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The foodservice market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

Traditional catering is defined as the activity of eating out with table service, but excluding the activities of bars, cafeterias and fast-food outlets. [INSEE]

This sector is historically important in France, as gastronomy has a special place in the country's culture. However, the sector is struggling to develop, and growth prospects are few and far between. What's more, the emergence of new competitors is penalizing traditional foodservice, as is the fast-food sector, which is driving overall growth in the French foodservice sector (you can find our study of the fast-food market here).

Operating in a highly competitive and dynamic environment (with the development of online delivery), each brand has to stand out from the crowd, relying in particular on the good reputation of its cuisine, its geographical positioning, positive word-of-mouth and intelligent digital communication that is sensitive to online reviews and ratings and ratings. E-reputation management and the digitalization of business management appear to be potential growth drivers for the sector.

In addition, the Covid-19 epidemic had a major impact on the foodservice sector, bringing business to a standstill for several months. While the recovery is slow and gradual, it is above all revealing new avenues for of growth, as suggested by the success of delivery and take-away sales during the confinement period. More specifically, some restaurants have decided, in light of the crisis, to strengthen their competitive edge by focusing on the quality of their products, for example by exploiting the growing success of organic, gluten-free or locally-produced products.

1.2 The global foodservice market dominated by the United States

In a global market worth around $*,*** billion by **** [***], the United States is the leading country for full-service foodservice, with sales of $***.* billion.

China ranks *nd in the market, followed by Japan, and is expected to experience significant growth over the next few years, with CAGRs of *.*% and *.*% respectively.

Global foodservice market ...

1.3 The recovery of the traditional foodservice market in France

Unlike the fast-food sector, the traditional foodservice sector in France has been stagnating since at least the beginning of the decade. Indeed, since ****, the traditional foodservice market has been worth around ** billion euros. However, from **** onwards, the sector saw strong growth, with the traditional foodservice market reaching **.*** billion euros in ****. In ...

1.4 The effect of the Covid-19 crisis

For several months between **** and ****, government measures prohibited public access to several categories of activity, including category N, i.e. "restaurants and drinking establishments". The restaurant sector was thus paralyzed , as were other sectors such as hotels and tourism, also subject to the various confinements. Restaurants and cafés account for ...


2.1 The growing tourism industry

Prior to the health crisis, the number of foreign tourists had been growing year on year, reaching ** million in ****, with the resulting revenue logically following suit, at **.* billion euros in ****, +*.*% on ****. [***] France was thus the leading destination in terms of the number of international tourists in ****, ahead of Spain and the ...

2.2 Consumers and restaurant consumption habits

Out-of-home consumption

According to a FranceAgriMer study, in May ****, **% of consumers say they have visited a restaurant in the last * months. Of these, **% are women, and **% have no children. Nearly **% are between ** and ** years old. Furthermore, two-thirds of out-of-home meal consumers live in the center or outskirts of a city.

Age ...

2.3 Examples of popular and trendy kitchens

Among the dishes and types of restaurants in vogue according to LaFourchette food trends include :

The "mindfood" trend

The customer's mood is central to the dining experience.

Cuisine as a sensory experience

**% of consumers are looking for unique and memorable brand experiences [***]

Intelligent consumption

**% of French people take into ...

2.4 Home meal delivery on the rise

Against the backdrop of the health crisis that has paralyzed the restaurant sector, one service has enjoyed phenomenal growth: delivery. Despite the lifting of restrictions on restaurant room service, delivery has retained its place in new consumer habits, and is now a real consumer trend. **% of French people say they have ...


3.1 Very uneven supply and population densities by region

A comparison of the number of businesses in relation to the population of the various French regions at the start of **** shows thatIle-de-France is the region with the most traditional restaurants, withgion with the most traditional restaurants, with **,*** establishments, but Corsica has the most in proportion to its population (***).france counted ...

3.2 Economic and financial performance of traditional catering establishments

Failure rate

The default rate is measured as the number of business failures in the sector under consideration, as a proportion of the total number of businesses in the sector.

In the French hotel and catering market, this rate peaked at *.*% in ****, subsequently falling to *.*% in ****. This figure is particularly high ...


4.1 The different restaurant chains on the French market

Although **% of restaurateurs are independent, the remaining **% operate under brand names or are franchised, and account for around **% of sales [***]

The following table gives an overview of the main restaurant chains in France. It also includes fast-food chains and institutional catering.

Source: ****

4.2 Consumer price index

The consumer price index is the tool used to measure inflation in a country. [***] Published monthly in the Journal Officiel, it estimates price trends for various household consumption sectors, whose list and weighting for the final index are available on the official site of the iNSEE website.

The CPI for a ...

4.3 New management tools for restaurateurs

Assisted management system (***)

Since January *, ****, restaurateurs (***) subject to VAT, have been required to use LNE or NF***-certified cash register software or systems, primarily to secure cash receipts and limit fraud.

As a result, cash registers in the form of iPad applications have emerged. The benefits are manifold, not only in ...


5.1 General regulatory framework for the traditional foodservice market

The rights and obligations of foodservice professionals are summarized in practical information sheet issued by the Direction Générale des Entreprises.

In terms of signage, they are required todisplay their prices both inside and out.Since ****, restaurateurs have also been required to display the logo or words "home-made on their ...

5.2 Payment by luncheon voucher

The French Labor Codethe French Labor Code stipulates that all employers are obliged to provide a catering service when their company employs more than ** staff, i.e. one of the following solutions:

Distribution of luncheon vouchers Setting up a company catering structure Setting up an inter-company restaurant

There are no specific ...

5.3 Waste management

Since ****, restaurateurs, school canteens and food shops that produce more than ** tonnes of waste per year have been obliged to sort and recycle food scraps. Failure to comply with the law carries a €**,*** fine and * years' imprisonment.

In addition, the French Food Law of November *, **** requires on-site catering professionals to provide ...


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