The catering market

Update 05/10/2019


1.1 Presentation and definitions

The catering market is one of five commercial catering segments with: traditional catering, fast food, cafeterias and pubs. This market is closely linked to the event market, and is aimed at both a clientele of professionals (welcome coffee, business lunches, cocktails, company seminars, etc.) and private individuals (weddings, baptisms etc.). In this context, and although he can take charge of a wide range of services around an event (decoration, service, entertainment...), the caterer is generally the person who prepares dishes or meals, to be delivered or taken away .

There are about 2000 new caterers on average per year in France, even if half of them do not pass the 5-year mark. There is therefore a clear upward trend, despite the difficulties associated with constant adaptation to changes in consumption patterns and to increased competition .

Within this market, there are different ranges of caterers offering a product variety (gastronomic, organic, Asian, etc.). There are also two main categories of caterers: the caterer organizer of receptions (TOR), and the neighbourhood caterer Our study will continue to focus mainly on the first category. Self-service caterers (LS), available in supermarkets, will also be excluded from our study.



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