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1.1 Market overview

The catering market is one of the five commercial catering segments with traditional restaurants, fast-food restaurants, cafeterias and drinking establishments. This market is closely linked to the events market, and is aimed at both professionals (welcome coffees, business lunches, cocktail parties, company seminars, etc.) and individuals (weddings, christenings etc.). In this context, and although he can take care of a wide range of services around an event (decoration, service, animation...), the caterer is generally the one who prepares dishes or meals, to deliver or to take away.

There are approximately 2,000 new caterers in France each year, even though half of them do not survive more than 5 years. However, there is an increase in the number of companies operating in this market, despite the difficulties associated with constantly adapting to new technologies, changes in consumption patterns and to the intensification of competition.

The catering market is growing in France, with a growth rate of around 5% per year between 2014 and 2019. However, 2020 has been a difficult year for the sector, with professionals estimating that 20% of companies will go out of business.

Within this market, we find different ranges of caterers offering a variety of products (gastronomic, organic, Asian, etc.). There are also two main categories of caterers: the caterer organizer of receptions (TOR), and the neighborhood caterer.  The study will focus mainly on the first category. Self-service caterers (LS), available in supermarkets, will also be excluded.


1.2 A competitive national market in constant renewal

  Turnover of the catering market France, ****-****, billion euros Source: ****

The above chart shows the development of the French catering services market over the period ****-****. There has been a stable growth dynamic since ****, with the value increasing from €*.** billion to €*.** billion in ****. Over this period, the compound annual growth rate ...

1.3 The impact of Covid-19 on the catering market

The sector was one of the hardest hit by the health crisis due to the cancellation of professional and private events because of the ban on gatherings and social distancing. According to professional organizations, more than **% of caterers could disappear in the wake of this health and economic crisis.

Moreover, with ...


2.1 A varied clientele for different occasions

Caterers organizing receptions have a rather varied clientele; between private and corporate clients, or private and public clients, the demand remains quite important. According to a report by the INSEE on caterers organizing receptions, we can draw up a list of caterers' sales broken down according to the different types of ...

2.2 Customers looking for diversity and quality

According to LSA conso, consumers are looking for the best possible value for money, while at the same time accommodating the guests who will benefit from the catering services.

This search for the best value for money is in line with the changing consumer habits of the French. Quality is becoming ...

2.3 A market whose demand remains highly seasonal

Seasonality of catering demand France, ****-****, Google Trends Index Source: ****

Note: The graph above represents the proportion of searches for a given keyword in a specific region and time period, compared to when the usage rate for that keyword was highest (***). Thus, a value of ** means that the keyword was used ...

2.4 La demande des services traiteurs : tendances et innovations du secteur

Il existe de nombreuses tendances sur le marché des traiteurs.En effet, depuis la pandémie, le secteur a été repensé en profondeur, proposant des prestations et des produits toujours plus innovants. En voici quelques unes sans être non plus exhaustifs.

La restauration expérimentale

L'année de la restauration expérimentale ...


3.1 A fragmented market with increasing competition

A relatively fragmented market

According to Les Echos, the catering market in France is a very fragmented market in which almost all the players are subject to a strong competition and have a small market share. Generally, all French caterers have a turnover of less than *** million euros. In addition, French ...

3.2 Market issues and challenges

Facing the competition

The main challenge on the catering market is to face the competition which is constantly increasing; the article from Les Echos quoted above highlights the importance that caterers must give to the variety of customers' needs (***), and to the seduction of a younger clientele.

Caterers must also be ...

3.3 Distribution strategies

From a distribution point of view, deliveries are made in most cases by the caterers themselves for two reasons:

They often specialize in event organization and at the same time develop this support competence naturally; Food delivery also requires specialized equipment not suited to other types of deliveries, preventing general delivery ...

3.4 Geographical distribution of market players

The French market has witnessed an increase of more than **% in the number of players between **** and ****, from **** registered establishments to ****. The companies counted are those registered under NAF code **.**Z (***). 

Evolution of the number of caterers registered under NAF code **.**Z (***) France, ****-****, in number of caterers Source: ****

 Geographically, ...


4.1 The diversity of the catering offer

Caterers are aware that demand is relatively dominated by companies and events. As a result, the offer is usually relatively upmarket, with products that can be adapted to the needs of the customers (***). The aim is generally to offer food that is healthy, easy to eat, tasty and aesthetically pleasing.

Some ...

4.2 Highly variable prices

Prices for services for companies are available after requesting a quote. These services include:

Organization of receptions (***); Meal delivery for companies (***); Delivery of appetizers (***); Organization of dinners (***); Convention organizations (***).

According to the site Caterer.Mondevis, the prices of the caterers depend mainly on the services offered. Here is a table summarizing ...

4.3 A diversification of the offer, accompanied by a move upmarket

According to les Echos caterers distinguish themselves either by completing their offer with the event industry (***), or by specializing solely in the culinary offer.

The actors innovate for example on high-end dishes which satisfy a clientele that does not want to waste time eating but is also sensitive to the image ...

4.4 Chefing: a revolution in the catering world

Startup that brings together approximately ** independent caterers, Chefing is considered the first caterer from France according to Chefing's main activity is to purchase catering services for resale to clients. The company takes care of the delivery, and also offers additional services such as the supply of drinks, kitchen equipment ...


5.1 Regulatory framework

According to the site and in terms of professional regulations, health and safety standards are very restrictive. These include:

The non-breakage of the cold chain; Transport and storage in refrigerated trucks, which must be ensured with rigor.

Failure to comply with the accommodation standards (***) leads to the ...


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Reviews (3)

Reviews (3)

The catering market - France

Publicado en 28/04/2022 by Thomas Camajou - METRO

The study addresses all the topics in a clear and synthetic manner, the sources are well indicated and it includes sheets and information on the main players in the sector.

The catering market - France

Publicado en 17/02/2022 by Yvonne Dibakeu

It was very complete and current so nothing to say!

The catering market - France

Publicado en 07/09/2020 by Sarah Kerzerho - Ruffault traiteur

Very qualitative study

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Sarah, Thank you for your feedback. We are glad that this study lived up to your expectations.

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