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The French delicatessen market is valued at around 7 billion euros.

The French market has seen a perceptible shift in consumer habits, with a penchant for quality, organic and label products. Demand for delicatessen products is growing steadily. It has a seasonal character, with peaks during the festive season.

The number of delicatessen stores is estimated at between 4,500 and 5,000

French spending on food is rising only slightly, but consumers are opting for quality.

On average, French households spend around 112 euros a week on food, with meat and fruit each accounting for a quarter of the food budget.

Almost half of French consumers prefer products made in France. Nearly a quarter prefer regional products.

Demand for delicatessen products such as foie gras and smoked fish is down in volume, but up in value, in a market where quality is more important than quantity.

Some players in the sector

  • L'Epicerie Fine Italienne, Le Comptoir Gourmet, Pourdebon and La Belle Vie, online delicatessens.
  • Fauchon and Comtesse du Barry are among the prestigious traditional delicatessen houses
  • Caviar specialists Le Caviar Kaspia, Caviar de Neuvic and Petrossian,
  • Maison de la Truffe
  • Dalloyau, Lenôtre, Hediard, La Grande Epicerie de Paris, Fauchon, traditional delicatessens
  • Maison de la Truffe
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Presentation and definition of the delicatessen market

The delicatessen market in France refers to shops offering a wide variety of food products, such as luxury food products (caviar, salmon, etc.), regional specialties (charcuterie, etc.), and all the rare products resulting from a recognized know-how: dry groceries (condiments, spices, etc.), exotic fresh fruits, precious wines and spirits, high-end pastries, coffees, teas, etc.), and all the rare products resulting from a recognized know-how: dry grocery (condiments, spices, etc.), exotic fresh fruits, precious wines and alcohols, high-end pastry, coffees, teas, sweets (honey, cookies, chocolates, etc.). However, professionals make the difference between local products and luxury food products.

A delicatessen product is therefore a food product of exceptional, even very exceptional quality. Delicatessen products are always bearers of history or meaning and are representative of an art of living.

With the exception of the Covid 19 crisis, the delicatessen market is growing rapidly, guided by consumers who are increasingly concerned about consuming quality, organic or labelled products. Although Europe and North America lead the global market, the compound annual growth rate for China and India is estimated at 5.8% until 2025.

Distribution channels are varied. Traditionally, these products have been sold in physical outlets associated with largetraditionally, these products were sold in physical outlets associated with the big names in luxury goods, in major cities. But in recent years, the historical grocers have seen the emergence of a more accessible offer (supermarkets and high-end single-product stores), as well as the multiplication of small independent entities cultivating the terroir and the rise of e-tailers.

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Estimation de l'évolution du marché mondial de l'alimentation de Luxe
  • Turnover of products under label
  • Growth in sales of other food retail stores in specialized stores
  • Turnover before tax of the production marketed under SIQO
  • Chiffre d’affaires en 2021 des produits agroalimentaires sous SIQO par filière (hors bio)
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Latest news

Sabarot inaugurates its 4.0 plant for pulses and cereals - 31/07/2023
  • Groupe Sabarot inaugurated new production facilities on July 12, 2023
  • Production: 5000 tonnes per year (frozen pulses)
  • The company manages 7800 product references
  • Group sales in 2022: €75 million, with 20% from exports
  • The company has 160 employees Sales breakdown: 60% in the vegetable sector (lentils and quinoa) and 40% in the festive sector (wild mushrooms and snails)., a producers' platform that promotes short circuits - 30/05/2023
  • Created in 2016.
  • 100% controlled by Geopost.
  • Platform offering 20,000 products.
  • Nearly 600 producers and artisans listed.
  • Home delivery anywhere in France.
  • Collaboration with Chronofresh for product delivery.
  • Sales via account for around a quarter of Jardin des Gallines sales, and 50% during the COVID period.
  • In Burgundy-Franche-Comté, represents 900 to 1,000 orders per month, 7,500 regular customers and 30 producers referenced on the site.
  • The platform features 17,000 products and nearly 550 producers and artisans.
Coq Gourmet: in search of local producers - 09/05/2023
  • 6 top-of-the-range, 100% French products from small producers in each box.
  • Each month, the contents of the box change completely.
  • 13 regions in France with distinct gastronomic identities.
  • 6 products, 6 regions, and 6 different producers in each box.
The Fauchon brand is back on the reception market. - 05/07/2022
  • Fauchon resumes its catering business after a two-year hiatus
  • The gastronomic house benefits from a partnership with Grand Chemin Traiteur
  • Fauchon's catering subsidiary, which employed around 60 people at the time, ceased operations in 2020
  • It expects sales of close to 20 million euros
  • Its positioning works in its favor, with a strong emphasis on local produce grown in the company's three hectares of kitchen gardens in the Vexin region of France
  • A dedicated kitchen, service and sales team will be dedicated to the task
  • He plans 7 to 10 openings by 2022, with Argentina and Qatar on the menu, as well as France
Prosol acquires Océalliance, the French seafood supplier. - 23/05/2022
  • Prosol, the structure that operates Grand Frais' fruit and vegetables, fish and dairy products, has acquired Océalliance, France's leading seafood company.
  • Océalliance has sales of €220 million in 2021
  • It has 23 processing plants and is present in 33 auctions
  • The group exports mainly to southern European markets (Spain, Portugal and Italy)
  • Clic Océan has a catalog of 100 to 150 species on offer every day.
  • The company sells nearly 30,000 tons of products every year
Transfer from Markal to Lionel Wolberg. - 26/08/2021
  • Founded over 80 years ago by the Markarian family
  • Leading French manufacturer and distributor of organic dry grocery products
  • Over 1000 organic dry grocery products
  • Takeover by Lionel Wolberg, accompanied by three expert investors: FrenchFood Capital, BPI France and Tikehau
  • Markarian family retains stake in French company
  • Lionel Wolberg has already ensured the transformation of historic family-run organic companies
  • Recent years: sustainable and responsible supply chains, 100% organic fresh and dried fruit and vegetables, organic ultra-fresh, dried and frozen food products on the French market

Key figures :

  • 68 million euros in sales
  • 15% of sales generated internationally

Companies quoted in this study

This study contains a complete overview of the companies in the market, with the latest figures and news for each company. :

Comtesse du Barry
Maison Brémond 1830
Valette Foie Gras
La Grande Épicerie de Paris
Lafayette Gourmet (groupe Galeries Lafayette)
Printemps du Goût
La Belle Vie

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