The beer market

Update 24/10/2019


1.1 Definition and scope of the study

The beer market in the United Kingdom grew by 1.1% in 2018 to a total size of total size of £9 billion . This market is directly driven by consumer consumption, whether by buying beer in supermarkets or in pubs and establishments serving alcohol

As a reminder there are three main categories of beer consumed in the UK ale, lager and stout. Each of these beers has its own characteristics and these may vary from one region of the UK to another, making beer a relatively homemade product. Consumption patterns are changing, with most of the beers historically produced in the United Kingdom being ale or stout until the 1970s, but since then there has been an increase in the strength of lager, which is now dominant in terms of market share

Market growth is mainly driven by the fact that beer drinkers are increasingly tempted to try new tastes and flavours , thus encouraging producers to offer new beers to meet this demand. This has led to an increasingly blurred segmentation between products, due in particular to the development of beers that mix the characteristics of several varieties. For example, by modifying the fermentation process, it is possible to obtain a dry beer, characteristic of lager beer, but with the malty aromas which is characteristic of ale beer.

Thus, the beer market which is in full renewal, is essentially driven by the search for new tastes on the consumer side. This has particularly benefited the craft and independent beer sector which has seen an increase in its activity. New offers are also developing, placing the consume at the heart of the the heart of the beer production experience with beer preparation kits at home or in establishments where consumers can come and brew their beers directly. These new offers are developing at a time when ads are facing major challenges and many of them are closing their doors , affected by high operating costs and the fact that beer consumption is taking place less and less in dedicated places and more through supermarket purchases

In addition, non-alcoholic beer recorded the strongest volume growth in the beer sector in 2018. Indeed, issues such as health and well-being are leading an increasing number of consumers to moderate their alcohol consumption . Alternative drinks and abstinence among the youngest are likely to continue to be a threat for the beer market in the UK but it is also an opportunity for new producers but it also represents an opportunity for new producers or for a renewal of certain product ranges. However, it should be noted that the market remains mainly dominated by the historical beer players such as AB-InBev, Carlesberg, Heineken and SABMiller.


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