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The global seafood market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 2.5% from 2020 to 2027, eventually reaching a market value of USD 194 billion. This growth is driven by factors such as the rising world population, increased disposable income, and changing consumer preferences. Despite these growth indicators, challenges like the depletion of marine species and overexploitation have led to a decline in ecologically sustainable fish stocks from 90% in 1974 to 66% in 2017. Per capita fish consumption has risen steadily from 6 kg in 1950 to 20 kg in 2018. The European seafood market saw its trade value surge by 74% since 2009, reaching €59.53 billion in 2018. Spain stands out as a particularly dynamic market within Europe, with significant local consumption and leading in per capita fish consumption after Portugal. The country relies heavily on imports, making it a net importer with a seafood market import value of around $912 million in 2019. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the industry, causing a downturn in demand, supply chain constraints, and a shift from fresh to frozen and packaged fish products, reflecting a change in consumer behavior and market dynamics..Title: "Navigating the Waters of Spain's Fish and Seafood Consumption: Trends and Figures" In recent times, Spain's fish and seafood market has exhibited a remarkable vibrancy, driven by the country's strong appetite for marine products. This predilection for seafood is mirrored by the substantial numbers; Spaniards are considered second only to the Portuguese in Europe when it comes to per capita consumption, with an impressive annual rate exceeding 45 kilograms per person. Such a high consumption rate is indicative of the cultural and culinary importance of seafood in the Spanish diet. The Spanish market for fish and seafood has been valued at roughly between 8 and 9 billion euros, underscoring the industry's economic significance. Notably, fresh fish remains the preferred choice, accounting for around 60% of sales by value. Yet, the tide seems to be slowly turning towards an increased share for frozen and chilled fish. One profound shift observed in recent years is the growing demand for packaged fish products, which, unlike the UK where packaging takes up 90% of the market, comprises about 35% in Spain. Annually, Spanish households typically allocate between 220 and 230 euros for seafood products, a slight uptick from the previous year. It's important to note, however, that despite the significant consumption of fish and seafood, meat consumption still trumps marine products, with Spaniards consuming an average surpassing 40 kilograms of animal proteins annually, more than the European average. Examining the fish types favored by Spaniards, a plethora of species hit the tables, with the likes of cod and various tunas topping the list, each representing tens of thousands of tonnes consumed annually. Salmon also enjoys popularity, with an upward trend in both volume and value. When it comes to out-of-home consumption, Spaniards have shown a gradual shift towards restaurant dining over the recent period, indicating a diversification in consumption habits. However, even with such shifts, the weekly consumption of fish slightly dwindled, although it remains significantly higher compared to the pan-European rates. In contrast to the broad tastes of consumers, the market for organic fish hasn't kept pace with the European average. Spanish consumption of organic fish hovers around a few thousand tonnes, markedly less than that of countries like the United Kingdom or Germany. The data speaks volumes about the intrinsic role seafood plays in the Spanish diet and lifestyle. With a market characterized by dynamism and evolving preferences, Spain continues to cherish its marine culinary heritage while subtly adjusting to new trends and market stimuli..### Key Players in the Spanish Fish and Seafood Market The Spanish fish and seafood market is a robust field marked by the presence of influential companies that significantly impact the supply chain, from sourcing and distribution to retail. Several noteworthy players have established a firm place within the market, demonstrating varied business models and specialization areas, which allow them to cater to diverse consumer demands and preferences. One of the market giants is Pescanova España SL, with its broad range of seafood products that have become household names across Spain. Known for its innovation and sustainability practices, Pescanova is a leader in the fishing industry, offering everything from fresh to frozen seafood varieties that meet the high standards of quality expected by Spanish consumers. Closely following Pescanova is Applied catering service demostración SL, another key wholesaler and distributor in the seafood market that provides an array of products with a strong focus on catering to the food service industry, including restaurants and hotels that demand premium quality seafood. The Iberica de congelados SA stands as a strong contender in the market, specializing in frozen seafood. Their expertise in preserving the freshness and flavor of their offerings has made them a go-to source for consumers seeking long-lasting, convenient seafood options. Grupo Profand SL enters the list as a significant player, with a focus on the trading and distribution of fresh, chilled, and frozen seafood products. Their dedication to quality and efficient distribution channels ensures that seafood products arrive in perfect condition to retailers and consumers alike. Distribuidora Mariscos Rodriguez SA is known for its expansive selection of seafood, including some of the finest catches from local and international waters. Their longstanding presence in the market often makes them the preferred choice for retailers looking for both variety and reliability. Caladero SL, with a strong reputation in the market, caters to a large segment of seafood consumers. Their focus on both the local catch and imported seafood ensures that their customers have access to a diverse range of products all year round. Atunes y lomos SL specializes in tuna products, positioned to meet the demand from both retail consumers and foodservice professionals. Their dedication to sourcing high-quality tuna has earned them a significant share in this specific segment of the market. Comercial Pernas SL has also carved out its identity as a respected distributor that offers an assortment of seafood products to various regions, banking on logistics and consistent service to retain customer satisfaction. Iceland seafood Iberica SA's presence in the market highlights its commitment to providing a variety of seafood options, tapping into its vast network to source
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1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of the study

The fish and seafood market covers the consumption and distribution of seafood products, which includes fish, seafood and shellfish. This market is dominated by a few leading wholesalers, who supply several thousand independent retail players.

The fish consumption is increasing sharply worldwide, mainly as a result of increased production, but also due to other factors such as improving distribution channels.

At the national level, the market is particularly dynamic, driven by significant local consumption. Spaniards remain the largest consumers of seafood in Europe. The consumption of fish is equally important, making Spain a particularly buoyant market.

While the vast majority of fish consumed in Spain is imported, Spain's imports of seafood products by value continues to grow, with an increase of greater than 6% in 2018. Domestic production is hanging on by relying on consumer appeal for product innovation and organic fish and seafood.


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  • Sales on the market for fish and fishery products
  • Global trends in the status of marine fish stocks
  • Use categories of fish and fishery products and per capita consumption
  • Development of octopus hunting in the main producing countries
  • Per capita consumption of fish in EU countries
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