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The wine bar market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

A wine bar is a form of themed bar specializing in wine tasting by the glass for oenophiles. They often offer customers the opportunity to discover original wines that are not widely available in the usual distribution channels. The emphasis is on conviviality and originality, with a very diversified offer allowing to seduce both amateurs and initiates in oenology.

Wine bars in France have rapidly developed in urban areas but are now appearing more and more in rural areas. They are also widespread in wine-producing regions, which benefit from the boom in wine tourism: sommeliers offer personal selections of local wines from their wine-producing region served with cheese, charcuterie, tapas, etc.

This is a rapidly expanding market, with most wine bar managers believing that demand and the number of establishments will increase in the coming years. But this very fragmented market is competing with similar concepts (theme bars, wine shops).

1.2 A dynamic global market

The global market was worth US$ ***.* billion in ****, a **% decrease from ****. [***] This decline is mainly related to the health crisis and the trend before the crisis was upward. The turnover in **** was US$ ***.** billion,with a strong increase of **% compared to ****. The global market is expected to grow again to reach ...

1.3 A growing business in France

According to the FNCI (***).

In the absence of more recent figures concerning the activity of wine bars, we can nevertheless note a strong increase in the number of drinking establishments between **** and **** (***).

Number of drinking establishments France, **** - ****, in number of establishments Source: ****

The insee provides the market size in ****, as ...

1.4 Foreign trade: France is the world's leading exporter of wine by value

France is a major exporter of wine . In ****, the total value of wine exports is estimated at *.* billion euros, or a volume of **.* million hectoliters exported, against *** million euros of imports, or a volume of *.** million hectoliters imported. This translates to a coverage rate (***) of ****%, meaning that France exports twelve times ...


2.1 Portraits of wine consumers in France

The SOWINE/SSI barometer, published each year by the Sowine agency, provides detailed information on wine consumers in France.

A growing interest in wine:

The French are increasingly interested in the world of wine. In * years, between **** and ****, **% more French people have developed an interest in the world of wine.

Interest ...

2.2 A structural decrease in wine consumption in France

The French are great consumers of wine. According to a report from the International Wine and Vine Organization, France is the second largest wine consumer in the world after the United States and just ahead of Italy, with **.* million hectoliters of wine consumed in total in ****. In ****, more than *.* billion bottles ...

2.3 The difficulty of reconciling bars and wine

Despite everything, wine continues to please the French: according to a survey conducted by the research and consulting firm specializing in behavior BVA, **% of French people indeed said they preferred wine to beer in ****.

Preference of the French for wine or beer France, ****, % Source: ****

But wine continues to be associated with ...

2.4 Significant consumption of foreign wines

The significant increase in foreign wine imports (***) between **** and **** is evidence of the increase in foreign wine consumption in France. The graph below shows that nearly one in two French people consume wines of foreign origin occasionally, and **% more than once a week. The French consuming only wines from France are ...

2.5 Demand trends: how to appeal to millenials?

According to a **** survey, younger people (***) are characterized by their constant search for novelty and surprise, as well as by the more thoughtful nature of their purchases. [***]Wines in vogue: organic, rosé and sparklingMore specifically, three wines seem to be increasingly popular: organic, rosé and sparkling wines.

Organic wine

In ****, France ...


3.1 Three types of external competition for wine bars

There are three main types of competition for wine bars:

The first comes from other wine distribution networks. Indeed, specialized stores, including wine shops and wine bars, represent only *% of the volume of still wine sales in France [***] (***) to the final customer who are individuals. The latter can buy wine in ...

3.2 An increasing internal competition

Strong competitive pressure in Paris

As the Ipsos survey shows, two-thirds of the *,*** French wine bars were located in Paris in ****, which greatly increases competitive pressure in the capital.

Geographic location of wine bars France, ****, % of total Source: ****

The development of franchises

Some bars are opening up to franchising, which can ...

3.3 Often local production

France represents **% of the world's wine-growing area

Five countries, including three European countries, account for half of the world's wine-growing area: France is in third place, with ***,*** hectares of wine-growing area in **** or **% of the world's wine-growing area, behind Spain (***). [***]

Distribution of wine area by country World, ****, in % Source: ****

According to ...

3.4 A distribution system that favors direct contact with the winemakers

Wine bars still represent a very small part of the distribution of still wines in France: specialized stores(***).

Distribution of wine sales by distribution channel France, ****, as a % Source: ****

In addition, wine bar managers want to favor direct contact with local producers. In ****, **% of them choose the wines they offer by ...

3.5 Focus on wine tourism, a direct competitor of wine bars

In ****, the overall expenditure of wine tourists was estimated at *.* billion euros. Wine tourism represented more than **,*** wine tourism wineries in France and more than ** million tourists in ****, **% of whom were foreigners, as described in the graph below. [***]

Main nationalities of foreign wine tourists France, ****, in % Wine and Society

In addition, ...


4.1 Typology of prices in wine bars

L'accord diVin is a training and consulting organization specialized in wine-related projects. as such, they propose a typology of sales prices for wine bars, underlining that if the price is not high enough, it would be synonymous with loss of margin, and that a price that is too high will arouse ...

4.2 A varied offer where red wines are in the lead

Wine bars offer a wide variety of wines on their menus, with an average of *** references.

The vast majority of these wines come from France (***) are the most represented regions.

Regions where French wines offered in wine bars come from according to managers France, ****, in % Source: ****

As for foreign wines, they ...

4.3 Trends in the offer: mobile and event-based wine bars

Traveling wine bars

In the same vein as the "food trucks" which are experiencing a strong development, [***] there are mobile wine bars which can move from market to market, from place to place, etc. For example, we can mention the Wine Truck Pyrénéen, La Bougeote, a wine bar on ...


5. Regulation

Declaration of opening

The operator must make in writing a declaration of opening to the city hall of the city in which he wishes to set up his baror to the Prefect of Police in the case of the city of Paris, at least fifteen days before the opening of the ...


6. Segmentation

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The wine bar market - France

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