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1.1 Presentation and definition of the dietary supplements market

A dietary supplement is a natural bioactive substance concentrated with nutrients, presented in simple or combined form, marketed in doses (capsule, lozenge, tablet, powder, ampoule, bottle with drops, etc.) whose objective is to supplement the normal diet. Emblematic of the development of nutrition-health, food supplements have been increasingly successful for several years in segments as diverse as slimming, stress-sleep, digestion, circulation, or sports.

Food supplements are divided into vitamins and minerals (vitamins A, B, C, D, calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.), supplements based on plants (valerian, hawthorn, harpagophytum) and substances with physiological or nutritional purposes (Omega-3 for example).

The profiles of the people consuming these products are very different, but we essentially find individuals with bad eating habits (unbalanced diet, poor in fruits and vegetables), people following a specific diet to lose weight, people with a high level of obesity, sportsmen, people over fifty years old, women of childbearing age, children under five years old, people who protect themselves from the sun and vegan people.

Globally, the market is experiencing strong growth that appears to be sustainable as forecasts call for a CAGR of 8.2% between 2020 and 2027. The growing awareness of the importance of food, combined with increasingly busy lifestyles, is driving the demand for these products.

The Spanish market is also experiencing significant growth, even though it remains limited in value compared to its European neighbors. Distribution is mainly through pharmacies and supermarkets, but also on the Internet. As for manufacturers, we differentiate between companies specialized in food supplements and those operating in the broader segment of dietetic nutrition.

New trends are emerging as European and national regulations evolve to allow better development of these products. Brands also tend to rely on scientific evidence to justify the benefits of their products and establish a relationship of trust with the consumers.

1.2 The growing world market

Synadiet estimates the global market size at $***.* billion in ****, growing *.*% from ****.

More optimistic forecasts call for a CAGR of *.*% per year between **** and ****, with the market expected to generate approximately $***.* billion globally in ****, an increase of **% in * years.

Global dietary supplements market size World, ****-*****, in billion dollars Source: ****

The growing ...

1.3 A growing Spanish market

Sales of the diet products market Spain, **** - ****, in millions of euros Source: ****

The Spanish dietetic products market (***) is growing at an average rate of over *% during the period under review. According to the latest available estimates, it will reach *.*** billion euros in ****.

Breakdown between dietary supplements and other dietary products Spain, ...

1.4 Foreign trade in food supplements

It is complicated to study dietary supplements as a whole because this segment includes a wide variety of products classified under different customs codes. However, we can analyze part of it and observe, for example, trade in vitamins and provitamins, which make up a large part of food supplements and are ...

1.5 The impact of covid-19 on the market: increase in online sales and certain products

Increase in online sales

The closure of physical outlets during the first containment in March **** has logically led to a shift in sales through the digital channels that remained available. Although distribution in Spain is mainly through pharmacies, online sales have also increased significantly. As the Spanish Agency for Food Safety ...


2.1 Various consumer profiles

A study by the Spanish Heart Foundation conducted on *** people indicates that in ****, **.*% of Spaniards would be willing to consume food supplements. The majority would do so for health reasons (***).

For what reasons would you be willing to consume dietary supplements? Spain, ****, as a percentage of those surveyed Source: ****

The profiles ...

2.2 A demand driven by an interest in dietetics and a desire to compensate for an unbalanced diet

The consumption of dietary supplements is largely due to the fact that Spaniards consume too little fruit and vegetables. In fact, according to the website Cinco al Día, only **% of Spaniards claim to consume the recommended * daily fruits and vegetables. This phenomenon affects young people in particular, since according to ...

2.3 Greater demand for certain products

Some products are more popular than others in Spain, according to a study by the Fundación Española del Corazón. Vitamins and calcium are the most consumed products with respectively **% and **.*% of Spaniards consuming them in ****.

Vitamins are the most popular products due to the diversity of products that ...


3.1 A market where competition varies by product

The dietary supplements industry includes several stages and several actors, as illustrated below.

Source: ****

First, ingredient suppliers produce raw materials, namely nutrients, but also flavors or dyes that will compose the dietary supplements.

From these ingredients, the producers manufacture the food supplements. There are two types of producers: the manufacturers who ...

3.2 Highly regulated production methods

The production of dietary supplements itself includes several stages, the details of which may vary depending on the type of product manufactured [***] :

Reception of ingredients Storage: includes the quarantine of products to be controlled before acceptance, the storage of raw materials, work in progress and finished products as well as buffer ...

3.3 Products are distributed through pharmacies and supermarkets

The dietary supplements sector in Spain is now considered a mass market that is gradually being incorporated into the large distribution chains. Mainly distributed in pharmacies and parapharmacies when they first appeared, today it is easy to find them on the shelves of supermarkets, with an increasingly large offer.

In ****, **% of ...

3.4 The Internet channel, a new privileged field for marketing and distribution

The development of information technology, especially social networks and e-commerce sites, is completely changing the way producers and distributors of dietary supplements bring their products to the public, work on their brand image and distribute their products.

According to the Spanish union of manufacturers and distributors of dietary products and dietary ...

3.5 Growth in the number of manufacturers and distributors

Number of manufacturers and distributors of food supplements Spain, **** - ****, in number Source: ****

From **** to ****, it can be seen that the number of manufacturers has grown faster than the total number of companies in the market (***) in comparison. This increase in the number of companies present in the sector reflects the ...


4.1 Several categories of food supplements

We generally distinguish * categories of food supplements:

Vitamins and minerals: most vitamins, excluding vitamin D, are not synthesized in their natural state by the human body, and must therefore be present in our diet. To do this, these vitamins are extracted from various foods and concentrated in various pharmaceutical forms: oral ...

4.2 Prices that vary according to the product

Prices vary greatly depending on the type of dietary supplements, the packaging in which they are sold (***), the brand, the point of sale, etc. We will take a few examples for each type of food supplement.

Vitamins and minerals

A package of Robis Complemento Alimenticio ** Cápsulas costs **.** € (***). It contains mainly ...

4.3 Innovations are supported by research

The trends of the offer concern * main axes relayed by Natac Group:

Scientific support for marketing arguments: After the publication of Regulation (***) ****/**** of the European Parliament and of the Council of ** December **** on nutrition and health claims made on foods. Health claims on products must be supported by scientific evidence and ...


5.1 The European regulatory framework

The European Union has established a series of regulations, through Directive ****/**/EC of the European Parliament, whose objective is to protect the health of consumers and to ensure the transparency of information provided on food supplements. This directive defines food supplements as foodstuffs whose purpose is to supplement the daily diet, ...

5.2 Changes in Spanish regulations

To make up for Europe's shortcomings on the issue, Spain has amended its regulation of food supplements in line with many of its European partners. A Royal Decree ***/**** of March **, amending the Royal Decree ****/**** of September ** on food supplements has been published. Although Directive ****/**/EC of the European Parliament and of ...



Companies specialized in food supplements

Lambert Espagnola S.L Solgar Ceregumil Prime Nature Bio-Dis España Orthonat Nutrition

Companies specialized in dietetic nutrition

Naturhouse Robis Dieticlar Solchem Natur-Import

Large generalist pharmaceutical groups

Reig Jofre

  • Lambert Espanola S.L
  • Solgar
  • Ceregumil
  • Prime Nature
  • Bio-Dis Espana
  • Orthonat Nutrition
  • Natur House
  • robis
  • Dieticlar
  • Solchem
  • Natur-Import
  • Reig Jofre

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