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The Collective Catering Market - Germany

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1.1 Introduction and scope of the study

Community catering is an industry that prepares and distributes meals within communities, companies or public institutions. In this sense, it includes, among other things, all catering services and productions for the benefit of private companies, school canteens, hospitals and other healthcare facilities , barracks and prisons, and finally in the event of a disaster.... [[ Dehoga ]

Community catering is divided into direct management (canteens and restaurants in facilities managed directly by the organization) and concessionary management when the same services are delegated by a service provider company This study will focus on the latter type of operation , which is the responsibility of the community caterers.

The German catering market is highly concentrated with two main companies in the industry Kompass Group and Aramark . Other local players on a smaller scale have developed in certain sectors, such as Klüh Catering for hospitals, or Sodexo for schools.

In an industry that is constantly changing and characterized by different consumer trends, we see a growing interest in "healthy" eating habits , as well as the development of other forms of out-of-home catering (meal delivery). In the face of these changes, the food service industry in Germany is struggling to develop, and the turnover of companies in the sector has increased only slightly since 2005 (0.8% annually) .

1.2 Sustainable global growth

The global communal catering market is experiencing steady growth momentum from **** to ****, as shown by the available data. The catering market, which reflects the overall performance of the industry, records an increase in sales in billions of dollars over the period under review. In ****, turnover will reach ***.* billion dollars, rising to ...

1.3 The German market

The market for communal catering in Germany is significantly influenced by the ** largest contract caterers, whose sales performance in the years **** to **** provides an interesting insight into the industry. The following data illustrates the financial performance in millions of euros for various segments:

Turnover development of the ** largest contract caterers Germany, ...

1.4 Price trends and the influence of the Ukraine conflict

Price trends in the canteen market in Germany are influenced by various factors, including geopolitical events such as the Ukraine conflict. An important indicator to understand the changes in canteen prices is the Consumer Price Index (***). In this section, we will look at the data from **** to **** and in particular analyze ...


2.1 Demand-driving sectors and determinants

The communal catering market in Germany is driven by three major sectors:

Company catering (***)

Hospitals and home catering (***)

Canteens/schools/daycare centers (***)

Company catering

Business catering is the largest sector of communal catering in Germany. It comprises the catering of employees in companies, public authorities and other organizations. The demand for ...

2.2 Development of demand / company catering

The available data on the number of medium-sized and large companies in Germany in the period from **** to **** shows interesting developments in the market for mass catering. Medium-sized companies, defined by up to *** employees and up to ** million euros in turnover, and large companies, which have either more than *** employees or ...

2.3 Development of demand/hospitals and nursing homes

To analyze the communal catering market in Germany, we look at the development of the number of nursing homes and hospitals in ****, **** and ****.

Number of nursing homes and hospitals Germany, ****-****, number in thousands Source: ****

*. Development of the number of nursing homes:

The number of nursing homes in Germany has ...

2.4 Development of demand/ universities

In the market analysis for the communal catering market in Germany, particularly in connection with universities, this graph shows the number of universities in the years ****/** to ****/**.

Number of universities Germany, ****-****

The data shows a relatively stable number of universities in Germany over the period under review. In ****/** and ****/**, the ...


3.1 A relatively concentrated market

In the period from **** to ****, the number of caterers in the German communal catering market showed a significant decline. In ****, there were still **.** thousand caterers, while this figure had fallen to **.** thousand by ****.

This downward trend indicates a consolidation of the market. Fewer players could indicate increased market concentration, with larger ...

3.2 Market leader on the German market

To gain an insight into the hierarchy of the leading companies in the German contract catering market, let's take a look at the **** data reflecting the number of contracts in different fields of activity.

Graphical representation of the largest catering companies in Germany by number of contracts in different fields of ...

3.3 Distribution

The catering service can be divided into two categories according to the method of serving food. The two types of systems are:

Conventional system: meals are prepared and cooked in the same facility where they are later distributed. Each kitchen therefore operates independently of the others, as all preparation takes place ...


4.1 The products offered

This data provides an insight into the variety of options on offer in communal catering in Germany in ****. The relevance of vegetarian and vegan alternatives is particularly clear in company canteens and campus catering.

In company canteens, a veggie currywurst is offered as an alternative in almost **% of cases. This shows ...

4.2 New trends in offers

Foodservice offerings are constantly evolving, not only to attract new customers, but also to provide better service and higher quality meals. Here are the main trends in the offerings:

Entico Street Food: Some companies operating in this industry have launched several ethnic cuisine projects to meet the demand for more appetizing ...

4.3 Prices

The chart shows the price trend by court category at canteens in German cities in ****. The average prices per court (***) vary considerably between cities:

Prices by court category at canteens in German cities Germany, ****, price in € per dish Source: ****

The average total prices range from €*.** in Regensburg to €*.** in Hamburg. A ...


5.1 Laws and regulations

The mass catering market in Germany is regulated by a large number of statutory regulations and standards. These regulations serve to protect the health and safety of consumers and to ensure a high standard of quality.

European regulations

The European Union has issued a number of regulations that apply to mass ...


6.1 Some players in the sector

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