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The bakery and pastry market - France

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1.1 Definition and Introduction

A Bakery/Pastry shop is a local shop offering a wide range of products such as bread, pastries and cakes, and often the product offering is complemented by sandwiches as well as cold and hot drinks.

Bakeries and bakery products play a central role in French gastronomic traditions, and the French remain attached to their legacy. Despite changes in consumption patterns, which have led to a decline in bread consumption over the years, the French declare that consumtion levels remain high relatively.

Despite this traditional anchoring, bakery and pastry shops also know how to reinvent themselves and expand their offer to meet new expectations of consumers as far as their diet or lifestyle is concerned. This adjustment is also essential if bakeries want to maintain their sales in light of fierce competition from other distribution channels.

There are many different types of players in the bakery and pastry market, divided in particular between industrial and artisanal production. The focus of this study will be on the artisanal bakery and pastry making.

1.2 The global market is growing

In order to give a global market overview, this section considers sales of all bakery products. Therefore, this part (***) which makes the market size in this section larger than that considered for France only. 

Global sales of bakery items and pastries World, ****-****, billion $ and % Agroalimentaire Canada

In ****, global sales of ...

1.3 Domestic market

Sales revenue of organic bakery products France, ****-****, million euros Agence Bio

The turnover of the bakery-pastry industry in France was **.* billion euros in ****, which represented ** billion baguettes sold per year. The sector experienced very strong growth in **** and especially ****, with bakery activity being driven by bakery catering (***) and an expansion ...

1.4 L'impact de la crise du Covid-19

Comme le montre le graphique ci-dessous, l'impact de la crise du Covid-** sur le marché des boulangeries et pâtisseries a été particulièrement significatif lors des périodes de confinement imposées par le gouvernment. Tout d'abord, l'indice de chiffre d'affaires a connu une première chute de **% entre Janvier ...


2.1 The French are major consumers of bakery products

Bakery products are integral to the daily life of the French, and as such are consumed by the majority of the population. For example, **% of French people say they eat bread, **% eat croissants and **% eat pain au chocolat. [***]

Consumption of bakery products France, ****, % IFOP

The large majority of French people are ...

2.2 The bakery at the heart of French daily life

The baker remains the most visited shopkeeper in France when measured on a monthly basis. The French pay visits almost three times a week (***), compared with only *.* monthly visits to hypermarkets and supermarkets, *.* monthly visits to the fruit and vegetable shop, and *.* monthly visits to the butcher. [***]

Monthly visits of different ...

2.3 Purchasing behaviour in the bakery industry

Selection criteria

France's history and experience with bread has led the main purchasing criterion to be quality: **% of the French consider it to be essential. After this, we find that the most important factors are:

the proximity of the point of sale for **% of those surveyed and local production, for **% of ...

2.4 New consumer expectations: diversity and organic products

A wide variety of breads

**% of French people claim to regularly consume * to ** different types of bread, and **% of them even claim to consume more than ** types of bread. [***] Indeed, breads originating from other countries all around the world are gradually paving their way into the french market. Thus, wraps, ...

2.5 The threat of new consumption patterns: the dietary factor

A large proportion of bakery products are perceived as unhealthy and dense in fat, which causes a considerable brake on demand.

For example, **% of French people are convinced that bread is a cause of weight gain, and this percentage rises to **% for **-** year olds. This is an important factor at ...

2.6 Focus sur les pâtisseries

D'après les données de Nielsen, l'année **** a enregistré un chiffre d'affaires annuel de ***,* millions d'euros pour la pâtisserie traditionnelle. Parallèlement, la pâtisserie industrielle a contribué à hauteur de *** millions d'euros sur la même période. 

Répartition du chiffre d'affaires généré par les ...


3.1 Fewer bakeries but more employees

The number of bakeries and pastry shops (***) has been declining since the beginning of ****. In fact, France only had **,*** bakeries and pastry shops in ****, compared to **,*** in ****. However, the number of employees has continued to increase, reflecting the attractiveness of this profession, with many apprentices in particular. Indeed, there were ***,*** employees ...

3.2 Competition from supermarkets and bread shops

While artisanal bakeries remain the main distribution channel for bread and other bakery products, they are not alone and face increasing competition from other distribution channels. Artisanal bakeries accounted for **% of the volumes sold in ****, compared with **% for bread shops, **% for hypermarkets and *% for supermarkets. [***]

Main distribution channels of bakery products France, ...

3.3 Exploitation type d'une boulangerie

L'observatoire FIDUCIAL **** des boulangeries pâtisseries repose sur des données recueillies en **** avant la crise sanitaire. Le dirigeant d'une boulangerie est en moyenne âgé de ** ans, et plus des */* des exploitations reposent sur un couple. De plus, environ ** % des exploitations sont situées en milieu urbain, avec une ouverture hebdomadaire ...

3.4 Un zoom sur Marie Blachère, le Pétrin Ribeïrou, les boulangeries dans la région Grand Est et dans la Région PACA

Zoom sur Marie Blachère

Marie Blanchère est une franchise qui a débuté en ****. En ****, la franchise comptait *** adresses, deux ans plus tard, elle atteignait les ***. Elle devrait, en cette fin d'année ****, atteindre les *** adresses. Ainsi, en moyenne, entre **** et ****, la franchise a ouvert ** nouvelles adresses par an. ...

3.5 Des niveaux de rentabilité qui dépendent de certains facteurs de réussite

Grâce aux données fournies par l'Insee, nous pouvons étudier la rentabilité moyenne du secteur. La boulangerie-pâtisserie est relativement peu rentable, affichant un taux de résultat d'exploitation autour de *%. 

Source: ****

Par ailleurs, les performances financières des boulangeries-pâtisserie varient en fonction de nombreux facteurs propres à chaque point ...


4.1 The different types of products

Bakeries and pastry shops offer a very wide range of products, which can be broken down into several activities including: bread, bakery products (***). Bakery represents the major part of the offer, with **% of the market value in ****, while pastries and cakes represent **% and **% respectively. [***]

Distribution of different types of products offered ...

4.2 Rising prices for bread and other bakery products

The production price of bakery items (***) has been rising steadily for almost ** years. In fact, with an index base of *** in ****, the producer price index for bakery items reached more than *** in August ****, which implies a *% increase in prices. [***]

Production price index of bread and other bakery products France, ****-**** Source: ...

4.3 Broadening the offer

The bakery catering

The consumption of bakery products is becoming more and more frequent at lunchtime, and in response to this, bakeries are now offering an increasingly broad range of sandwiches, as well as catering formulas. Many of them are also creating on-site catering areas to complement take-away sales. [***]

Bakeries can ...

4.4 Panorama inflationniste : prévisions pour le marché des boulangeries dans les années à venir et impact direct pour les artisans

L'inflation semble s'installer de manière durable

L'inflation ayant continué de surprendre à la hausse en raison de la progression inattendue des coûts énergétiques et la hausse des prix s'étant également généralisée, la BCE a rehaussé ses anticipations d'inflation. L'inflation annuelle devrait atteindre *,* % en ****, *,* % en **** et ...

4.5 L'offre en pâtisserie haut de gamme et de luxe

Il existe * types de pâtisserie en France. Les pâtisseries pures n’ont pas de volumes de vente stables et c’est d’ailleurs pour cette raison qu’elles diversifient de plus en plus leurs offres. Les pâtisseries-chocolateries qui proposent des confiseries et des chocolats artisanaux font généralement ...


5.1 Trade regulations

Each category of bread displayed must be accompanied by a label (***), attached to the base of the rack where the bread is displayed. This label must contain the following information :

Exact denomination of the category of bread; Weight in grams for breads sold by the piece; Selling price (***); The selling price ...

5.2 The "bakery" designation

The use of the terms "bakery" or "baker" have been subject to regulation since the end of the ****s, by the law n°**-*** of ** May **** determining the legal conditions for exercising the profession of artisan bakers. [***]

Thus, the use of the designations "bakery" and "baker" is exclusively reserved for professionals ...


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Reviews (5)

Reviews (5)

The bakery and pastry market - France

Publicado en 06/06/2023 by David Dadi

The bakery and pastry market - France

Publicado en 22/09/2022 by Stéphanie - Vilmorin & Cie

L'étude aborde de bonnes tendances et la liste d'acteurs/entreprises est bien fournie. Des profils gagneraient cependant à être plus fournis et plus précis (sur les activités, l'historique, les rachats...). Il manque un peu de rigueur sur la forme car des fautes d'orthographes subsistent et des profils de compagnies se retrouvent en double ou triple. Plus globalement, les sources et la structure du rapport sont intéressantes. Bonne journée et merci pour l'étude.

Businesscoot Response:

Merci Stéphanie pour votre retour, qui nous est précieux! À présent, nos analystes vont mettre à jour l'étude en tenant compte de vos retours, et nous vous enverrons gratuitement la nouvelle version.

The bakery and pastry market - France

Publicado en 10/04/2022 by Olivier Biquet - OB Expert

Very Serious study with a broad spectrum of coverage of the various market issues.

The bakery and pastry market - France

Publicado en 07/04/2022 by Dominique Bille - Chambre de Commerce et Industrie Marseiile

A very good study presenting the key data and the main trends of this booming sector!

The bakery and pastry market - France

Publicado en 14/04/2022 by Pierre Smith - Boulangerie Louise

Very complete and relevant study with a very interesting analysis of new consumer expectations.

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