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The cookie market - France

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1.1 Presentation and definition of the market

Cookies sare dry cakes generally produced from flour, eggs, sugar, and sometimes fat. While cookies can be sweet or savory, this study focuses on the sweet cookie market, with savory cookies are the subject of another Businesscoot study.

It is different from the confectionery, pastries and pastries market, but like the latter, it offers a real diversity of products. Cookies are also different from cakes, which are soft.

Sweet cookies (with eggs, butter, etc.) are generally consumed at breakfast time or as a snack, at snack time or as a mid-morning snack.

The globalcookie marketwas worth US$106.8 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.4% through 2027. This growth is mainly driven by growth in emerging countries and by innovation, which is a major driver of the sector,

The French cookie market has been in continuous decline in volume for several years. In 2019, for example, sales volume fell by 1.1%. However, the decline in value is limited due to a move upmarket in products, which is manifested in higher prices. In 2019, the market even grew in value for the first time in 3 years, with a 1.3% increase in sales. The premiumization of the market is manifested in innovative, more expensive products that focus on improving the health and environmental effects of products. The organic, gluten-free, made-in-France and dietary segments are developing rapidly.

1.2 A global market that renews itself

In ****, the global cookie market was estimated at US$***.* billion. It is expected to grow at a CAGR (***) of *.*% to reach $***.* billion by ****.

Global Biscuit Market Size World, ****-****, US$ billion Source: ****

The cookie segments of the world's largest companies have been impacted, particularly due to the burgeoning debates regarding the ...

1.3 The French market: fragile growth

The French cookie and cake market was estimated at €*.*** billion in **** and includes several segments: cookies and cookies, soft cakes (***), breakfast cookies and gingerbread and nonettes. However, it excludes pastries, viennoiseries and confectionery.

The cookies segment, which refers to dry products in the cookies and cakes market, amounted to *.** billion euros ...

1.4 International Trade

Sweet cookies are recorded under the following Eurostat codes:

********: Sweet cookies; waffles and wafers wholly or partly coated or covered with chocolate or other preparations containing cocoa ********: Sweet cookies (***)


In ****, France imported *.** billion euros worth of sweet cookies, a stable trend in recent years. Imports of cookies France, ****-****, ...

1.5 The impact of Covid on the market

The arrival of Covid-** in the daily life of the French has also impacted their way of consuming. Indeed, as far as the cookie market is concerned, consumers expect more ethical products, organic, produced in a clean way, but without sacrificing the taste.

For this reason, the market players (***) have had ...


2.1 Consumer profile and consumption habits

Cookies are products consumed by most of the French, since in ****, the penetration rate was **%.[***]

In addition, in ****, the French consumed an average of *.** kilograms of cookies per year per capita for an annual budget of € ***.*.[***]

In addition, the French consume cookies mainly for snacks and breakfast. However, children's consumption differs ...

2.2 Demand trends

Faced with the "sugar bashing" main growth relay of the cookie market is to bet on healthy products, better for health and the environment, such as organic, gluten-free, vegan or locally manufactured.

In ****, sales of organic cookies have thus increased by **%.[***]

In ****, **% of French people consumed organic cookies, compared to **% in ...

2.3 Differences by age and consumption of children

Frequency of consumption of sweetened snacks by age France, ****, in % Source: ****

The graph above highlights two types of profiles of heavy cookie consumers:

Children, who mainly consume at snack time, nearly * times a week. People over **, who consume cookies all day long (***).

Children in particular are privileged targets of the cookie ...

2.4 French people's favorite cookie brands

The graph below shows the favorite cookie brands of the French. The percentages represent the positive answers to the question "Do you like this brand?" for each brand of cookies.

The Saint-Michel brand is the most appreciated by the French who are a little less than **% to say they like ...


3.1 The production of cookies

France has *** cookie and cake factories and the production of cookies and cakes represents **,*** direct jobs[***]

Sweet cookies are made from a dough that is prepared by kneading the raw materials for * to ** minutes depending on the type of kneading performed. The dough is then transferred to a vat to rest. ...

3.2 The distribution of cookies

The distribution channels for cookies and cakes, which are broader than the cookie segment, provide an overview of the distribution breakdown in the cookie market. The majority of biscuits are sold in supermarkets and hypermarkets, which account for almost three quarters of cookie and cake sales.

Hard-discount stores account for **% of ...


4.1 Type of products

The graph below highlights the different types of products, their share of sales and their evolution.

Chocolate and fruit cookies are the most sold as they represented **.*% of sales in ****. Snack, pastry and dry cookies were also popular, accounting for **.*%, **.*% and **.*% of sales respectively in ****.

Cookie sales by category France, ****, in ...

4.2 The prices

Cookie prices are relatively dependent on wheat and grain prices. After a decline in prices between **** and ****, prices increased, with a *.*% price increase between **** and ****, before declining again over the **** - **** period.

Consumer price index for cookies and cakes (***) France, ****-****, base *** in **** Source: ****

This price increase is all the more ...

4.3 Supply trends: innovation, health and environment

The packaging is a considerable commercial argument in this sector, since it represents the image of the brand and must meet the requirements of consumers, particularly in terms of the convenience and conservation of products. Manufacturers are therefore playing with different formats and are increasingly offering individual packaging due to the ...

4.4 The importance of "healthy eating

The following results of a survey of French consumers give an idea of the most important criteria when buying food products. It can also be noted that **% of the French people had little or no confidence in the quality of the food products they buy or consume.

Most important criteria for ...

4.5 The Tour de France of cookies


5.1 The truth about the label

The cookie market in France is subject to regulatory requirements that can constitute important barriers to entry. Certain strict rules regardinglabeling and allergens must be respected. Indeed, according to the Professional Charter of Biscuit and Cake Manufacturers of Francethe compulsory mentions must be clear on the packaging in order to allow ...

5.2 The Egalim Law

In order to further balance the relationship between producers and suppliers, the " food law " voted in October **** should influence the practices of the sector. It is about reversing the construction of prices that will be based first on production costs but also to balance the balance of power between producer and ...


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Reviews (2)

Reviews (2)

The cookie market - France

Publicado en 22/09/2022 by Pierre Poignant - Branded

Good insights, good data, this study helped me with an investment.

Businesscoot Response:

Thank you Pierre for your feedback. We are delighted to have lived up to your expectations! :D

The cookie market - France

Publicado en 20/10/2021 by Elsa NAUCHE

The studies are concise and accurate. In addition, all sources are mentioned.

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Elsa, Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to read that the content of the study has completely satisfied you. :)

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