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The wine bar market - Italy

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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

Wine bars represent one of the most elegant and refined expressions of contemporary wine culture, offering a unique experience for both novices and experts in the field. These venues, which specialize in the sale and tasting of wines, are distinguished by their ability to combine wine excellence with a welcoming and informative atmosphere. Customers can explore wide selections of wines, often accompanied by high-quality food products that enhance their flavors and characteristics. The growing popularity of wine bars reflects a broader interest in wine and its culture, fitting into a changing market environment.

By 2022, the global value of the wine market is estimated at $441.5 billion, signaling a robust and growing industry. Forecasts for 2023-2030 indicate a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 5.90 percent, suggesting that the global wine market could reach nearly $700 billion by 2030. This growth testifies to the growing global demand and the importance of the wine sector in the world economy.

Globally, the period between 2015 and 2022 saw a reduction in the total amount of wine produced, with a 6.8 percent decline from 277.1 million hectoliters to 258.3 million hectoliters. Despite this, Italy maintains its lead as the leading wine producer, contributing 19.3 percent of world production in 2022 and surpassing France and Spain. The three countries together account for more than half of the world's wine production, highlighting their central role in the global wine industry.

In Italy, wine production is characterized by remarkable diversity and quality, the result of a wide range of grape varieties and winemaking techniques. The country is renowned for the production of red and white wines, both still and sparkling, each with unique characteristics related to the terroir and methodologies adopted. This enological richness contributes to Italy's reputation as a world leader in the wine industry.

Increasing climatic instability poses a significant challenge to the sector, causing wide fluctuations in annual production. However, this variability also underscores the importance of innovation and adaptability in the wine industry. Wine bars, as an integral part of this ecosystem, play a crucial role in promoting knowledge and appreciation of quality wines, offering consumers the opportunity to discover the diversity and richness of Italy's and the world's wine heritage.

1.2 Global market analysis

A global wine market value of $***.* billion is estimated for ****. A modest compound annual growth rate(***) of *.** percent is forecast for ****-****. The global wine market is projected to be close to $*** billion in ****.

Wine Market World, ****-****, in billions of dollars Vantagemarket*.research

Regarding wine production, globally between **** and **** there ...

1.3 The Italian market

Between **** and **** we see a tendentially unchanged wine production of **.* million hectoliters. However, analyzing individual vintages shows an increase between **** and **** of *.* percent, a subsequent decline between **** and ****(***). Increasing climate instability presents important consequences for the sector, leading to wide fluctuations in production between years.

Wine production Italy, ****-****, in millions ...

1.4 Import and Export Analysis

To visualize foreign market trends, consider HS Code **** "Wines of fresh grapes, including fortified wines."

Italy can be defined as a net exporter of wine. Between **** and ****, the export coverage ratio, determined by the ratio of exports to imports multiplied by ***, is always above ****%, fluctuating between ****.*% and ****.*%. Specifically, during the period ...

1.5 Impact of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in February **** had major repercussions on the Italian economic system. The sector related to the production and sale of wine is not exempt from the effects brought about by the outbreak of the conflict. Between January **** and December ****, the consumer price index for the purchase ...


2.1 Overview of demand

The period from **** to **** shows an increase in wine consumption in Italy; total consumption increased from **.* million hectoliters to **.* million hectoliters, representing a growth of *.* percent.

Wine consumption Italy, ****-****, in millions of hectoliters OIV

Between **** and ****, there was also an increase in the number of regular wine consumers in Italy. ...

2.2 Substitute consumption at the Wine-bar

Wine itself is not only a good-tasting alcoholic product, but it is also a symbol for consumers to accompany moments in their lives and social interaction. To understand what direct competitors to consider for the Wine Bar market, we must first start with the wine product and what its substitute products ...

2.3 Demand drivers

For the analysis of the drivers of wine demand in Italy, the distribution of consumers in different age groups and by professional status are considered.

Regarding the distribution of consumers in different age groups, those over ** gather the highest share of consumers, accounting for **.* percent of the national total. They are ...

2.4 Distribution of demand

In order to analyze the geographic distribution of wine demand in Italy, two maps were drawn up that illustrate, respectively, the distribution of wine consumers and the average monthly expenditure per household in the different Italian macro-regions.

The map regarding the distribution of wine consumers shows that the Northwest stands out ...

2.5 Decisive figures in the industry


2.6 New demand trends

Consumer interest in alcohol-free and low-alcohol wines is growing, reflecting a shift in drinking habits and preferences. This trend is driven in part by increased health awareness, environmental concerns, and demand for fresher, lighter styles of beverages. Consumers, especially younger generations, are showing a growing interest in healthier and more responsible ...


3.1 Market structure and dynamics

To visualize the size of the market under analysis, we consider Ateco Code **.**.**, comprising: catering with food service - activities of establishments of restaurants, fast-food outlets, delicatessens, fry shops, pizzerias, etc., which have seats - activities of establishments of breweries, pubs, wine bars and other similar establishments with a kitchen. From ...

3.2 Value Chain

The value chain and operation of the wine market and production and distribution in Italy are summarized below. As the Wine-Bar is among the distribution outlet of this larger market, their specific value chain is given below:

3.3 Wine production

When it comes to grape production, between **** and **** the area under vines present in Italy increased from ***,*** hec tares to ***,*** hectares, representing a growth of *.* percent. The growth appears to be constant during the entire period, with the exception of only ****(***).

Area planted with vines Italy, ****-****, in thousands of ...

3.4 Main actors

In Italy, a land of ancient wine traditions, wine bars are popular meeting places for locals and tourists alike to discover and taste quality wines. Here are some of the country's most famous wine bars, each with its own distinctive characteristics:


4.1 Overview of the Offering

In Italy, wine production is distinguished by its diversity and quality, with a wide range of types that vary in color, body, taste, and production methodology.Each grape variety gives the wine unique characteristics, both in terms of aroma and taste, which are further influenced by the specific terroir and winemaking ...

4.2 Prices

To analyze price trends related to wine consumption in Italy, consumer price indexes over the period ****-**** are analyzed for * different product types.

Table wines

Between **** and ****, the price index for table wine consumption shows an increase of *.* points, equal to average price increase of*.*%. Specifically, it shows a *% increase between ...

4.3 Online wine shops

Online buying particularly involves the wine industry. Consumers are happily embracing the idea of buying wine through online wine stores, and responses from wine retailers are growing steadily. In this context, however, consumer habits do not simply reflect the traditional shopping experience; in fact, in an increasingly competitive environment, it is ...


5.1 Rules and regulations

The following is the essential regulatory overview for the wine bar industry:

Business licenses and authorizations: Legislative Decree **/****: regulates the activities of serving food and beverages and the sale of alcohol.

Sale of alcohol: Law ***/****: measure to prevent and combat excessive and harmful consumption of alcohol (***). Article *** of the Penal Code: ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • Signorvino
  • Enoteca Pinchiorri
  • Cantina della Vetra
  • Ai Tre Scalini
  • Le Volpi e l'Uva

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The wine bar market - France

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