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1.1 Introduction and scope of study

Collective catering is an industry that prepares and distributes meals within local authorities, companies or public institutions. In this sense, it includes all catering services and production for the benefit of private companies, school canteens, hospitals and other health facilities , barracks and prisons, and finally in the event of a disaster... [ Dehoga ]

Collective catering services are divided into direct management (canteens and restaurants in establishments managed directly by the organisation) and by conceded management when these same services are delegated by a service provider company This study will focus on the latter mode of operation This is the responsibility of the collective catering service providers.

The German catering market is highly concentrated with two main companies in the field Compass Group and Aramark . Other local actors on a smaller scale have developed in particular sectors, such as Klüh Catering in for hospitals, or Sodexo for schools.

In a sector that is constantly changing with varying consumption trends, we can see a growing interest in "healthy" eating habits, as well as the development of other modes of out-of-home catering (meal delivery). In the face of these changes, the catering industry in Germany is struggling to develop, and the turnover of companies in the sector has increased little (0.8% annually) since 2005.

1.2 Sustained global growth

With an estimated annual growth rate of *% over the period ****-****, the firm Prnewswire establishes the global market for collective catering in concession à ***.* billion in **** . With $**.* billion, europe represents the largest market for collective catering (***) [***] The main players in this market are limited in number Compass Group (***) are the world leaders. ...

1.3 Stagnation of the German market

Taking all operating modes together, the market for collective catering is estimated at around €** billion [***]. The catering companies licensed in Germany had a total turnover of *.* billion euros in ****. [ GV-Praxis *.* billion in France for collective catering services under concession management . The market is therefore much smaller in Germany, particularly because two ...


2.1 Overview of the different customer markets

Company canteens are therefore the first customers for collective catering companies. In ****, the top ** companies in the German market in terms of turnover combined *,*** contracts with restaurants of private companies for the management of these, or **,*% of total management contracts granted

Clinics and hospitals the second largest customer market, concentrate *** collective ...

2.2 Restaurants and company canteens

Canteens represent **% market share of food in general in companies, ahead of snacks / shops / distributors, special events and other activities.

Source: ****

The main figures for company restaurants are summarised in the table below:

Source: ****

In ****, the market for company catering under concession management represented *.** billion euros an increase of *.*% compared to ...

2.3 Health facilities

The key figures for collective catering in clinics, hospitals and retirement homes are summarised in the table below:

Source: ****

In ****, the market for catering in licensed health care institutions represented ***.* million euros, up *.*% compared to ****

Source: ****

Clinics and hospitals

Klüh Catering is the leading player in this segment, with ***.* million ...

2.4 Educational institutions

With only *% of the market share among all the segments of the collective catering sector, this segment is maturing for the giants of the collective catering industry. Indeed, the concession rate in this segment is **% in ****, the highest ratio among the various customer markets. [***] (***) : Supply and goods by a service provider ...


3.1 A relatively concentrated market

Companies specialising in collective catering operate in small numbers and often in well-defined segments. The two leading companies in the sector, Compass Group and Aramark have a market share of around **% all customers combined.

The Herfindahl index calculated for this market is *** points This means that there is still little concentration ...

3.2 Specialization of companies by customer market

If we look at the structure of the various customer markets, we see that most of the major market players (***) are specialised in specific customer markets.

Source: ****

Company restaurants

This segment represents **% of the collective catering market in management licensed . In this segment, the two leaders Compass Group and Aramark represent ...

3.3 Turnover by establishment

The largest collective restaurants in terms of volume are in the hospital and clinic sector, with a turnover per establishment of €*.** million. Contracts are lower in school canteens, with €***k per school.

Source: ****

In the corporate restaurant segment, Sodexo and Apleona are the most efficient, with average revenue per establishment of ...

3.4 Other food services

Catering services compete directly with self-managed restaurants on the one hand and with other modes of out-of-home catering on the other hand . As such, it may be interesting to observe the trend of other modes of catering compared to collective catering. (***) Statistical estimates Source: Statista - Businesscoot processing Statista estimates on ...


4.1 The products offered

Collective catering companies must now face the growing interest in organic and local products, and therefore a healthier way of eating

According to the catering companies, there are about **% of company canteen users willing to pay more to obtain better quality dishes, according to a barometer Internoga . Still among the company ...

4.2 Products from organic farming

Restaurant owners are giving increasing importance to products from organic farming. According to the Internoga barometer, vegetables are the main ingredients from organic farming and used by collective restaurateurs (***). Only these three products achieved a penetration rate of more than **%.

Source: ****

4.3 Prices

In company restaurants, the average ticket per meal and per customer is about €*.**. However, this price is higher in some large companies such as Pace (***)

Source: ****

Educational institutions

In schools and other educational institutions, the median ticket was about €*.** in primary school, and €*.** in secondary school. However, this varies by around ...


5.1 Food hygiene standards

The purpose of Regulation (***) No ***/**** on the hygiene of foodstuffs is to establish general hygiene rules applicable to all foodstuffs, through all companies in the food sector and at all stages of the human food chain.

Decree No. ****-**** of ** September ****, implementing Article L. ***-* of the Consumer Code with regard ...


6.1 Some actors in the sector

  • Compass Group Deutschland GmbH
  • Aramark Holdings GmbH & Co. KG
  • Sodexo Services GmbH
  • Klüh Catering GmbH
  • Apetito Catering
  • Dussmann-Service Deutschland
  • SV (Deutschland) GmbH
  • Wisag Catering Holding
  • Apleona Ahr Healthcare & Services
  • Primus Service
  • Leonardi
  • Genuss & Harmonie Holding
  • Procuratio
  • Victor’s Health Care Catering
  • Consortium Gastronomie GmbH

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