the sushi market

Update 06/11/2019


1.1 Introduction

Sushi is a dish of Japanese origin made from vinegar rice (the shari ) and one other ingredient (the neta ), most often raw fish. Sushi is regularly accompanied by other ingredients that play a key role in its consumption (ginger, wasabi, sweet or savoury soy sauce). Although their consumption is relatively rare in Japan, the recipe is extremely popular worldwide

There are several types of sushi

  • Makis - roll-shaped sushi wrapped in seaweed
  • Temakis - the preparation is similar to maki, in the form of a cone
  • Nigiris - Raw fish slice placed on an oval rice ball

Sushi is served mainly in restaurants but with the growing popularity of this dish around the world, it is becoming more and more popular Large and Medium Surfaces (MSG) as well as the delivery .

The global market is expanding driven by the opening of Japanese restaurants in all regions of the world, led by Asia and North America


The french market is one of the most mature markets of Europe. Sushi is one of the most popular fish dishes. The consumption of sushi concerns a young, educated and Francilian consumer . The region of Ile de France concentrates effect the largest population of France and the Asian restaurant fabric is well established there.

While the market had very high growth rates, it seems to show some signs of saturation since many catering and delivery companies have had to slow down their activity. The market must also face the increase in fish prices which makes up sushi, tuna, salmon and shrimp, which have been increasing in recent years, as production has not kept pace with the level of demand

However, the distribution in supermarkets seems to be doing rather well (penetration rate on the rise) and is concentrated around a few players



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