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Update 13/12/2019


1.1 Definition and presentation

Beer is an alcoholic beverage made from four ingredients:

  • Water
  • Barley malt (derived from cereals)
  • Yeast
  • Hops

The origins of beer are very ancient and date back to about 5000 years ago in Asia, a period in which the drink was used mainly with religious and ritual significance.

In Italy, beer has played a secondary role for centuries, the Italians in fact appreciated wine more, until the mid-nineteenth century the consumption of beer was limited to real fans, but already at the end of the century there were about 140 business enterprises. Since then, the path of beer has changed considerably, and in the last ten years has shown a steady growth in Italy. Despite the preferences of Italians for wine remain, beer is one of the most produced, exported and consumed drinks in the territory. Once again in fact in 2018 there was a growth in per capita consumption of beer, a beverage that is gradually conquering a greater number of fans, without discrimination on grounds of gender or age.

The Italian beer market will be gradually influenced by considerable transformations regarding the conceptual (meaning) and functional (consumption habits) equivalence of the drink, by demographic changes and by the growing position occupied by artisan production in the heart of Italians.

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