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1.1 Definition and scope of study

Construction brokerage is the activity of an intermediary between a customer (individual or company) with a construction project and professionals capable of carrying out the work. The aim of a works broker is to find the best-value craftsmen and materials suppliers for his customers.

In most cases, the work broker's mission ends when the estimate is presented to the customer. The customer can either accept or reject them. However, some building brokers offer additional services linked to project management. When the work begins, the broker can take on the role of project manager and monitor the progress of the work.

The construction brokerage market is closely linked to the BTP (Bâtiment et Travaux Publics) market , which encompasses all activities relating to the design and construction of public and private buildings , as well as their renovation. The dynamism of the building and civil engineering sector, and of the construction/renovation sector in general, is driving the development of the job brokerage market.

Construction brokerage is a relatively recent activity: according to the FFCT (Fédération Française du Courtage en Travaux), the job brokerage profession was born in the earlyaccording to the FFCT (Fédération Française du Courtage en Travaux), the works brokerage business was born in the early 2000s, and has not yet been assigned a specific APE code to identify all companies engaged in this activity as their main business.

In 2022, building renovation sales reached a record 166 billion euros. This exceptional performance was driven by new government incentives and standards for energy renovation, stimulating market demand. However, in 2023, the sector is facing a more difficult situation due to the international real estate crisis, the significant drop in sales in both existing and new-build properties, and inflation, which has severely impacted household purchasing power, despite the very successful years of 2021 and 2022.

The main players in the construction brokerage sector are either franchises such as Illico Travaux, La Maison des travaux, Activ Travaux and AximoTravo, or self-employed contractors. There are also, of course, online quotation sites, and a growing number of building professionals who are beginning to make their mark on the sector.

1.2 The construction market in France

In ****, the French construction market will reach *** billion euros. [***]

The housing sector represents the most important part of the market: in ****, new housing construction accounted for ** billion euros, and housing maintenance/improvement reached ** billion euros.

Breakdown of the building works market by type France, ****, in billions of euros Source: ****

Thus, the ...

1.3 Introducing a growing market that meets a growing need

When it comes to finding a service provider to carry out work on their home, **% of French people say they "don't know which company to go to" and over **% feel they "don't have reliable information for their work projects", according to aNIL (***). There is a real need to support customers in ...

1.4 The impact of the health crisis on the market

Although the building sector has collapsed by -**.*% over the year **** as a result of the health crisis and the confinements that have been put in place, not all building sectors are at the same stage: we can see that the new-build sector is falling drastically (***), while the improvement-maintenance sector is ...


2.1 Factors that can influence market growth

Property prices

The steady rise in property prices can be put forward as a factor in market growth. This implies that the amount of work required appears to be less important in relation to the total price. Households may also be encouraged to do more to enhance the value of their ...

2.2 Outlook for two related markets: construction and household maintenance-renovation work

Maintenance-renovation work drives the job brokerage market

In the maintenance-renovation segment, household spending has risen by **.*% to **.* billion euros by ****. [SDESsince ****, this market has grown by an average of *.**% a year .

Household spending on home maintenance and renovation France, ****-****, € million and % Source: ****

Several factors may explain this growth. On the ...

2.3 Profile and expenditure of work carried out by private individuals in France

Types of work carried out by private individuals and reasons for doing so

French citizens undertake projects to beautify and maintain their homes. Of the three reasons given for carrying out such work, the emphasis placed on improving the aesthetics of their property is the main one, cited by **% of French ...

2.4 Demand driven by government incentives

Demand is stimulated both by government incentives (***) and by the imperative for many homeowners to undertake energy renovation work in response to new regulations.

In ****, MaPrimeRénov' supported the renovation of ***,*** homes in France. All of this work generated the distribution of premiums worth a total of *.* billion euros, underlining the ...


3.1 A market made up of small structures - franchised or independent

According to, in ****, there were *** work brokers operating in France. They operate either independently or under franchise. to our knowledge, no more recent data on the number of players in the sector is available.

Distribution of brokers by status France, ****, in Source: ****

among the *** brokers, there are *** networks, with ...

3.2 Franchises operating in the sector

As we saw earlier, players in the job brokerage market can either be independent structures or belong to a network of franchisees. The main franchises in this sector include :

Activ Travaux : created in **** and launched as a franchise network in ****, the ActivTravaux network now has ** locations in France. [***] AximoTravo: founded in ...

3.3 Competition from online and DIY (do it yourself) operators

The lack of development of national structures can be partly attributed to the large, multi-faceted competition:

Online quotation sites (***) enable private individuals to obtain simplified estimates for their projects; Consulting services provided by energy suppliers such as EDF. The company offers * types of service: an energy assessment, a work estimate, financing ...

3.4 AMO works broker: a profession soon to be regulated

The profession of AMO works broker has existed for ** years, but has not always been regulated or professionalized . The Institut de Formation de Courtier en Travaux (***) has taken the initiative of regulating this profession, with a view to establishing standards. At present, anyone with a knowledge of construction can practice without ...


4.1 Services and prices provided by construction brokers

Among the services provided by a job broker and the benefits they offer are :

Technical and organizational support; Consulting services; Help with budgetary problems; Help with the risk of poor workmanship.

In order to meet customer expectations, the first step is to build up a network of building professionals that is ...

4.2 Market price trends

Here we consider the data provided by INSEE for the product category "Fournitures pour travaux d'entretien et de réparation des logements". [***]

The consumer price index for these products rose by over **.**% between **** and ****. It is important to note that between **** and ****, the price index for home maintenance and repair supplies ...

4.3 Rising energy and raw materials costs

The year **** will see a significant rise in the cost of raw materials and energy. This will have a major impact on the construction industry. A HelloArtisan survey of building professionals, conducted between July * and September *, ****, reports on the situation.

Have you noticed a shortage of materials? France, ****, in Source: ****

**% ...


5.1 General regulations for renovation work

In January ****; the VAT rate applied to renovation work increased: it is now **%. However, if the renovation work is linked to thermal renovation work, the rate is reduced to *%. In this case the dwelling must be a residential dwelling, not commercially exploited and built at least * years ago.

Since April*, ****, craftsmen ...


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The work brokerage market - France

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