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The barbecue and plancha market - Spain

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1.1 Definition and presentation

Barbecues and planchas are instruments with grills and spits for outdoor cooking. Most barbecues are charcoal-fired, but some electric models are also popular with Spaniards. Barbecues and planchas are mainly used for meat, although the cooking of vegetables, mushrooms and other preparations is gaining ground.

Worldwide, the North American market accounts for more than half of the global market. Barbecues and planchas are extremely widespread in American pavilions. The USA is home to powerful barbecue and plancha manufacturers such as Weber-Stephen Products, which has taken advantage of the very sharp rise in demand for barbecues linked to the confinements in 2020 and 2021. The company announced sales growth of 62% in the first quarter of 2021 and went public in August 2021. In Europe, Germany and France are the two leading markets, and sales of barbecues in France exceed 2 million units a year.

The Spanish market for barbecues has been strongly boosted by the appearance of covid-19. The increase in time spent at home and the spread of telecommuting have enabled employees to enjoy barbecuing more frequently. The Spanish market features DIY superstores like Leroy Merlin, as well as specialist brands like Moulinex and increasingly popular online specialists like mibarbacoa. com. the market is highly seasonal, with demand peaking in summer and depending on the weather.

1.2 Global market

In ****, the global market size for barbecues and other grills was US$*.* billion. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of +*. *% throughout the decade, reaching sales of US$* billion in ****. Gas-fired barbecues will remain in the majority in ****, accounting for **% of market share. However, electric grills are expected to ...

1.3 Spanish market

INE data give a broad idea of the size of the market for barbecues and planchas. Indeed, CNAE code ****: "Fabricación de hornos y quemadores" covers all equipment used for cooking and grilling food. In ****, this industry generated revenues of €***.* million. This enables us to offer a high estimate of the ...

1.4 International trade

A significant proportion of barbecue manufacturing is outsourced, for cost-cutting reasons. Data provided by UN Comtrade in ****, show that Spain imported $** million worth of cooking appliances (***). These figures exclude electric barbecues, which account for less than **% of market value. The data analyzed are grouped under HS code *****: "Cooking appliances and plate ...

1.5 Consequences of Covid-19

Confined to their homes and unable to travel, Spaniards have tended to increase their spending on home furnishings and equipment since the start of the health crisis. Barbecue sales, for example, have jumped by **% since the beginning of the decontamination period. Meanwhile, the Mercadona supermarket chain reported a +**% increase in sales ...


2.1 Demand from Spanish households

Barbecues are very common in Spain. By ****, * in * households will own a barbecue. Whereas in the past, this type of grill was used almost exclusively in summer, it would seem that **% of Spaniards are now accustomed to using them all year round.

Barbecue use by day of the week Spain, ****, % (***) Source: ...

2.2 Mediterranean and summer cuisine

Barbecuing is so popular in Spain because it's ideal for cooking typical Mediterranean foods, such as meats, tomatoes and vegetables (***).

What does summer taste like? Spain, ****, % Source: ****


3.1 Entrepreneurial structure

Thanks to INE data, it is possible to count the number of companies active in the manufacture of ovens and other grills (***). They rose from ** to ** between **** and ****, a jump of +**%. This is a dynamic industry.

number of manufacturers of ovens and other grills Spain, ****-****, units Source: ****

Gross operating surplus ...

3.2 Employees

Between **** and ****, the number of full-time equivalent workers (***). As the figures are fairly close, we can conclude that part-time work is very rare in this sector.

number of employees by accounting method Spain, ****-****, units Source: ****

The number of hours worked has followed this employment dynamic, with an increase of +*% in ...

3.3 Supermarket distribution

The bulk of sales of barbecues, planchas and other grills take place in supermarkets, whether they are general retailers like Carrefour or Alcampo, or Home & Garden specialists like Leroy Merlin. General retailers make extremely low-cost products available. They lower prices before the summer to attract consumer attention. in the summer of ...


4.1 Typology of barbecues and planchas

Depending on the type of product, barbecues and other grills are more or less flexible in use, and more or less expensive. The most expensive is to have a real barbecue built in stone or brick, since this is a masonry work.

Source: ****

Barbecues can be divided into those powered by ...

4.2 Benchmark

Within each product category, there are major differences . These differences may be due to product quality, plate surface , cart, lid or accessories. Even within the same brand, you'll find very different models in terms of price. For Weber charcoal barbecues, for example, there are more than a dozen different products, ranging ...


5.1 User safety regulations

Solid-burning barbecues (***):

Appliances, solid fuels and firelighters for solid-burning barbecues must be approved by LNE or CTIF accredited laboratories in accordance with European standards EN-****[***] :

Specifies requirements for solid-burning barbecues (***); Specifies requirements and test methods for charcoal and charcoal briquettes for barbecues; Specifies safety, performance, packaging and marking requirements, as well ...


6.1 Segmentation

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The barbecue and plancha market - France

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