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The Spanish postcard and greeting card market, adapting to shifts in consumer preferences toward digital communication, has seen declining demand for traditional mailing, with letter and postcard volume decreasing by 11% between 2018 and 2019. Despite this, the overall postal market, driven by parcel revenue, grew by 9% reaching €5.3 million in 2019. The tourism industry remains a vital segment for postcards, with Spain being a top tourist destination. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, there was an unexpected surge in greeting card sales as people sought more personal ways to connect with loved ones during lockdowns, contradicting the previous downward trend. Additionally, the industry is experiencing innovation through personalized online services allowing consumers to send physical cards using digital platforms, as well as a focus on sustainability with eco-friendly production methods. In terms of foreign trade, Spain imported $10.5 million worth of postcards in 2019, with the Netherlands and China as top exporters. Exports were valued at $2.25 million, with Germany, Italy, and France being the main recipients. The pandemic's impact prompted a renewed interest in traditional cards as a means of keeping in touch, with sales tripling in some stores compared to 2019. Despite the rise of free digital alternatives, companies like Famileo and MyPostcard are successfully blending digital convenience with the sentimentality of physical cards..Title: The Transformative Shift in Spain's Communication Preferences In recent years, Spain has experienced a notable pivot in communication practices, with digital means increasingly supplanting traditional forms of postal correspondence. Analysis shows that a significant portion of the younger population has moved away from sending postcards and greeting cards through conventional mail, opting instead for the immediacy and convenience offered by digital platforms. This digital adoption is underscored by statistics revealing that only around 28% of people have received personal letters in the past six months, a stark contrast to the two-thirds who regularly receive company correspondence. Despite this digital surge, the physical postcard and greeting card market in Spain persists, primarily driven by the tourist industry and cultural events. Tourism, in particular, spurs the postcard segment, given that Spain is a top global destination, having welcomed between 80 and 85 million visitors in a recent year. Postcards themed with tourist attractions and cultural depictions remain popular souvenirs among visitors. Yet, the volume of postcards and letters sent through traditional mail has declined, with a notable drop of 11% between 2018 and 2019. Meanwhile, the demand for parcel delivery has soared, rising between 16 and 18% annually over several recent years, buoyed by the burgeoning e-commerce sector. Despite the decrease in letter volume, postal service revenue soared by almost 20% to approximately €4.8 billion, reflecting the growing emphasis on value-added parcel services. While the specialized greeting card segment remains active, consumer behavior demonstrates a strong inclination towards digital services for event invitations and announcements, particularly weddings. This preference leverages the ease of customization and convenience that online platforms offer. In conclusion, the market for traditional cards and letters in Spain, while contracting, persists due to tourism and cultural attachments. Nonetheless, the overarching trend favours digital communication methods, which have profoundly restructured the landscape of personal and commercial correspondence in the country..### Prominent Players Shaping the Card and Postcard Industry Landscape The card and postcard market encompasses a plethora of entities ranging from manufacturing and distribution to specialized service providers. Diving into the diverse world of cards, we encounter various companies, each with a unique role in maintaining the industry's vibrancy. #### Production and Distribution Giants Leading the charge in production and distribution of greeting cards is *Tarjetas Mundo Azúl*, a company known for its creative designs catering to various occasions. This brand, alongside postcard editors like *Guillermo UHL* and *Joan Unal y Ala*, contributes to the vast collection of postcards that reflect cultural richness and diversity. #### Retail Powerhouses When it comes to retail, *El Corte Inglés* and *Correos* are the go-to destinations for customers looking for a wide selection of greeting cards. These establishments, together with *Fnac* and regional giant *Hallmark España*, ensure that whether it's celebrating a birthday or commemorating an anniversary, the people of Spain have their needs covered. #### Pioneers in Online Customization *Canva*, *Kisseo*, and the state-owned *Correos* have tapped into the online realm offering innovative services that allow consumers to personalize their cards with ease. These digital platforms are revolutionizing the industry by blending the charm of traditional postcards with the convenience of modern technology. #### Champions of Sustainability Recognizing the growing environmental consciousness among consumers, some companies are leading the way towards eco-friendly products. *Correos*, in partnership with *unicef*, offers green cards that boast eco-centric production processes, furthering the trend towards sustainability in the world of cards. #### Specialized Service Forerunners *Myron Manufacturing Corp*, *Cosas Recordadas*, *Funky Pigeon*, *Card Factory*, *Shutterfly*, and *Cimpress* (with its well-known brand *Vistaprint*) represent the specialized service sector, providing personalized solutions. From business cards to custom USBs, these companies demonstrate the niche capabilities that cater to specific customer demands. #### Innovators in Occasion-based Offerings For special occasions such as weddings, companies like *HelloPrint*, *Faireparterie*, and *Celebrate Company* have carved out a segment dedicated to crafting customized invitations and announcements, an essential for life's monumental events. #### Digital Trendsetters and Competitors Emerging players like *Famileo* and *
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1.1 Presentation

Letters and cards have been a means of communication between men and women for centuries. In the form of a simple piece of paper with a message and an envelope, the system worked until the 19th century, when the postcard was invented. With the advent of the postcard and a more sophisticated postal system, a new range of possibilities developed in the type of messages people could share with their loved ones, and increasingly sophisticated formats appeared.

Today, new online tools have taken over a large part of the market, and have pushed incumbent companies to find innovative ways of attracting customers to use this ancient but more personal service.

The greetings card market in Spain can be divided into 2 segments, both covering production, distribution and sales:

  • Postcards: Cards that usually have an image to illustrate a place or emotion, and are intended to be sent or shared by post.
  • Greeting cards: Cards that offer a more detailed format and generally embody an emotion or greeting for a special moment (birthday, wedding...).

The postcard market in Spain has been struggling for over a decade, with a young population using digital media to share and celebrate special moments with friends and family.

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Percentage of people who have sent and received letters from individuals in the last six months
  • Number of letters sent in Europe's main postal markets
  • The world's top tourist destinations
  • Greeting card market share
  • How do Spaniards invite their nearest and dearest to their weddings?
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El Corte Inglés exceeds 1 billion euros in profit by 2022 - 18/04/2023

  • Increase in operating profit between 2021-2022 and 2022-2023: 20%.
  • Net profit excluding extraordinary events for the 2019-2020 financial year: 310 million euros.
  • Approximate total net profit for fiscal year 2022-2023: 1 billion euros.

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Sociedad Estatal Correo y Telegrafos SA.
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Grandes Almacenes FNAC España SA
Cimpress Espana S.L.
Tarjetas Mundo Azul S.L.
Graficas Rotativas S.A. (GR Impressors)
Emelar Artes Graficas S.L.
Navaprint Graficas S.L.
Zemog Tarjetas S.L
Hallmark Cards Iberica S.A.
Cheerz - Cewe

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