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The global ready-made meals market has seen robust growth in recent years, with a projected annual growth rate of around 5.1% from 2022 to 2030, reaching an estimated market size of 244 billion euros in 2030. The market is largely dominated by frozen meals, which retained the largest market share in 2021, with frozen pizza being particularly popular. Canned meals are also on the rise, expected to see the fastest growth in this period. Supermarkets and hypermarkets continue to lead sales, accounting for around 60% of ready meal sales, while online sales exhibit significant growth. However, the ready-cooked meals market in Spain faced a 1.5% decline in 2020 due to the pandemic, with the HORECA sector suffering a collapse in demand. Despite this setback, sales recovered in 2021, and the market exceeded its 2019 level partially due to increased domestic consumption as Spaniards turned to ready-made meals while confined at home. Frozen meals, in particular, have increased in both consumption and price since 2018, with canned meals seeing the largest price hike of almost 19%. The market is responding to consumer health concerns with offerings that are lower in salt and saturated fats, and an increased presence of plant-based, ethnic, halal, and kosher options. Key players include both multinational brands and private labels, with the latter dominating in supermarkets and hypermarkets. Regulation-wise, there's strict adherence to EU and Spanish standards for ingredient traceability, safety, and labeling, especially for food additives and allergens. The main players in the Spanish market include Nestlé España, Grupo Campofrio, and retailers such as Mercadona, with significant sales figures reported for 2020 and 2021..Spanish Market Trends in Ready-Made Meal Consumption The Spanish market for ready-made meals has been dynamic, seeing fluctuations influenced by various factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, which significantly altered consumer behaviors. In Spain, such meals are largely categorized into chilled, frozen, and ambient meals, with a vast diversity in offerings that match the changing quality demands of consumers. Ready-made meals have infiltrated Spanish households, particularly due to the demand-driven by convenience. In 2021, production values for meat, fish, vegetable, pulses, pasta dishes, or frozen pizzas reached an impressive span between €3,600 and €3,700 million. However, this surge in home consumption could not fully compensate for the losses incurred from the collapse of the hotel, restaurant, and café sector sales due to government-imposed confinements. The frozen meals segment, particularly frozen pizza, continues to dominate the market both domestically and globally, with significant contributions to revenues. In contrast, canned meals have been identified as the fastest-growing category. Unsurprisingly, most ready meal sales occur through supermarkets and hypermarkets, which account for around 60%, followed by grocery stores and online channels. When examining consumer profiles, it is apparent that single-person households and urban residents have the highest per capita consumption of ready-made meals. In particular, Catalonia, Andalusia, and Madrid stand out for their consumption volumes. Spaniards' choices when short on time for cooking skew heavily towards ready-made meals, with nearly half opting for these convenient solutions. The average Spaniard dedicates approximately one to two hours daily for meal preparation, indicating a sizeable market for time-saving food solutions. Production in Spain is characterized by diversity, with both large multinationals and specialized companies contributing to the sector. Catalonia and Galicia are particularly prominent regions in terms of company presence. In the retail space, private labels play a crucial role, especially in the frozen and chilled food segments. As with many markets, the health and wellness trend continues to imprint on the ready-made meals sector. Companies are increasingly committing to reducing unhealthy components and offering a broad spectrum of products catering to various dietary needs, including plant-based, coeliac-friendly, and ethnic options, which are experiencing growth. In terms of regulations, Spanish authorities maintain stringent standards concerning labeling, safety, traceability, food additives, pesticide residues, and allergen identification to ensure consumer protection. The market is segmented across different players, from caterers to manufacturers and retailers. Some of the notable names in the sector include Martiko, Chef Select, Nest.### Key Players Shaping the Spanish Ready-Made Meals Market Landscape The Spanish ready-made meals market features a vibrant mix of caterers, manufacturers, and retailers, each contributing uniquely to the industry's growth and consumer appeal. Here's a closer look at some of the prominent entities: #### Caterers: - **Martiko**: A name synonymous with quality, Martiko stands out for its gourmet offerings that blend traditional flavors with modern culinary techniques. Its presence in the market highlights the demand for upscale, ready-made meal options that cater to discerning palates. - **Chef Select**: A versatile player in the ready-made meals segment, Chef Select offers a range of dishes that aim to deliver convenience without compromising on taste. Their products find a middle ground between the needs of busy individuals and the desire for home-style meals. - **Lafuente - Arte del Sabor**: As their name suggests, Lafuente is an artist of flavor. Specializing in crafting ready-made meals that showcase the richness of Spanish cuisine, Lafuente elevates quick dining to a gourmet experience. #### Manufacturers: - **Nestlé España**: A subsidiary of a global giant, Nestlé España brings international expertise to local favorites, offering a wide range of products that serve the needs of families looking for reliable and quick meal solutions. - **Grupo Campofrio**: One of the leading names in the food sector, Grupo Campofrio's expansive portfolio includes a variety of convenience foods, reflecting their adaptability and understanding of the ever-evolving consumer demands. - **Fleury Michon**: With an emphasis on quality, Fleury Michon's entry into the Spanish market highlights the growing interest in ready-made meals that prioritize nutritional balance alongside ease of preparation. - **Naturfrio Foods**: Naturfrio Foods focuses on delivering frozen meal options, ensuring that quality and freshness are retained from their freezer to your table. - **Findus España**: Renowned for their frozen food products, Findus España caters to a broad consumer base with their extensive range of ready-made meal options, from seafood to vegetable dishes. - **ElPozo**: With a strong heritage in the food industry, ElPozo has successfully diversified into the prepared meals sector, offering consumers the ease of pre-cooked options without straying from their commitment to quality. - **Vivaris**: Though lesser-known compared to its larger counterparts, Vivaris strives to make a mark with its unique offerings and commitment to catering to niche markets within the ready-made meals sector. #### Retailers
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1.1 Definition and presentation

Ready-made meals are prepared dishes that require very little preparation, or simply reheating before being eaten. Available in various forms (canned, vacuum-packed, etc.), ready-made meals have gradually invaded supermarket shelves. They correspond to a trend towards faster, more convenient consumption by consumers who spend less time preparing meals.

today, we are witnessing a diversification of recipes - both quantitatively and qualitatively - and of the foods used - meat, vegetables, seafood, fish - to suit new market segments with more demanding quality requirements.

Globally, the ready-made meals market has experienced strong growth in recent years, and is set to grow at an average rate of around 5.1% a year between 2022 and 2030.

In terms of sales to households, supermarkets and hypermarkets account for around 60% of ready meal sales, grocery stores for around a quarter of sales, while online sales are the third-largest sales channel in absolute terms, but show the strongest growth.

In Spain, the ready-cooked meals market is traditionally split between chilled meals, which represent the largest market segment by value, frozen meals, which rank second, and other types of meal, which account for less than 20% of the total. The ready-cooked meals market declined in 2020.

Sales to hotels, restaurants and cafés collapsed following the confinements imposed by the Spanish government. conversely, sales to private consumers soared, as Spaniards, trapped in their homes, began to consume more ready-made meals. However, this craze was not enough to offset the loss of revenue generated by hotels and restaurants: the market shrank by 1.5% over the period. Sales recovered well in 2021, however, and the market exceeded its 2019 level. Aided by sanitary relaxations, the market was also able to count on sustained household demand.

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Latest news

Fleury Michon, the king of ham, bets on plant-based products with vegetable slices - 28/03/2024
  • - Fleury Michon sales: 795 million euros.
  • - Products offered: three legume-based products (coral lentils, chickpeas, white beans)
  • - Target market: 50% of consumers in France claim to be flexitarians.
  • - Annual decline in the pork ham market: 2% to 3% in volume since 2015
  • - Estimated supermarket delicatessen market for plant-based products: close to 150 million euros, up by around 3% in volume.
  • fleury Michon's "nitrite-free" market share: 62% of sales.
Nestlé sells its Natur baby food products to FNB - 06/02/2024
  • nestlé is the world's leading food company.
  • FNB is a French investment fund specialized in SMEs in the food sector.
  • Nestlé is in exclusive negotiations with FNB for the sale of its baby food business in France.
  • The products concerned are NaturNes baby foods, Babicao and Babivanille baby powders and the P'tit yogurt range.
  • These products are manufactured at the Arches plant.
  • Worldwide sales of Nestlé infant formulas have increased by more than 10%.
Nestlé France sells its baby food products to Mousline - 02/02/2024
  • Nestlé is negotiating exclusively with the French investment fund FnB the sale of its baby food business.
  • These include the ranges of soups, purees, desserts and breakfast powders under the NaturNes, Babicao and Babivanille brands, as well as the P'tit franchise.
  • Infant milks, the bulk of the portfolio - with Laboratoires Guigoz and Nestlé Nidal - remain in the Nestlé France fold.
  • The infant nutrition products that are the subject of this sale are produced in a factory in the Vosges region of France that employs 230 people.
  • FnB, the potential buyer, specializes in supporting French SMEs in the food industry.
  • The baby food market fell by 6% in volume last year in France due to the falling birth rate, with a sharper decline in milks than in diversification foods.
  • Nestlé has 14 factories in France.
80 Carrefour hypermarkets operated under franchise or leasing agreements - 14/11/2023
  • On October 20, Carrefour announced its intention to switch 37 stores (comprising 15 hypermarkets and 21 supermarkets) to lease management.
  • Since 2018, 80 hypermarkets have left integrated status, representing around a third of all hypermarkets.
  • Around 75% of supermarkets (784 out of 1038) are currently leased or franchised.
Carrefour to lease out 37 stores - 21/10/2023
  • Carrefour plans to lease out 37 new stores in 2022, 16 hypermarkets and 21 supermarkets.
  • Around 4,000 employees affected
  • The company launched an outsourcing program in 2018.
  • The number announced is in line with previous years: 41 stores (including 16 hyper) in 2023, 43 stores (including 16 hyper) in 2022, and 47 stores (including 10 hyper) in 2021.
  • Since Alexandre Bompard took over as CEO, 305 stores, including 80 hypermarkets, have been outsourced, affecting more than 23,000 employees.
Food: Carrefour joins forces with seven manufacturers to promote plant-based products - 07/09/2023
  • The aim of the international coalition to accelerate sales of plant-based alternatives is to achieve joint sales of 3 billion euros in this niche by 2026.
  • Carrefour's share will be 500 million euros, a 60% increase on today's figure.
  • Plant-based alternatives represented a market worth 553 million euros in 2022
  • Sales of plant-based products are enjoying double-digit growth.

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