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The fish and seafood market - Italy

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1.1 Definition and presentation

The fish market covers the consumption and distribution of fish and seafood.

Fish consumption is increasing sharply worldwide, with growth in production on the one hand, followed by increasing consumption-mostly dictated by the development of ethnic cuisines and growing awareness of the benefits of fish-but also due to other factors such as improved distribution channels. Italy ranks first among European countries where the most fish is eaten.

In Italy, the fish market presents a fairly competitive scenario, counting numerous players within the entire supply chain. The situation is complicated by taking into account that Italy is a strong importer of fish, consequently the sales trend is in close dependence on the trend of landings in the territory, which witnessed a sharp decline in 2017 both in volume and value. In addition, the value chain appears uneven on the production side, while distribution seems to be oriented toward large-scale retail or local markets. Projections of market evolution are influenced by the increasing focus on health and sustainability on the consumer side and the progressive impact of innovation and technology on the supply side.

1.2 A steadily growing global market despite obstacles to expansion

According to Allied Market Research, the market for fish and seafood products is expected to grow at a CAGR of about *.* percent from ****-**** to reach $*** billion.

Globally, the market is benefiting from a number of factors that are driving demand. Among the factors driving demand growth are:

The steady increase ...

1.3 Zoom on the European Union

Source: ****

The table above shows which fish are the most consumed in the EU; we can see that tuna accounts for the largest share (***).

On the other hand, the highest self-sufficiency rate (***), the EU depends on imports from other parts of the world.

Fish consumption per capita by EU country European ...

1.4 The national market for fish and fish products

Italy is a strategic country in Europe and the world in terms of the sale of fish and fish products. As also seen in the previous part (***), Italy is the sixth country in Europe in terms of fish consumption.

The strength of the Bel Paese is also having a very well-developed ...

1.5 International trade

Italian trade with the world translates into imports and exports. As seen in Part *.*, Italy is among the world's largest importers, accounting for * percent of the total value. In concrete terms, in ****, the value of Italian imports was* *** *** *** USD.

As for exports, on the other hand, the value in **** was .*** *** *** USD. ...


2.1 Italian household spending

An Italian family, on average, spends the following on the purchase of seafood products, ECOiCop Code ****:

Spending on seafood products per household Italy, ****-****, in Source: ****

From the graph below, it can be deduced that in **** the average monthly expenditure of an Italian household on fish products was €**.**.

The European agency ...

2.2 The Italian consumer

According to the report published in **** by EUMOFA on the state of fish and fish products in Europe, Italian consumption of fish and fish products in **** was **.** kg per capita, a very slight increase of +*%.

Italian consumer spending on fish and fish products has been as follows over the past ...

2.3 Italians' seafood purchasing habits

The consumption of fish products enunciated in the previous part (***) covers all mixed consumption. However, there is to take into consideration that fish is consumed in different ways. The main ones are:

Seafood sales by channel Italy, ****, in % Source: ****

From the graph, however, it is clear that retail to the particulars ...


3.1 The Italian production of fish and fish products

The national output of all fish and fish products companies was as follows:

Sold production of fish and fish products Italy, ****-****, in billions of euros Source: ****

Note: Ateco Code **** retail trade in fish, crustaceans and molluscs was used to compile the graph above.

The graph above shows the evolution of ...

3.2 The companies in the industry

There were a total of **** companies distributing fish and fish products in Italy in ****. The breakdown of the chosen legal form is as follows:

Legal forms of companies distributing fish products Italy, ****, in % Source: ****

The Ateco Code of the companies in this sector used is **.**.

It can be seen from the ...

3.3 The most effective fishing system

Seven different types of fishing are practiced in the Mediterranean Sea:

Bottom trawling Fly Circumvention Hydraulic dredges Small-scale fishing Passive polyvalent Palanagari

The fishery of the most produced fish in Italy (***) is then broken down as follows regarding the type of fishery:

Source: ****

Note: M=million, m=thousand.

The table above ...


4.1 Seafood prices by type

Source: ****

4.2 The recognized PGI and PDO products

There are ** names registered under EU quality schemes in the seafood sector in ****. Two schemes refer to Geographical Indications (***).

More than two-thirds of the designations are PGIs, about a quarter are PDOs, and * percent are TSGs

The number of GIs has largely increased over the past decade, from ** PDOs and PGIs ...

4.3 Sustainable fishing

Fishing, and therefore all the products of the catch, have been the subject of several scandals in recent years. In fact, the environmental issue revolves a lot around this market, with great waste being carried out every year of fish products. From data published by WWF, in **** there were about ** percent ...


5.1 Primarily European fisheries legislation

European Fisheries Policy

Since ****, the Common Fisheries Policy (***) has regulated and organized the entire fisheries sector. Several reforms have been implemented, most recently in January ****.

According to the European Commission, the CFP covers four areas:

Fisheries management ; International policy; Markets and trade policy; Financing the policy.

Production quotas

European law established ...


6.1 Segmentation

Companies in the sector, more than *,***, are members of the Italian Fisheries Cooperative Alliance

  • Findus France
  • Coop
  • Leroy Sea Food
  • Iliopesca
  • Alemar

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