry makers:

  • industrial actors manufacturing products mainly distributed in mass consumption and
  • handmade who prepare products distributed mainly in bakery and pastry shops

In this study, we will focus more on pastry making industrial

The distinctions are nevertheless porous since, as we will see in the study:

  • Bakeries and pastry shops can be part of chains, and therefore distribute industrially prepared products
  • Some supermarkets include a pastry department that prepares products in a traditional way

It also seems interesting to us to note that, for the most part, industrial pastry products are different from artisanal pastry products since they are mainly shelf stable while artisanal pastries are mostly fresh, with very short storage times (millefeuille, lightning, cabbage...).

Of course there are many counter-examples, but it seems important to us to distinguish these two poles within the pastry industry, because the manufacturing, distribution and consumption methods are very different .

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