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The global pizza market continues to experience growth, particularly in the Asia Pacific, China, and Latin America regions. Despite its maturity, the European market remains a strong player, especially in Spain, where the market dynamics are vigorous with several billion euros in turnover and sustained growth in pizzeria chains, especially due to the popularity of home delivery services. Notably, international chains such as Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Papa John's are significant in Spain, with a notable presence of independent pizzerias accounting for a considerable market share. The Spanish market reflects consumer trends favoring fast food expenditures and a shift towards healthier, more customized food options, including gluten-free and light pizzas. Major franchises have shown marked success and are pursuing strategies for expansion and consolidation, such as Telepizza's alliance with Pizza Hut in Latin America, while maintaining a stronghold in the Spanish market. Regulatory frameworks ensure hygiene and safety standards for food preparation and sales are met, supporting the market's orderly development..### Analysis of the Pizza Market Trends in Spain In Spain, pizza is not just a dish; it's an ingrained part of the culinary culture. The Spanish pizza market, valued at several billion euros, is vibrant and growing, fueled by both the proliferation of sales outlets and the rising popularity of home delivery services. The market itself is a mix of myriad independent pizzerias and a handful of large international players such as Domino's Pizza, Papa John's Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Telepizza, many of which operate their establishments as franchised entities. These chains are experiencing significant growth, with figures estimating at around 20% of the market value share, and Telepizza leading with a commanding market share close to 60%, followed by Domino's Pizza which holds around 15%. The graph showing growth rates of pizza markets worldwide in 2018 illustrates a swift expansion, particularly in the Asia Pacific, China, and Latin America markets. However, despite a lower growth rate of 5.9%, Western Europe, including Spain, maintains a robust position, owning the second-largest market value behind the United States, totaling around 47 billion euros. The number of franchised fast food establishments has seen a steep increase since 2010, reaching between 3200 and 3700 by 2018. With that expansion, turnover has similarly swelled from nearly 2.2 billion euros to approaching 3 billion euros. The graph detailing the openings and closures of franchised establishments in 2017 pinpoints pizzerias at the forefront, with around 115 openings and 33 closures, showcasing a dynamic and bustling market segment. Spaniards' lifestyles play a significant role in the market's success, with Spain leading in Europe for money spent on dining out. This proclivity aligns with the increasing trend towards home delivery, where services like Telepizza have reported higher growth in home delivery sales compared to in-restaurant sales. Dominating the Spanish pizza market are three leading global pizza chains marking their presence, alongside a vast array of independent outlets. A mix of downtime pizzerias and chains line Spain's food landscape, with franchises covering nearly three-quarters of the fast-food establishment scene. In terms of production, the pizza spans a wide range, from traditional classics to gourmet, gluten-free, and light options. The cost of production extends beyond raw materials, folding in the expenses for kitchen equipment, rent, utilities, and labor. As for distribution channels, pizzerias primarily chase in-store sales for both on-site consumption and takeaway. Nevertheless.### Dominant Forces and Key Competitors in the Spanish Pizza Market Landscape As we bite into the flavorful world of pizzas in Spain, we find a vast array of actors stretching their dough in the competitive culinary landscape. Among the international pizza chains, the Spanish market boasts the presence of global giants like **Telepizza**, which commands a significant share of the market with its widespread presence across the country. Alongside, **Domino's Pizza** tosses its American heritage into the mix, offering a variety of pizzas that resonate with a large consumer base. **Papa John's**, with its promise of "better ingredients, better pizza," adds to the international flavor, while **Pizza Hut** brings its iconic red roofs and a range of crusts and toppings to Spanish aficionados of this beloved Italian dish. Spain also cherishes its homegrown pizza enterprises, with national chains like **Pizza Móvil** offering a localized touch to pizza enthusiasts. **Sapri Pizza** and **Pizza Leña** join the fray with their distinct menu offerings catering to the unique tastes of the Spaniards. **Hello Pizza**, **Buona Pizza**, and **Pizzerías Carlos** demonstrate the diversity in the market with their innovative concepts and fresh ingredients. The **PaPizza** brand further illustrates the dynamism within the national scene, providing variety for the country's pizza connoisseurs. Independent pizzerias such as **Pizzeria Española**, **Pizza Circus**, **Ubi de La Vega**, and **Cheers** represent the quintessence of localized tastes and personalized experiences. These establishments deliver a hands-on approach to pizza-making, often tailoring their offerings to suit the regional palates and embracing the cultural nuances of Spanish cuisine. This vibrant mix of international franchises, national chains, and independent pizzerias paints a picture of a Spanish pizza market that is both global and deeply rooted in local tradition. Each player brings its unique flavor to the table, contributing to a market that continues to grow, innovate, and satisfy the diverse tastes of pizza lovers throughout Spain.
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1 Market summary

1.1 Introduction

Pizza is a traditional Italian dish made from a spread bread dough covered with tomato coulis, accompanied by various ingredients and baked in the oven, and whose recipe is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The pizza market includes the following independent restaurants and the specialized restaurant chains in the local marketing, takeaway or delivery of pizzas.

The pizza sector is particularly fragmented. A large number of independent pizzerias are present on the market alongside a few major international players and brands, most often organised as franchises

The global pizza market, dominated by the United States and then Europe, is in full global growth . Global players in this market include Domino's Pizza, Papa John's Pizza, Pizza Hut and Little Caesars

In Spain, the pizza market represents several billion euros and the turnover of pizzeria chains is growing . The Spanish market is dynamic, particularly driven by the opening of new physical sales outlets and the p opularity of home delivery services





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Pizza Móvil
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Allô Pizza
Pizza Buona
Pizzería Carlos
Pizzeria Española

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