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The building materials market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

The building materials market refers to the market where products for structural work (cement, concrete, sand, bricks, wood or glass panels, etc.) and finishing products (insulation, glass wool, mortar, clay tiles, ceilings, etc.) are traded. 

Throughout the study, we will focus on and distinguish the following product families:

  • raw wood
  • products of primary and secondary wood processing
  • building materials (cement, sand, gravel, plaster, etc.)

The uses are varied and the sectors in demand are numerous: 89% of the materials are destined for public works and the building construction. It is a market that caters to two types of customers: professionals (building and public works or craftsmen) and individuals.

According to the trade association for the building materials and timber trade, the context is favourable for the building materials market. Despite the downturn in the building sector, orders in the structural works sector remain strong generating 3.5% growth in the building materials market in 2019. The ecological awareness the growing demand for environmentally friendly materials is also influencing the building materials market, which is adapting to it by offering eco-materials or bio-based materials and turning to recycling.

1.2 The global market

The building materials industry generated an estimated global revenue of between US$ *,*** to US$ *,*** billion in ****. [***] It is a highly concentrated market according to this McKinsey study: **% of its economic benefits are generated by only **% of the companies in the sector.

Growth prospects:

According to estimates by PR Newswire in october ...

1.3 The domestic market

According to the FNBM, the professional organization of the building materials and wood trade branch, which brings together **% of the sector's players, activity increased in **** compared to ****: according to the federation, the sector experienced a *.*% growth in turnover (***). [***]

The evolution is similar according to the data of the UNICEM, which gathers ...

1.4 Foreign trade

The following aggregate is considered here: C**B - Building Materials and Miscellaneous Mineral Products.

Foreign trade in production materials France, ****-****, million euros Source: ****

The trade balance is largely in deficit for this sector; exports do not cover imports.

Exports and imports of construction materials has increased proportionally between **** and ...


2.1 The demand for building materials is largely dependent on the construction market

The demand for building materials is largely dependent on the activity of the construction sector. 

Annual output of the construction sector EU**, ****-****, base *** in **** Source: ****

This sector was strongly affected by the **** crisis: at an European level, we note that the sector was facing a sharp decline in production with ...

2.2 Government spending on infrastructure

Investment in construction France, ****-****, billions of euros Source: ****

(***) Building construction includes real estate development.

Investment in construction stagnated after the **** crisis and even declined between **** and ****. However, there has been a recovery in **** in terms of investments. Indeed, according to data from the INSEE, investment in construction rose from ...


3.1 French production fabric

In this section, we consider the following aggregates:

**.**Z: Manufacture of plastic components for construction purposes **.**Z: Manufacture of concrete products for construction purposes **.**Z: Manufacture of plaster products for construction purposes **.**Z: Agents involved in the sale of wood and building materials **.**Z: Wholesale of wood and construction materials

While ...

3.2 Geographical distribution of the activity on the national territory

Distribution of timber and building materials wholesale companies France, ****, Number of companies Source: ****

The map above can be read by colour intensity: the darker areas indicate a high number of timber and building materials establishments in the region concerned. Conversely, the lighter areas indicate that the region in question has few ...

3.3 Multinational players

The main manufacturers of building materials in Europe :

Source: ****

The Saint Gobain Group

A world leader in the building materials sector, the French group Saint Gobain also has a very strong presence in France. Thus, its revenue in France reached nearly €** billion in ****, up nearly *% between **** and ****. Globally, construction products account ...

3.4 Value chain undergoing change

The value chain is divided into * stages:

Extraction of raw material Production of building materials Supply and installation Merchant distribution Development and construction

Each stage is subject to technological change:

Automation and robotization Digitization of the construction industry the *D printer E-commerce artificial intelligence and advanced data analysis across all business ...


4.1 Product segmentation

Structural work/Secondary work

A distinction is made between the structural work and the finishing work. Structural work are the load-bearing elements that contribute to the stability or solidity of the building. The second work corresponds to the dressing of the framework.

According to a study by AIMCC, the activity of ...

4.2 The supply trend is towards recycling

Recycling: what is the current situation?

With *** million tons of waste per year [***], the construction industry is the largest producer of waste in France. 

Construction Waste France, ****, % Source: ****

**% of construction waste is inert waste, i.e. mineral waste produced by the construction activity. This corresponds to *** million tons.

Recycling of ...


5.1 Regulations

Since ****, building and decorative materials in contact with indoor air are subject to mandatory labelling. This is the application of the decree ****-*** of March **, **** to inform the consumer of the level of volatile organic compounds (***). Building companies should therefore give preference to low-emission materials and products wherever possible.

The decree ...


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Reviews (3)

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