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The collective catering market - United Kingdom

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1.1 Definition of the Contract Catering market

The mass catering market is the provision of an on-site catering service for a local authority or corporate client

The main markets involved are the following educational institutions, corporations, governments, health care institutions, air or rail catering services, as well as some other public or private entities (military, religious communities, prisons.....). The end customers are thus generally employees, public servants, patients, students....

Mass catering is more generally part of the out-of-home catering market alongside commercial catering (restaurants and fast-food restaurants), hotel catering, vending machines (vending machines), and other alternative food channels (bakeries, gas stations, department stores, etc.)

There are mainly 2 methods of managing mass catering :

  • Restoration granted by using a service provider.
  • The direct management of catering by the company requesting the service.

1.2 The global market

In ****, the global foodservice market reached a value of $***.* billion. With a compound annual growth rate of *.** percent for the next six years, the value could rise to $***.* billion in ****.

Contract catering market World, ****-****, billion dollars Imarcgroup

In order to delve deeper into the global contract catering market, the market ...

1.3 The market in the United Kingdom

In ****, the UK foodservice market is worth £*.* billion. Compared to ****, the market grew by *.* billion or +**% year-on-year. However, the advent of the pandemic has had major consequences for this market: compared to ****, the value recorded in **** is **% lower. The advent of smart working and the possibility of attending school classes from ...

1.4 The impact of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

The outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in February **** resulted in, among other things, a general increase in the consumer price index. As for canteens, between March **** and June ****, the consumer price index increased by *.* points to a value of ***.*. This means that in ****, prices increased by *.* percent from the previous year ...


2.1 Demand in the United Kingdom

The number of students in elementary school, secondary schools and at university, the number of nursing homes in the area, and the number of companies with more than ** employees are taken into account to analyze the demand for mass catering in the United Kingdom, assuming a greater tendency on the part ...

2.2 Demand drivers

The main drivers of demand for collective catering in the UK are:

Convenience: choosing collective catering results in financial savings for the consumer, who, unlike in commercial catering, does not have to bear the full cost of the service but only a portion. Choice: cafeterias usually offer a good variety of ...

2.3 The geographical distribution of demand

To visualize the geographic distribution of demand, a map was created with the number of enterprises engaged in other food services, within which mass catering falls, for each country in the United Kingdom.

England is home to the vast majority of businesses, **.* percent of the total. This is followed by Scotland ...

2.4 New trends in demand

Demand trends in foodservice are constantly evolving, as is the commercial foodservice sector. In particular, some of the main trends are:

The growing preference for sustainable products: consumers are increasingly inclined to consume products with an environmentally and ethically sustainable supply chain. Seasonality: an increased interest in the seasonality of products ...


3.1 The market structure

Analysis of the structure of the foodservice market is carried out based on data for the other food services sector (***) within which foodservice is included. Specifically, the number of active enterprises in the UK, the number of people employed in the sector, and the legal form of enterprises are highlighted.

Between ...

3.2 The value chain

3.3 Distribution

Mass catering service can be divided into two categories based on the process of meal distribution. The two types of systems are:

Conventional system: meals are prepared and cooked in the same facility where they will later be distributed. Each kitchen thus works independently of the others as the entire preparation ...

3.4 The main actors

Some of the major companies providing mass catering services in the UK are:

Sodexo: founded in **** in Marseille, Sodexo is the world's number one food service and business services provider. The company is present in ** countries around the world and serves more than *** million customers every day. In the catering business, ...


4.1 Mass catering

Mass catering consists of the preparation and delivery of a large number of complete meals intended for a community. There can be many reasons for people to use these services, such as the need to have complete, healthy meals in a working environment, lack of time to prepare meals at home, ...

4.2 The prices

The following are prices for the end user in the UK foodservice industry:

In **** in the UK, more than * in * parents believe the price for school lunch service is fair (***). Compared to ****, the figure is ** percentage points lower. In contrast, **% think the price is too high while *% think the price is ...

4.3 New trends in supply

The catering industry's offerings are constantly evolving not only in order to attract new customers but to ensure better service and meal quality. The following are the main trends in the offerings:

Entico street food: some companies active in the sector have launched several ethnic cuisine projects in response to the ...


5.1 Regulations

Collective catering, as well as the more general catering sector, is regulated by various national laws in order to ensure the safety, quality and origin of the service offered. With regard to school canteens, the legislation is more substantial in order to ensure proper and balanced nutrition for young pupils. Some ...


6.1 Segmentation

Listed on the stock exchange


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