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The breakfast cereal market - UK

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1.1 The market at a glance

Breakfast cereals are a cluster of nutrients mainly cereals such as wheat, oats or corn with natural or artificial flavours, and sugar. Appeared in the second half of the 19th century [ stealingshare ... they generally accompany breakfast, in particular the traditional English breakfast in the form of boiled cereals, also known as porridge [ industrytoday ].

Marked by a plethora of products the breakfast cereal industry is dominated by very large players, such as Kellogg's in the world or Weetabix in the United Kingdom. New players have appeared on the market in recent years, thanks in particular to strong demand for products labelled organic or sugar-free / gluten-free [ stealingshare ]

However, the market is facing a growing lack of interest in breakfast, which is increasingly being missed by the British. Statistics] Competition is also very important, both in the market and in traditional English breakfast foods

Our study will include here breakfast cereals called ready-to-eat, and boiled ( porridge in English), as well as derivative products such as cereal bars .


1.2 Steady global growth

The global turnover of the breakfast cereal market represents **.* billion in ****. Industry experts anticipate a CAGR annual by *.*% for the period ****-****.

Source: ****

The market is being driven by emerging economies where there is a paradigm shift in customers' purchasing behaviour and eating habits.

Rapid urbanization and the rapid growth of ...

1.3 A stagnating market in the United Kingdom

National production of breakfast cereals is at United Kingdom to £*.* million (***) in ****, a figure that declines by *.*% each year over the ****-**** period . [***]

On the sales side, in ****, *.* billion pounds (***).

The figures for the next five years provided by Euromonitor give a CAGR of *% at constant price **** in terms of sales ...

1.4 A trend towards "healthy" products

The cereals segment at Muesli and Granola is the one that has experienced the most significant growth in recent years, from ***.* million pounds in **** to ***.* million in ****, or a CAGR of *.*% over this period, and projections at *.*% per year over the period ****-****. [***] In comparison, the flaked cereal segment (***)

Oatmeal or ...


2.1 Consumer topology

Average consumption down

From ***g in **** to ***g in ****, average weekly consumption per person in the United Kingdom has fallen by **% in ** years[***]

Source: ****

In total, about ** million British people were consuming cereals during their breakfast in **** a constant figure in subsequent years, although occasional cereal consumers are becoming more and ...

2.2 New consumption habits

More balanced breakfasts

Consumption of fruit, eggs and especially porridge at breakfast increased between **** and ****, respectively by *.*%, *.*% and *.*%. Sales of cereal bars also increased by *.*% in the same year. [***]

The end of palm oil and added sugars

More and more environmental associations are calling for a reduction in palm oil consumption, ...

2.3 Focus on the organic trend in the UK

A market on a rising trend, but in retreat compared to some European countries

Source: ****

The United Kingdom appears as the *th largest European market for organic farming products with over *.* billion euros in **** . However, this position is due more to the number of consumers (***) than to acceptance by a large ...

2.4 Millennials seek healthier cereals

Demand for healthier products

The growing interest in nutrition and food quality has extended consumer demand to natural products with a low number of ingredients, "super foods" and gluten-free products. The milllenials, which are the main targets.. of advertising for breakfast cereals as they gain purchasing power, pay more attention to ...


3.1 Market value chain and distribution

The observation of sales by distribution channel shows a clear trend in favour of e-commerce and discount stores, which saw their sales increase by more than **% over the period studied.

Source: ****

3.2 La progression des MDD s’effectue au détriment de Kellogg's

Source: ****

L’évolution des parts de marché des principaux acteurs du segment révèle plusieurs tendances et événements :

On observe une diminution progressive de Kellogs dont les parts de marché sont passées de **,*% à **,*%. Les marques de distributeurs ont connu une forte croissance sur la période jusqu’à devenir ...

3.3 Distribution channels

According to EuroMonitor, **.*% of breakfast cereals were sold in grocery stores, supermarkets and classic hypermarkets, the rest being sold on the Internet (***), the latter percentage up *.* points compared to ****

Source: ****

3.4 Change in raw material prices

Source: ****

We can see that the price curve for cereals (***) is V-shaped, with price peaks in **** and ****. There is also a weak price spread with common movements for the different cereals.

Evolution of prices by cereal United Kingdom, **** - ****, base *** = ****

 Source: ****

3.5 La production de céréales : une place importante dans le domaine agricole britannique et une diminution des cultures bio

Source: ****

Les cultures céréalières représentaient **% de la superficie cultivable en ****, soulignant l’importance de cette culture dans l’agriculture britannique. Le blé et l'orge étaient les cultures céréalières prédominantes, avec respectivement *,* et *,* million d'hectares. La superficie d'orge plantée au Royaume-Uni a diminué ...


4.1 Product typology, composition and substitutes

Typology of products

The different varieties of breakfast cereals can be divided into different sub-segments. First, there are the children's cereals which are usually very sweet. [***]

Among the adult cereals, we find the one based on muesli It is a mixture of oats and other ingredients such as dried fruit or ...

4.2 Average prices recorded

The huge variety of cereals ranges from £*.* per kilo for private label corn fakes to over £** per kilo for Mama's cinnamon and apple porridge, depending on the brand's prices Tesco on their online grocery store.

The following table shows the average price per kilo of breakfast cereals sold by variety in ...

4.3 Substitute products and competition

Among ready-to-eat breakfast products, cereals are facing increasing competition [***]

Next comes crackers These are widely consumed in Great Britain with tea, which can usually be combined with butter or marmalade, as can toast. Kellogg's created their own product in the ****s, but soon abandoned it. [***]

Yoghurt and other dairy products s, ...

4.4 Bulk cereals

A new method of distributing cereals is also developing in several supermarkets, that of bulk cereals. Consumers can then freely and in any quantity they wish, use breakfast cereals presented in bottles in supermarkets Source: Whole Food Market The company General Mills which owns the Cheerios and Cookie Crisp brands, practices ...

4.5 Changes in consumption by type of product


Source: ****

It can be observed that the decrease in the consumption of cereals with a high fibre content was mainly in favour of muesli, whose consumption fell from ** grams in **** to ** grams in ****, representing approximately **% of total consumption over the year.

Source: ****

It can be noted that the growth of mesli ...


5.1 Organic Label

For a brand to obtain the Organic label on one of its products, it must meet the following conditions: At least **% of the product's components come from organic farming in accordance with EU regulations; the product complies with the rules of the official system of inspection; the product comes directly from ...

5.2 Obligations on packaging

There are many standards governing the production, labelling and distribution of food products. Most of them have been set up by the European Union (***) France Chamber of Great Britain ]

The Food Safety Act was implemented on January *, ****. It provides the framework for agri-food legislation. It aims to prevent the sale of ...


6.1 Segmentation of players

  • Kellogg’s
  • Weetabix LTD
  • General Mills
  • Nestlé UK
  • Arrowhead Mills
  • Jordan Dorset Ryvita
  • Tesco
  • Sainsburys
  • Raisio
  • Nature’s Path
  • The Spoon
  • Deliciously Ella
  • Cereal Killer Café

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Reviews (5)

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